Anybody want MHI Challenge Coins?

Inspired by Howard Tayler’s crazy success at Kickstarting Schlock Mercenary challenge coins, I’m looking at doing the same thing now for MHI. I talked to Howard before he launched, and again during it, and it was really kind of a no brainer for me since we’ve already got a bunch of artwork and most of it is round.

I can’t KS anything until the last one is wrapped up, but the MHI RPG is on schedule and at the printers now, so you guys should be receiving them over the next couple of months.

Here is the first one, a classic heads/tails design. 🙂

Smiley_heads (2)

And it wouldn’t be much of a heads/tails without the tail. So here is the never before seen backside of the infamous MHI logo. 🙂

Smiley_tails (2)

So what do you think? You guys interested? What other things would you like to see in coin form? MCB? STFU? Other teams? Certain sayings? Events?


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186 thoughts on “Anybody want MHI Challenge Coins?”

  1. Yes and paid up and i am a slock coin set owner too, I hope you have crazy success like Howard!!! Looking forward to the stretch goals…

  2. I’d like to have whatever latin translation you’ve chosen for “Because Fuck You That’s Why”.

    1. Yes! Yesyesyesyesyes!!!
      Why haven’t you taken my moneys yet! Do it não!

      Oh, right, I AM, in fact, still waiting for my MHI RPG stuff… Carry on, then.

  3. Holy crap you just keep making the coolest stuff don’t you…. I gladly sleep on the coach for the money you make me spend by being so awesome.

  4. I’ll take four. (me, girlfriend, sworn brother and a gift for the guy who gave me an MHI bumpersticker).

    As for other designs… well, of COURSE MCB should have one – hey, they’ve got a lot of ex-mil guys, and the mil guys are all over challenge coins.

    And I’m SURE that Penguin Testicles will have one, too. Or whatever their name is…

      1. Actually, it probably should be a Monster Hunter Bureau coin WITH Franks on it. And of course, all the wording should be redacted with black blocks. ..

  5. Funnily enough I need four as well, bet you will need to make this US specific cause international shipping costs would be too high.

    I have to have the walrus with a banjo

  6. The ‘Shot Show’ esque Monster Hunter Conference for a coin.

    Also anything from Dead Six.

    Coins in general. Yes Please.

  7. What is a “Challange Coin”? What is it used for, and most importantly, WHY would I, or anyone Else for that matter, want it???? What does it cost? How is it Purchased? By the piece, the Package, Pound or weight? What does MHI; KS; RPG; MCN; and STFU mean???

    Ron, Sent from my iPhone

    1. Uh… Wow… Okay. Lots of stuff there that will get answered in a future blog post because today’s was just to show off the first one’s art. 🙂

    2. KS = Kickstart
      MHI = Monster Hunter International
      RPG = Role Playing Game
      MCB = Monster Control Bureau
      STFU = Special Task Force Unicorn (I think, must re-read)

    3. Your google-fu is weak grasshopper. Until you can snatch the info from the shortest of search terms you can not leave the temple of the interweb to rejoin the world.

      “Howard Tayler’s crazy success at Kickstarting Schlock Mercenary challenge coins”
      First non ad result explains challenge coins and kickstarter.

      Study well grasshopper.

  8. I’d be more interested if there were a better design on the back. Mirror writing the face legend and the tail of the MHI happy face is kind of weak.

    1. Then you would be incorrect, because I think it is awesome. 🙂 (and there will be about a dozen others)

  9. You do know that the coins don’t have to be round, I have a couple that are shield shaped and one that is a dog tag oval. But YES I would be good for 2 or 3

  10. I’m sure this has already been brought up, but as you have actual active military fans who already make use of your logo, challenge coins for them is an actual, useful thing. What do they think of the idea? Anything they could add, or you could do jointly with them to start this actual MHI military tradition?

      1. Awesome. I got into your books because of your article on gun control. My wife just bought me the third MHI book for my birthday. I need to grab a patch for my uniform/backpack and I’d happily display the MHI coin with the rest.

      2. dana he’s talking about the PATCHES…the coins aren’t even DONE yet Larry said it would be a FUTURE KICKSTARTER idea…

  11. If this is even a fraction as successful as Howard’s maybe putting the series numbers on from the beginning would be neat.

  12. That is awesome!!! Can we also see about:

    Heads: RPG Tails: 40mm

    Heads: Fists Tails: Boots

    Heads: Milo’s Super-Harpoon Tails: Flamethrower

    Stakes, Ram, Dreidel, ancient artifact of unspeakable power.

    One I know you can’t but would be fun anyway: Incredible Newbie Team – When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

    Okay, maybe not that last one. But second for the post above about Dead Six coins too. There’s probably still time to get those done for Swords.

