Upcoming Book Bomb! On the 22nd.

On Wednesday I’m going to be doing my next Book Bomb for A Walk in the Abyss.


This is a fun anthology put together by a couple of friends from Writer Nerd Game Night. It is about Orcs, Giants, and Sasquatch. I’ve read the Orc portion and it is gross, hilarious, and simply awesome.

ConDuit is this weekend in SLC and Paul Genesse will be running a sort of live action reading/game for the release. I will be involved. 🙂  Oh yeah, if you’re in SLC, come to ConDuit. I’m the guest of honor!

So on Wednesday I’ll be launching a book bomb. If you’re not familiar with how that works, it is where you get as many people as possible to buy a book on the same day in order to shove it up through the Amazon rankings. The higher it goes, the more people see it on lists, the more people buy it.

However, I’ve learned (and seen from our last few book bombs) that Amazon has gotten wise to that sort of thing, and they’ve changed their algoryhthm. I’m not sure how, but the results now seem more delayed and spread out. But either, way it still helps, and my last few book bombs have still gotten people up to the tops of their genres by the end of the day. We just don’t have the crazy hourly jumps like we used to, even though we’re selling more books.

Mark your calenders!

I'm guest of honor at CONDUIT this weekend in SLC
The Drowning Empire, Episode 20: Zakyo Toshi Nights, Noodles with Gaijin Pepper

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Book Bomb! On the 22nd.”

  1. In paperback too!!!!

    There’s a link to the paperback ($10.79) on the page you get to from Larry’s link above.

    I’ll be getting the paperback.

  2. In regards to CONduit, are you going to put your schedule up for what you’re on, or will we just have to find out at the convention? =)

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