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I spent the last 2 weeks on a road trip to visit family, so if you’ve emailed me about something and I haven’t gotten back to you, I will. Don’t worry. I answer all of them eventually. 🙂

I was away so missed the Friday morning Writer Nerd Game Night serial post. Darn it. First one this year.

In other news, just so you guys know where I’m at on all of the various writing things you’re wating for Warbound will be out in August, the eARC is available now. Swords of Exodus final edits are being done right now and it will be out in September. If you need some of my writing to tide you over, here’s something that most of you haven’t read, and it is pretty awesome:

The MHI RPG and Employee Handbook is at the printers now, so we’re getting super close on that shipping. And yes, once that’s all wrapped up and the Kickstarter fulfilled, then we’re going to do MHI Challenge Coins.  Stay tuned.

As for what I’m currently writing, I’ve got another story for Privateer Press that’s almost finished (and it is really good if I do say so myself), then I’ve got an awesome short story for an upcoming Baen anthology called Shattered Shields (it is military fantasy) and the cool part about that one is that it is set in the epic fantasy world I’ll be writing for Baen later.  Then it is the one you’ve all been waiting for, Monster Hunter Nemesis: Agent Franks vs. The World. 🙂

And the cool part? Since I’ve quit the day job, I’ve doubled my writing time. BOOM!

The Drowning Empire, Episode 23: City of Nightmares
Baen's Grumpy Cat covers

39 thoughts on “Playing catch up”

    1. I know how you feel. My autographed copy of MHI is getting a bit worn. MHV and MHA are starting to feel it too, and I’m very kind to books.

      MHL is still an ARC on my Kindle. I’m hanging on for the paperback, as hardcovers and trades don’t fit my bookshelf.

  1. “military fantasy” I don’t think I’ve seen that sub genre before. It should be interesting. I’ll also have to pick up you’re next Privateer Press and write a review for it.

    They posted my review of “Instruments of War” on twitter and their FB page, but said I’m still too much of a Green Horn to get comped books to review. It’s worth buying something you wrote though as it supports you. Gotta keep you in ammo, and paint for your minis.

    1. In military fantasy, all the equipment works like the sales rep said it would, all the time, there is no paperwork, and the O club and NCO club sell great beer that won’t give you a hangover. Oh, and no one gets crappy weapons systems dumped on them just because some former-general and former-senator work for GiantBoatCo, Inc.

    2. The Black Company by Glen Cook would probably be “military fantasy”, though more fantasy than military. I’d like to see something balanced more the other way.

      1. Google lists him as Sci-fi, that could be why I haven’t run into him. I find it hard to turn off my real world knowledge and enjoy sci-fi. I can do it when I come across something a friend says I have to read. I’ve just been burned so many times picking up books from that genre on my own that I avoid it all together these days.

      2. Glen Cook’s “The Black Company” series is great. It follows a mercenary company working for the “bad guy” in a fantasy setting. They seem like a cross between the mercs from David Drake’s “Hammer’s Slammers” and the guys from the A-Team.

        All 10 novels are available from Audible and have pretty good voice overs.

  2. Hope we can do some more kickstarters for expansions to the RPG. I am eagerly awaiting my printed copy, and I’ve already been getting things ready for my group using the PDF versions that were released already.

  3. You know a guy loves what he does when he quits his job and works harder than he did before. We love what you do too, Larry. Thanks!

  4. To anybody on the fence about buying the Warmachine book, I highly recommend getting it, even if you neither know nor care about Warmachine in the slightest (like me).

    It’s a brutal story about a pretty ruthless warrior princess who gets hammered, betrayed and kicks butt.

    I have no idea about the game Warmachine, but it didn’t matter, since the book doesn’t rely on any background knowledge. The story can stand all by itself, and would be an excellent read even if the game didn’t exist.

    For me the appeal was an extremely well written story about a brutal woman that I started out caring absolutely nothing for, and through the course of the story, came to understand her and empathize with her challenges. Within her universe and society, she acted well according to her society’s rules. Nor did she turn into some sickly sweet heroine that ‘saw the light’ and pushed her society towards our idea of good.

    It takes a master storyteller to pull that off.

    1. In rereading the above, the words “pretty ruthless” mean “very ruthless” NOT “pretty and ruthless”.

      I don’t recall any “prettiness” mentioned. It would be kind of tough, since she spends the book covered in either sweat, bruises, her blood, her enemies blood, her follower’s blood, animals’ blood, mud, other nastiness, or some combination.

      This book is NOT a romance.

    2. I agree, Larry made a lead character who would eat Klingons for breakfast surprisingly sympathetic once you understand the world she was raised in. I know it’s a tie in to Warmachine which I know nothing about, but when it ended I nearly pounded my Kindle on the table and shouted ‘More, More”. ( I was in a restaraunt). Realy good novella, wish it had been a ful blown novel.