  13. I’m in for one or two! I’d think each unit would get its own coin though. Their patch should be the heads side and tails, well, let your imagination run wild! I see another contest in the works…

  14. If you’re going through the trouble to make the text on the “tails” side backward, why not show the part of the tail on the front that would be visibile and why no the serial number on the back? Continuity blown.

    1. Because the logo has been around for years and seen on ten thousand patches and half a million books with no tail showing…

  15. What about bad guy/monster coins? Master Vampires, evil ex-KGB werewolf squads, Crazy death cultists, etc.

    And I agree with the above commenter that Porpoise Tossers would have one too.

    1. I need a death cultist coin! The Sanctified Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition has to have a coin.

    1. Skippy on the front
      Hind on the back

      Edward on the front
      A crossed pair of short swords on the back

      Gretchen on the front
      Skippy on the back

      (because I’m a romantic)
      Edward on the front
      Tanya on the back

      And of course… the one I would pay a bunch of money on…
      (I know your comment was an orc comment but no one else has mentioned orcs let alone elves AND I’m not sure if it is even doable due to trademark issues)
      Twinkie on the front
      Ranch dressing on the back

  16. I’d take one and use it as my pocket marker for 8-Ball league.

    Grimnoir would be cool with the symbols for different actives on the back.

  17. I’m in. MHI, Orcs, Elves, Agent Franks, of course.

    BTW, the pARC of “Warbound” was enthralling (dare I say spellbinding?) and awesomely well written. I’m gonna have to get the eARC for my brother.

  18. Hell yes!

    I’ve wanted challenge coins since you linked to a web comic that had them. Especially the “Not my circus, not my monkey”, a get out of jail free challenge coin.

    I know you can’t do anything that similar, but having various challenge coins based on the MHI mythos. I’m all over that, you will definitely have my coin so to speak.

  19. ….Siigh. I swear, I’m going to have to just take out an allotment from my paycheck for you, aren’t I.

  20. I just realized! If you have these coins you need to work them into the stories somehow. Can’t make it a drinking game, at least Owen wouldn’t be able to participate if so. Still there are a myriad of other ways to work challenge coins into a story. I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  21. Could some of the military vets and other enthusiastic posters explain challenge coins?

    Sure, it’s a neat looking coin, but what do you do with it besides put it in a drawer or leave it laying around a desk?

    1. I’m of the opinion that real military service out ranks all. All military personnel have my respect, I only regret that I can’t serve.

      As for Schlock vs. MHI. This is an MHI board so…

      I just hope that when Larry runs the KS he will also make non limited edition versions available later on. I might not be able to get all the ones I want. It depends on the timing of my paycheck and the KS.

    2. Irrelevant. In the army they play the ranking coin buffoonery. In the AF, where the tradition started(Army Air Corp), guy produces coin and challenges, either verbally or by dropping said coin on hard surface. All others must produce a coin or buy a round. If everyone produces a coin, challenger buys the round. You are allowed limited movement to retrieve your coin, i.e. your coin is in your jacket on the back of your chair and you are two steps away, vice being on your person. I’ve known guys who dropped coins in showers.

  22. Yes to all the MHI coins, Dead Six Coins, and I think we need Grimoire coins as well. I also like the idea of a Grimoire ring, it would be geekly cool!

  23. Yes Yes Yes, a stack of various coins next to the manual on my coffee table would be perfect. MHI, STFU, MCB, Franks, Because FU, etc….make them all…and a stretch goal of coin cases or coin bag…then I can get some to keep and some to give away.

  24. In, In, In, did I say in? Are they done yet? Love one coin as just the happy green monter patch with a back. Very Cool.

  25. That design would be pretty cool on a t-shirt too. With the heads design on the front and the tails design on the back.

  26. I’m not crazy about the back just being the reverse. I think it should have: “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” on the back.

  27. Nice clean design. This member of the ‘meat-cloud’-set bought into Howard’s little exercise in mini-mintage, I’d do the same here.

  28. I’d luv to see one and my nephew who’s in the Army and who I introduced MHI to would probably get one as well…….

  29. Definitely. A whole bunch, for me and for my father. The “tail” side is awesome! LOL

    I like the idea of an Agent Franks coin too.

    Would there be an international shipping option?

  30. Also be nice if there was a special coin for folks that backed the RPG (stupid fun thought – the RPG coin could have…RPG’s on it.)
    I’ll whateverth the idea of a Franks coin, Increadable Newbie Team, MHI, MCB, STFU, is why
    possibly coins from the other books as well.
    Ah heck, just take the money.

  31. Here’s a really bad idea – or at least an expensive on. Get a run of them done in pure(99%) silver, like a one ounce round. Collectable, valuable and useful for killing vamps and werewolves in an emergency, heh, heh, heh.

