18 thoughts on “Spellbound just won the Audie Award!”

  1. Read the eARC from Barn. Best book in along time. Sure would like to see Fae, Francis,Jake, etc in another trilogy. Glad Jake got hooked up with Lady Origami .

  2. It IS great. Just downloaded it last week. I keep expecting Bronson to sound like Balki Bartokomous, but he’s actually a REALLY good voice artist, and it helps that he’s reading a fantastic novel. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you’ll have many more awards coming in as well.

  4. Congrats! And speaking of Warbound… I bought the eARC, and I’m just here to BEG for all of us who were in early, is there any way we could see the artwork mentioned in the ARC when its done?

  5. Congratulations to you both. Well deserved, the Grimnoir series deserves way more main stream praise. It is one of the most engaging, well written novels I have experienced (and in nearly sixty years of reading I think I have a good base of experience for comparison).

  6. Will _Spellbound_ (and eventually _Warbound_) be available as MP3 CDs at some point? I’d like to order the entire trilogy as audiobooks for my library.

  7. If you buy the audiobooks on Audible.com you can burn your own set of CDs. I think iTunes, Audible and so on are going to be the way of the future for audiobooks, because production costs on a CD set make the price ridiculous. I’ve got five narrations up on Audible.com now, and none of the publishers are planning to produce a CD set for bookstores. When we can all make a decent royalty and price the book at $10-12, instead of sinking cash into boxes and art and having to sell it for $45, well, it’s a better business model.

    And I must say, Pinchot’s narrations of the Grimnoir books are among my very favorites. I must have listened to them 20 times and have no plans to stop. Can’t wait for the last of the trilogy. The performances are brilliant.

    Please, Larry, live a long and healthy life, so some of these folks we have grown to love will start telling you stories again and you can share them with us.

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