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    1. Well, MHI is more of a… Hell, I don’t even know what you’d call a dozen books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Larry,
    Read it over the weekend and reallly enjoyed it. There were just some odd transition spots in the book where it seemed like something was missing.

    Example: (Page 13) Where it transitions from “Preparing for the greatest fight of his life” to the fight being over. No line or page breaks or anything.

    1. Since I don’t have the eARC myself (I got the PreARC ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I’ll have to look and see because I’m not sure what scene that is.

    2. I think I know what you’re referencing. There’s a scene transition int he prologue between Okubo calling out the pathfinder and the aftermath of the battle. The battle itself was simply not described. I think because it falls under the one-apocalypse-per-book rule. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yah. There were a couple spots like that though. That was just the easiest to find ๐Ÿ™‚ If it’ll help i can re-read it and make a list.

        Though the sun is out for the first time in weeks and reading anything is not sounding like much fun.

  2. I read the ARC and absolutely loved it. The story is awesomely well told, the drama and suspense are superb, and the climax is mind-bending. The story’s internal logic was so good, and the surprises so well-hidden, that the stress meters on the cables of my suspension of disbelief never even twitched.

    I had an absolute *ball* reading this.

    As for it being the end of a trilogy, well, that’s just THIS Grimnoir Chronicles story arc. I’m sure there’s many another tale just begging to be told, and if the tale itself doesn’t stoop to begging, I’m sure your fans such as myself will have no problem with begging for more.

    Thank you for a wonderful story.

    (Not stooping … yet) More, if it please you, sir.


    Oh wait, sorry wrong series. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m just getting a chance to start read it tonight.

  4. I liked it!

    Endings always suck but there’s Neal Stephenson ending suck and regular crap-its-over-now-what suck. Warbound was all the later. Crap. Then desperately looks for 150 more pages. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The story moves well like all your other works. The characters continue being flawed people that are fun to read about. The parallels to history are nicely done and when they aren’t parallel the angle is an interesting one. Important characters die and others loose important things at a rate that fit well with the world ending level story.

    I liked the manipulative touches Wells added. Maybe other stories in the universe will come back to him? And Zhao?

    The epilog ending was classy.

    My only criticism would be that there was a lot going on for a book that length. One reason I was really looking for those other 150 pages. I expected it to be more Faye centric than it was. I’m not sure that’s right since she is definitely central. But not in the way I was expecting somehow subtle.

    I wouldn’t want to give up the Sullivan/Toru story I read though. Sullivan’s love interest seemed to come a bit out of left field, but I’ll read the trilogy again since I’m sure I missed references. And the US storyline faded a bit far into the background during the third and fourth acts.

    Sullivan’s entrance into Shanghai was awesome. Buckminster Fuller’s character was evil genius fun to read.

    I’d buy it again. And will force it into the hands of friends. Grimnoir is good fun. Thanks for making those.

    1. Of the new character,the one I’m most impressed with is Dr. Wells. A bored mind is a terrible thing.

  5. Good book, very satisfied with the conclusion. Once release date draws closer I’ll have a fuller review up over at SBR. Overall, though, I was very happy with Warbound.

  6. My FIRST EARC and I’m loving it! A trilogy would be so disappointing… but it must be satisfying to finish the plan… for now

  7. I read it, and loved it. Fitting end to the series. I almost want to know more about the surviving characters in, say, ten or fifteen years time.

    Just about all the loose ends tied up, and yet there is room to tell more tales in this universe if the fans want. Well done.


  8. Wonderful series! 5 stars out of 5 from me. I’m going to focus my review on a key aspect of the series – world building and its internal consistency.

    You can tell the extensive research that has gone into the Grimnoir Universe. That research – the tip of the hook – catches the reader with its authenticity. Then Correia sets the hook by telling us believably how people – real people, not just abstract ideals – react to what the Power brings. It is a world you can actually believe had happened.

    The internal consistency of the books is outstanding. By itself that’s OK, but often an author will sacrifice suspense and plot twists on the altar of Chekhov’s Gun – the reader sees X and (especially if well read in the genre and its tropes) can see where X is going to be used a mile off.

    That’s not the case here. Larry has left various Chekhov Guns lying about in his story, but he’s been sneaky. Some of them do go boom – after all, it IS Larry Correia. Some of them go boom, but hit targets you never expected. Some of them don’t even look like guns until they go off. At least one isn’t so much a gun as an igniter to a nuke. It is SO BLOODY REFRESHING to be caught offguard by the author without him pulling something out of thin air. I look back and can say “Ahh, that makes perfect sense”, and not feel cheated – the clues were there, just not recognized or interpreted right.

    I’ve bought the eARC, I’ll buy the final eVersion when released, and now I’ll need to get all three in hardcover for Mr. Correia’s signature. Great stuff!

  9. I appear to be in the minority who’s waiting for it actually to be released to get. Mostly because the Webscriptions bundle for that month looks awesome. But from the comments I’m seeing, my self discipline is slipping.

