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  1. Congrats! I just downloaded the advance reader copy from Baen and can’t wait to get started. I’m also a big Audible listener and was admittedly surprised at what a great job Bronson Pinchot did with the first 2 Grimnoir novels (my fault I guess for judging a Balki by its cover).

    Will you also be releasing an audio edition of Warbound and, if so, can you tell us when it will be released and who will do the narration?


  2. Apologies if you’ve answered this before, but does “completed the series” mean no more Grimnoir stories?

    Because it had better not.

  3. Wow,
    So the Baen website is down due to server overload….I am wondering if TOO many people are going for the ERC. If so, awesome.

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  4. I don’t know if it is too bold for me to ask (I’ve never really talked to any authors, even if it is just a blog comment you might not read), but I’d really like to see a book set in the Grimnoir universe covering for the first half, the Sullivan brothers in WWI, and then for the second half Heinrich growing up in dead city. I think it would cover a great deal more about all 4 characters, and give us more background on two very interesting characters, and you get to study up like WWI tactics and stuff. At the very least I’d really like to see a short story like you did for Tanya and Ed somewhere, but I think Heinrich’s story would be better off as a novel just because undead actives vs. live fade would be an epic adventure to read about, and so would Active vs. Active on a huge battlefield, rather than a skirmish.

    And about Warbound? It was wonderful.

    Giant dirigible battle, armored battle suits, a farm girl teleporting around the most advanced warship of the day and destroying it in less than a minute, arctic battles, zombies, and a congressional hearing all together in the same book may seem like an almost impossible to understand story, but you make it perfect. As an action junkie (in my books at least, I’m rather a low speed, high fructose operator myself), it still amazes me that one of the most interesting parts of the book in my opinion is a rich blimp magnate arguing with a senator from North Dakota.

  5. I finally finished it and loved it. A great end to the current arc. I really look forward to skipping ahead and seeing what the knights have going on in the future.

    The scenes that read from the perspective of Faye were really the best to me, she’s honest to a fault and her stream of consciousness battle logic is just a kick to read.

    Now I’m salivating for World War Franks 😉

  6. will warbound be coming out on audible.com at the same time the book? and please please say that bronson pinchot will be narrating again!
    i love this series, i’ve listened to it multiple times on audible, it would make a kickass tv show!

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