BOOK BOMB today! A Walk in the Abyss

Today’s Book Bomb is for A Walk in the Abyss, a new anthology about orcs, giants, and sasquatch, featuring stories by not one, but TWO members of Writer Nerd Game Night!

A Walk In The Abyss

The goal of a Book Bomb is to sell a bunch of books in one day in order to bump that book up in the Amazon sales ratings. The more books we sell, the higher it goes in the rankings, the more lists it shows up on, the more books sell, and the more the writers GET PAID. 🙂

I just got my hard copy yesterday. I’ve already read Paul Genesse’s story No Tusks, and it is awesome. It is possibly one of the grossest, nastiest, funniest stories ever, so of course it is about Orcs. No Tusks is Skippy Approved.

Pat Tracy has written the story of Mungo the bumbling giant. And now that I think of it, there are illustrations from Zach Hill in here, so that’s 3 members of Writer Nerd Game Night in one anthology.

They are doing a live action reading/game for the release at ConDuit, featuring Paul as No Tusks and Pat as Mungo. I think that Paul is going to draft me to play a bigfoot or something. I’m not quite sure.

Right now we are at: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #86,946 Paid in Kindle Store

And I’ll update through the day as that changes.

EDIT: hang on, my Amazon link isn’t posting…

EDIT 2: Okay. I think I got it.  For the record, if you buy anything through my Amazon affiliates link, I get a percentage for the advertising refferal. So if you want to buy a refridgerator or a car while you’re over there book shopping that’s totally cool too.

EDIT 3: I forgot to ask you guys to spread the word! Twitter, Facebook, grafitti, sky writing, yelling at random hobos from the window of a passing car, the more people who spread the word, the more books get sold, the more it helps out these authors.

EDIT 4: Amazon has tweaked their algorhythms to screw with Book Bombs. I can see the clicks and I know people are buying it, but they the ranking has barely moved. Curse you, Amazon!  But hey, making the numbers jump is only part of the fun. The important thing is that the writers GET PAID.

EDIT 5: So after not moving at all, all day: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #8,532 Paid in Kindle Store. Thanks, Amazon!

EDIT 6: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,527 Paid in Kindle Store

EDIT 7:  Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,559 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Amazon has tweaked how they do things. Looking at the click throughs and sales on my affiliates link from yesterday I’m pretty sure normally this one would’ve gotten a lot higher.

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19 thoughts on “BOOK BOMB today! A Walk in the Abyss”

  1. why kindle? I don’t have one, don’t intend to get one, I do audiobooks and I do audiobooks. Once in awhile, I’ll do an audiobook.
    Thank you
    A severely addicted (MHI & HM) fan and yes, I would buy it if it were formatted for audio

  2. The link is not showing for me. I’ll be trying a few things to make sure it’s not just my Firefox browser.

  3. I’ve yelled at twenty random hobos to buy the book trough your link. Is that enough or should I go on?

    P.S.: They looked at me funny. IDK what their problem was.

  4. I ordered the paperback. I hate trying to read my freaking kindle. I’ll be reading along, and it’ll jump halfway ahead through the book.

    It’s at the point that I have to keep track of the % read number at the bottom so I can find my way back.

    It’s like reading a book in the park, and some bastard walks up and grabs my book, shuts it and throws it in the bushes at random times.

    At least I know my Kindle library is secure…. Until Amazon decides that it isn’t. Or some IT puke about to get fired decides to trash everyone’s’ accounts, like happened with SideKick.

    As far as I can tell, the only advantage to ebooks is the searchability. That and possibly the fact that my signed copies of MHI, MHV, MHA are all starting to get a little worn. The only thing stopping a hammer through the screen during MHL was that I wasn’t yet finished.

    I guess I’d better help out those looking around the web to see this post.

    Didn’t Paul Genesse’s story in “A Walk In The Abyss” feature Kate Upton in a body paint swimsuit? She looked practically nude on the cover. At least she was kissing Mila Kunis at the time. I bet President Obama wishes the IRS had just been reading it, instead of looking for naked Tea Party racist protesters. Patrick Tracy might be somebody’s baby daddy. Kim Kardashian said so in her internet sex video.

    1. When it jumps like that wait a second and just hit the “back” button. Not the page buttons the actual “back” button. It takes you back to the last screen, and if you’ve been reading for a while the last screen is a page of the book.

      You could also try power cycling your Kindle every so often. Electronics like to be power cycled even if they have an amazing sleep setting like the Kindle.

      I love my Kindle and prefer it to real books now.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Amazon is constantly playing around with the salesrank algorithm to make it more accurate. The downside to that, for this particular case, is that temporary spikes in sales don’t seem to have as much impact as they used to have.

    It would be super interesting to pick a really low priced item and see which approach works best: a MOAB style book bomb or a cluster bomb type approach – having people spread out the purchase over 2 or 3 days.

    Now my mind is spinning with ways to make it really easy to do the cluster bomb…

    1. I’ve alwasye thought there was some pre and post buying from these book bombs from people who just can’t get to their computer on the day of.

      A consecutive approach might work better but it would be harder to do. I think the best way would actually be have groups of people post separate bombing runs.

      That is Monster Hunter Nation is one, then arrange another on the following day with fellow authors on FB, and a third if possible with another group. Don’t ask one source to spread it out as that can lead to complications. Treat each source as a separate bombing run, and have multiple sources schedule them in a row.

      I’m trying to organize one with a group of authors on FB, and a few authors thought I meant we buy each others books. I had to explain it two more times to them, that we are getting our fans to buy our fellow author’s books.

  6. @Spencer – I’m thinking of a service, much like kickstarter, that would “spread the love” over X number of days. Someone, like Larry, could setup a book bomb on the service and link to it. Users could buy the book and get a message saying their order would be completed in Y days. The service would hold the order and push it through at the right time to spread out the impact the of the book bomb.

    1. That’s a lot of coding involved. Not to mention you need to have top notch security as you’re basically acting as a 3rd party authorized to complete a purchase on behalf of the user.

      You would have to go a long way to convincing the public that such a site is not only safe, but serves a purpose.

      I get what you’re trying to do, it would be an amazon version of hootsuite for twitter. I schedule all of my weekend promotional tweets through hootsuite and then it takes care of the rest for me.

      Tweets and an actual purchase are very different. Your version would require people to enter their amazon account data. Even if you get them to do that, I don’t know if amazon would allow such an interface. They are very protective of their clients, and entire purchase interface.

      1. An alternative approach would be to set up a reminder service instead of an actual purchase service. Sign up for the book bomb, and the service would lump you into a group, and send you an email/tweet/text (your choice) when it’s your day and/or hour to do the bombing run. You’d have some slippage as people may not have time right away, but it’d be fairly consistent.

        Still a ton of coding involved, but a lot fewer security risks and snares than a 3rd party delayed purchasing site.

  7. THANK YOU ALL! A WALK IN THE ABYSS broke the top 100 in fantasy and is #73 right now! THANK YOU AGAIN! It went from 86,946 down to 3,280 in the Kindle Store!

    1. Hi Karl Sandwell-Weiss,

      Thank you (and everyone) so much for reading. Depending on how well the book does, there will be a sequel.

      Paul Genesse, author of “No-Tusks”

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