That’s a whole lot of autographs

So apparently my pre-autographed hardcovers are really popular. How popular you ask?

autograph 1

That popular. These are going to be bound into a special autographed edition run of Warbound. To put that in perspective, that is a hard cover MHL down below.  Or from another angle, here is what carpal tunnel syndrome looks like:

autograph 2

Because I love you. 🙂

We did this for MHL and Amazon presold out of 2,000 and then I had to go and hurry and sign another 2,000, and those wound up shipping really late. (nothing like preselling enough books to make a serious dent in the bestseller lists and then not shipping them until a couple of months after the book comes out).

Anyways, Warbound is awesome and I think you guys are really going to like how the trilogy wraps up. It will be out in August.

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24 thoughts on “That’s a whole lot of autographs”

    1. Title pages alone.
      It’s a good thing Larry’s just a no-talent right wing writer hack instead of a “real” writer- just think how bad THAT would be…

    1. I was an accountant. I’m pretty sure I could beat most doctors just on checks signed. 🙂

  1. “wraps up” As in no moar 🙁 Hard Magic was the first book of yours I read. That is a bummer, So no more Grimnoir chronicles? Or should I just keep quite and see what happens next?

    1. “wraps up” as in finishes that particular story arc. I know for a fact Larry has other plans for the Grimnoir setting- it just might not be the same characters/time frame that the first three were based around….

    2. I love the Grimnoir series. I am, however, actually glad that the first trilogy is wrapping up, but only because it’ll free up Larry for his post-apocalyptic steampunk series collaboration with John Ringo, his badass epic fantasy series, and his African mercenary reality show competition novel, all of which I’m really looking forward to.

    1. Ditto this request. Come on, Larry give us a web link so you can gladly accept the money we gladly remove from our wallets.

  2. The cure for that carpal tunnel is to sleep on a big ol pile of money, which is exactly what you get by us paying you to sacrifice your gun hand to work into that carpal tunnel.
    It’s like the Circle of Capitalism, or somehtin.

    Now if I only I had the talent to have that dilemma…

  3. Wraps up? They are hunting the pathfinder I thought and the Chairman had already fought two of those. The enemy is still coming. I hate to see this story end now and hope continue to work in this setting.

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