16 thoughts on “Baen’s Grumpy Cat covers”

  1. What? No Spellbound? Grumpy Cat in a Fedora. They’re two great tastes that taste great together.

    1. Grumpy cat doesnt hunt mice, he grumps at them till they are so depressed they commit suicide

  2. Don’t forget, for the contest, they have to be captioned too! Something like a front-cover plot synopsis:

    “Monsters exist, and ‘Tard had seen their pictures. A secret government agency tried to keep him quiet, but ‘Tard was recruited by the best – he could hunt down those two-legged purveyors of ‘Cute’ and deal with them his way – the Grumpy Way!”

  3. Well now Larry needs to work in Grumpy Cat as a monster in a future book. I’m sure there’s a cat based monster in some mythology

    1. Were-tiger, or some form of large cat. Or perhaps a Rakshasa, as they are often described as being able to take animal form and liked eating mankind.

    1. The reward is the warm-fuzzy feeling you get when you have rid the world of a truly obnoxious internet meme.

  4. It was several looks before I noticed the subtitle “Only monsters? Where’s the fun in that?”. I think the Swords of Exodus cover could use some Grumpy Cat, or maybe swap out the dragon on MHL.

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