  5. Great news on the writing front. Though my snark meter is set on automation, and I can’t help but recall David Gerrolds line from his book on writing the “trouble with tribbles” episode (which despite his current dementia is one of the best books I’ve read on writing for tv or film) he mentioned he had just bought a used IBM selectric, (for those of you under forty think the latest Apple superpro-whatever) and it had double his output. Or as he referred to it “twice as much crap”
    Now back to work you. Hope to see you in August

    1. Speaking of trolling idiots, when are you going to post your critique of Clamps’ Great American Novel?

      1. Swim in a cesspool and you’re going to bump into feces.

        There are some jobs that are the literary equivalent of sorting trash. I’d suggest critiquing it yourself, if you keenly want it done, but I’d vastly prefer Larry’s time be spent on getting Agent Franks’ biography into print.

        I’m willing to PAY for Monster Hunter Nemesis.

        List of better uses of life’s precious moments than critiquing Clamp’s writing:
        1: sex, (alone or with friends)
        2: writing fan fiction
        3: putting in a little overtime to afford new Correia books.
        4: video games
        5: sleep
        6: making cute cat videos
        7: watching cat videos
        8: anything that doesn’t injure you.
        9: a few things that do injure you.
        10: NOT swimming in Clamp’s punchbowl

        Clamps is a troll. The kind Melvin would laugh at.

    1. Free RPG’s? SWEET

      I want a thermobaric warhead RPG. Perfect for zombie hordes and master vampires alike. A personal fuel-air bomb, also known as “the poor man’s nuke”.

      The master vamp will be assuming she’s facing a good old standard grenade with standard shrapnel to dodge (if she even bothers) when suddenly she’s blasted by a pressure wave, then standing in the middle of a fireball of a few thousand degrees.

      If she wasn’t alone, she is now, as any pet wights, zombies, junior vamps and thralls are incinerated.

      If she’s indoors, her troubles are just beginning, as after the overpressure wave, there are wave reflections + amplifications + accelerations from the confined conditions to turn her into Jello.

      Then, all the local air is gone and her lungs explode in the vacuum. While trying to repair all that, what’s left of the building implodes on top of her. If she doesn’t manage to drag herself out of the flaming rubble, the rubble becomes her funeral pyre.

      If she does drag herself out, well, RPG’s are reloadable. This is Monster Hunter International, we double-tap.

      Check this video (don’t be fooled, the first shot is a normal RPG for comparison purposes).

      Milo hasn’t heard of ‘thermobarics’ yet, because if he had, MHI would be using them. Franks would keep 3 in his pockets.

      1. I’m not misogynist. We all know exactly which master vamp I’m talking about here. She only thinks she’s capable of love. She’s more like a magically enhanced T-1000 that thinks is can still love, and yes, there’s a big difference.

        Imagine Hannibal Lechter has become a master vampire. And he says he loves you.

        Now you have some idea of how Julie and Owen feel.

      2. Thermobarics are only better if you miss the target. A shaped charge like a standard RPG warhead will send a jet of copper plasma through the target at about Mach 8 with pressures & temps high enough to make steel flow like a liquid.

      3. I agree in general for armor penetration HEAT rounds are certainly better, but we are talking about bullet dodging vampires here.

        Even Martin Hood would have been rather put out in his raid on the compound, had the RPG round he stopped been thermobaric. The fire would have sucked the oxygen out of his force shield, while cooking him. It wouldn’t have improved the day of his nearby undead horde either.

        Another consideration: a ‘spike’ at mach 8 penetrating a master undead might just leave a fairly ragged hole, and let the vast majority of the energy pass on through. — (we are talking about creatures that shrug off 40mm grenades.) Master vampires only drop when they’ve taken more damage than they can regenerate, which is lots.

        As Uncle Earl suggests, lots of fire is usually the ticket when nothing else is working.

        You have brought up a fascinating counterpoint argument. I still stand by my original premise: thermobarics are sweet monster killers.

  6. Speaking of RPGs, you have a fan among the backers of the OVA RPG. Google “OVA RPG kickstarter” without quotes.

    Since he (she?) made his (her?) comment days ago, I’ll just post it here:

    I am currently reading the Grimnoir series by Larry Correia. I think a game in that setting might be really fun. Pulp Era in an alternate earth were magical powers have manifested in a small percentage of the population. Each “active,” as they are called have powers of a specific nature. For example “movers” are telekinetics, “torches” have fire-powers, “travelers” can teleport, etc. Of course the various world powers make use of especially gifted actives as agents. Lots of cloak and dagger stuff.

  7. While I’ve been waiting for my copy of MHIEHRPG to arrive, I’ve been spending some time in Google+ and I came across Mr. Wendig’s blog and his recent posts about the travails of the women folk working in the Sci-fi publishing industry…Is he a front for Marvin the Troll?

  8. Hey LARRY!

    If you got time, your best of MHN needs updating. It still says the H&K piece was the most famousest writing on MHN. I would like to know if “Opinion on gun control” has topped it…

    Also can’t wait to see what baddies the Monster Hunter super team and friends will fight next. The Champion, The Guardian, The Alpha, The Alpha-ess?, Franks, The Master Vamp, and the worldwide militia/army of professional hunters. Whatever is amassing against that team is going to be huge. The next battle is going to be epic. Definitely waiting anxiously for it.

  9. Sooo, when do you think Monster Hunter Nemesis will be released? I’ve looked all over and just cannot seem to find a release date. Like to plan my reading schedule 🙂

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