  10. WARBOUND IS AWESOME – sorry for shouting but Mr. Correia asked for reviews. I have enjoyed the Grimnoir story as much if not more than MH. Although when I started I just read and listened to the first two MHI novels. I wasn’t sure I would like the style of this series. But was I ever wrong. I have to admit I am not finished yet, (about 3/4 the way through, but it is delivering everything promised so far). The characters jump off the page, the dialog is consistently entertaining, and the imagination necessary to bring this story to life has to be connected to the Power in some way. I will confess I could have finished it in one sitting and had to force myself to stop. I will be sorry to see this saga come to an end (caution… I am about to make a comment way out of my area of expertise…. I was hoping their would be a whole novel of Faye learning her tie to the Spellbound and then at least one more novel to finish the search for the Enemy). Anyway, I look forward to purchasing and autographed copy, and am anxious to hear a confirmation that Bronson Pinchot will finish the series on Audible.

    Thanks Mr. Correia for many hours of enjoyment. I look forward to the story of Mr. Frank in the MHI series.

  11. Read it and loved it!
    Didn’t see Sullivan’s love interest coming but it fit the characters. I have to say that you did a much better job with your characters this time around. The other two books introduced the characters very well, but they didn’t have enough “screen” time to really grow. Jake’s and expecially Faye’s growth was beautifully done in this story.

    Warbound rivals MH Alpha as your best work yet based on characterization.

    I can understand those that felt the story was shorter or was missing parts. There was a ton of background/setup that could have filled a few more books.

  12. Read it and found it a very satisfying conclusion to Jake and Faye. Action scenes are, IMO, the best you’ve ever written (best I’ve read since the early Salvatore). Characterization is extremely strong.

    The only place I felt it fell short was in using the rest of the original team. Lance gets some good lines and one great scene, but the rest, not so much. I’m guessing it was tough to give Francis, Dan, and Jane a parallel storyline to match what was going on with Jake and Faye. I’d have liked to see more of Francis duking it out on the political/economic end with FDR and his advisor, but instead we got an inconsequential shoot-out at the end. Even Heinrich doesn’t have much of the way in on-screen moments. They all just feel pushed aside for Toru, Fuller, and the pirates.

    Probably nitpicking. Extremely enjoyable and satisfying. Write more!

    1. Yeah, I would have loved to flesh that out more, but there is only so much book you can cram into a book, and I’d already decided that this was going to be a trilogy, so sometimes a writer just has to pick a direction and run with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Just finished the book, and like everyone else, I liked it. Now I’m off to read a Zombie book from Baen that is suprisingly not written by you.

    P.S. I am also selfishly glad that you quit your day job – more books, faster!

  14. I decided to be patient and not buy the eARC, because I wanted to read the finished product first. That was three days ago.

    Just bought the sh*t out of that eARC. Starting now…

  15. Aaaand… Done. Loved the book. It’s pretty difficult to have a ‘darker’ style of writing, but still write a happy-ish ending. But you mixed that perfect balance of succeeding in a quest, while still feeling just a slight sadness for the things that were lost on the way. A Disney-ending would never have worked for such a harsh world as that of the Grimnoir, so thanks for going for bitter-sweet.

    Also, the book was balls-rocking awesome! One of the highlights for me was the part where the grimnoir safe-houses were attacked. You, sir, have written the most bad ass way for someone to die, ever (I don’t have to explain whose death, right? Its badassedness is undeniable).

    The only thing that felt a bit off was Sullivan’s eventual love interest. I re-read the first two books last month, and they didn’t contain any build-up towards this. The scene where she tries to seduce him in the first book felt more like it was there to demonstrate the pain he felt over Delilah’s death. And in this book there was some tension between the two, but nothing like stay-with-me-forever love. Even after they slept together, it felt more like something of the moment, like two strangers clinging to each other for comfort, right up until the epilogue. The love-story with Delilah felt real, this one less so. On the other hand, you aint Nicholas Sparks and the Grimnoir Chronicles aren’t really about hugs and kisses, so it’s not a major point.

    Other than that, awesomeness abounds. I can’t decide if you’re insane or a genius, or insanely genius. I missed a night’s sleep over this, because I said to myself I would stop reading just as soon as I reached the point where you stopped topping yourself. It never came. One jaw-dropping moment led to another, and now here I am: Sleep-deprived and still too pumped up to go to bed.

    One last suggestion/really just a request: Even though this particular story is over, you did enough world-building for some prequels. I for one would love to read books set during Second Somme, the Chairmans life story, or side-characters such as the black monk and the people he referenced. You’re probably too busy with MHI right now, or hate the idea of prequels, but I’d love to see more of this world you build.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this.

  16. warbound is awesome. You Told the story and then stopped. I hate the fifteen book series that are filled out with descriptions of everyones childhood and clothing color.you hit This one out of the park. The thing i love about your writing is the moral clarity of good guys unapologetically fighting bad guys. Don’t ever lose that.

  17. Please don’t end the GrimNoir series. Don’t get me wrong my Wife and I love MHI but, GrimNoir is our favorite! We have pre-ordered a signed copy!

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