12 thoughts on “I’ve got my copies of Warbound. Sweet.”

  1. What? People can actually wait until the printed book comes out instead of buying the E-ARC’s?


  2. Again I will shamelessly beg that us eARC purchasers get to someway see the art mentioned in the pages… pleaaaaasseeeeee!

    1. And that is why I didn’t do the eARC. Pay more to read early and have to pay again for the finished No thank you.

      1. And I don’t disagree…but, dude:

        It’s Correia. Or Ringo. Or Weber. Or Williamson. Or Hoyt. Or Moon. Or Bujold. Or Lee/Miller.

        How the *heck* can you *not* grab the book the soonest instant that you can?

  3. Just finished the book. I had forced myself to wait for vacation. Unfortunately, it only kept me from fun in the Carribean sun with the family for a day.

    Thanks for the great work!

    More please…

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