Final stretch of some Kickstarters I’m in

Both of these are for gamers.

Ever want to make your own dungeon? 🙂 This one only has 4 hours left:

And everybody needs a pagoda for their magical samurai:


That's a whole lot of autographs
Ask Correia #13: Ripping Off Ideas

6 thoughts on “Final stretch of some Kickstarters I’m in”

  1. I’m SO close to dropping $400 or so on the game tiles.

    …and then sanity rears its head and says “you really shouldn’t spend $400”.

    …and then it adds “and besides, you haven’t played a fantasy game in over 20 years”.

    Damn you, Larry, I WANTS IT SO BAD!

  2. Nice. If I ever become super-rich, I’d like to buy a large lot of land and hire Renee Launer to lead a team of people to tranform it into looking like a real-life scale version of the first picture on her kickstarter page.

  3. …Ok so i clicked on the first one for entirely the wrong reasons.
    “Ever want to make your own dungeon?”
    Oh hell YEAH! I’d put the shackles over here, the whips would go th….wait, what is? Some kind of roleplaying game? Curse you Larry!!!

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