  32. Here’s a really bad idea – or at least an expensive on. Get a run of them done in pure(99%) silver, like a one ounce round. Collectable, valuable and useful for killing vamps and werewolves in an emergency, heh, heh, heh.
    Ooops, Ed beat me to it.

  33. Seeing the back of this has made it much harder for me to see the upside down penguin on the front.

  34. I like the idea but skeptical of the design. Usually the coin is all serious or all joke, I think there could be a good compromise.

    Front = serious. MHI logo a little bigger, with “Sic transit gloria mundi” (the official motto of MHI (I think?)) as the writing around the edge (from 9 to 3 (10 to 2?)) and Est – 1895 at the bottom (6)

    Back = Funny, with monster ass ( I think a lipstick print (or dollar sign tattoo!) near the tail might be a good touch) and “Evil Looms, Cowboy Up” arching over the top (at the 12) and “Kill it, Get Paid” as a rocker on the bottom (at the 6)

    This might clean things up a bit (I’ll buy one either way) but I think a run of just MHI coins is the best bet for starters. Having done the process before and in the middle of a current coin design and order, most people don’t realize how expensive just a single run is, what with design fees, molding costs, additional colors, etc. I know the last time Larry did something like this he was left with a bunch of excess team patches, and coins are WAY more expensive than patches.

    Just my 2 cents though

  35. @ CPTP – I have a challenge coin from Molon Labe Challenge Coins that is just antiqued brass and its a pretty slick looking coin. Colors are good, but sometimes simple is nice. A kickstarter project could offer multiple coins for different donation levels. Larry’s RPG project generated 80k with an original goal of 45, I think the funding would be guaranteed and give lots of options for multiple coins.

  36. This is a fantastic idea. Just remember that the coins made for the Government agencies should be of the cheapest metal with off-center graphics and mis-spelled words if you’re going to be accurate. Oh and they should cost three times as much as the other coins and ship two weeks later.

    1. You must be thinking of the stuff intended for citizens, swag made for internal consumption is not of the same ‘superior’ quality intended for the tax payer…

      1. Nope, I just figured that a government built coin should look like a government built horse. In other words, a camel.

  37. Oh wow AMAZING!! Could you make an MCB one? PLeasepleaseplease? And maybe I am wrong but shouldnt an MHI handbook or something like that come out too?

  38. I’ll just send you my back account number, shall I? Yes unto ∞

    It’s always been my observation that a challenge coin is… errmmm…would be a very nasty projectile at short ranges (say 10-15 ft). Longer ranges with a sling of some sort.

  39. Cabbage Point Killing Machine – Hold The Pig Steady – Mosh Pitt

    Front – One surprised looking pig
    Back – One large M60

    With some careful planning, spinning the coin may make it look like the gun points at the pig.

    (BTW, I don’t think the faithful ever actually wrote the lyrics in your 2009 post, but it might be fun to resurrect that thread also).

    1. Okay, so, I kind of geeked out a bit and came up with something. It’ll probably be deleted but I just spent the weekend at the M3 Concert with throbbing drums and screaming guitars while lead singers hit the sky, so… pound out these lyrics with that in mind:

      Hold The Pig Steady

      Are you an intelligent pig?
      The strongest big pig?
      A rooting deep pig?
      Or just another pig?

      Is your pen a good size?
      Can you see the prize?
      Shining and sparkling
      Do you hear others’ cries?

      Hold the pig steady
      Hold the pig steady
      We’re almost ready
      So hold that pig steady

      Whose hands hold us?
      Why do they grip?
      Propel us on to
      Our final trip

      Squealing and kicking
      We can’t get away
      Root, run or die
      It’s always that way

      Hold the pig steady
      We’re almost ready
      Hold that pig steady
      Damn it’s unsteady


      Unsteady or not
      Onward we go
      Down the chute and
      Into the show

      Don’t know the rules and
      Don’t know the game
      Shaking and kicking
      It’s all the same

      Now we’re ready / Hold the pig steady
      Finally ready / Get on already

      The smartest damn pig
      The strongest damn pig
      The fastest damn pig
      Is just a f*cking pig

      Don’t take the pill
      Don’t hold too still
      Go into that mill
      And they’ll gut you like a pig

      Can’t hold it steady
      This pig’s unsteady
      Most unsteady
      An abnormal pig

      More than one pig
      Chained in a brig
      Did you sign up for
      That kind of gig?

      Who gets held steady?
      Are you holding steady?
      Then you’re just
      A f*cking pig.

  40. Count me and my son in! Being retired military, these would go great with my others! Do it!

  41. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. I live in the Pacific Northwest, or Bigfoot Country. Wouldn’t mind to see and get one for the Hunters out in Seattle.

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