Updates and upcoming book tour

Several quick updates. First off, this entire summer since I quit my day job has been absolutely nuts. It has been road trip, conventions, funerals, lots of family crashing at my house, kid stuff, more kid stuff, sickness, and still managing to write a ton of words to hit my deadlines. I’ve got two more deadlines for shorts due before August, which is good because then I’ll be spending a big chunk of August on tour.

Uncle Hugos, Minneapolis. August 6th, 5:00.

Woodmere, Barnes & Noble, Cleveland August 7th, 7:00.

Barnes & Noble, Columbus, August 8th, 6:00.

Books & Co. Dayton, August 9th, 7:00.

Joseph Beth, Cincinnatti, August 10th, 7:00

Joseph Beth, Lexington, August 11th, 2:00

Barnes & Noble (Mallory Ln.), Nashville, August 12th, 7:00

The Booksellers at Laurelwood, Memphis, August 13th, 6:00

Gen Con, Indianapolis, August 15th-18th. Lots of events. MHI RPG game. Lots of signings.

After that I’ll be a guest at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, and then I’m Guest of Honor at Constellation in Huntsville.

On the bad news side, I am super behind on mailing patches. I try to get to the post office about once a month to send those all out, but I’ve not been home more than a couple of days in a row all summer. I should be all caught and everything will be sent by Monday.

But some good news, the MHI Employee Handbook and Role Playing Game has been shipped from the printers to the Hero Games warewhouse. So those will be going out to the KS backers very soon, and once those are all taken care of it, it will go up for sale. I will post links for those of you who missed out. It is pretty darn awesome.

And that brings us to more good news, once that kickstarter adventure is all done and wrapped up, then we’re going to be doing MHI challenge coins.


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25 thoughts on “Updates and upcoming book tour”

  1. I’m sad that none of the Ohio locations are near enough for me to make the trip (crappy car). I hope to see you closer to Canton some day.
    And for those of you who will be there, I hope you get some footage and post in online.

  2. You need to comeback to Alabama and hold a book signing at Desoto Caverns man. That would just be covered with awesome sauce.

  3. How about Louisville KY??
    While you’re here, you can visit world famous Knob Creek Range. A bunch of us local shooters are big fans and would get a kick out of shooting with you.

  4. You should try to line up a B&N signing in Naples Fl in “season”.
    great place to be and about 600,000 people in Collier and Lee Counties-a more than adequite population and swells to 800,000 in season

  5. i will be sure to bring all my dead tree copies of your books to indy with me and try and find a chance to get them signed when im not working true dungeon

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