Hey aspiring writers, check this Kickstarter out

Robison Wells pitched this idea to me over tacos one day, and I agreed to help out. It is a teaching tool to help aspiring writers learn what they need to in order to jump in and start telling stories.


Watch the video. Having taught a lot of writing seminars and been on a lot of panels, I think this is a great idea. It gives you a chance to learn the fundamentals of story telling, and basically gives you a great big “writing group” to help you out.

Dan, Rob, and Marion will each be writing a novella to flesh out the world. A bunch of other writers and I will be kicking in some of the story stubs and ideas to help people get started on their own stories.

Help Ben Wolverton, and tomorrow's Book Bomb for his dad
Another BOOK BOMB? Yes, but for a very good cause.

4 thoughts on “Hey aspiring writers, check this Kickstarter out”

  1. Dagnabbit, I’ve been working on a story in a similar world for years. I guess I need to pick up the pace.

    Anyway, I’m in. Thanks for the pointer sir.

  2. Done! 🙂 I think this is an awesome idea, and it would work well on a smaller scale with a writing group, too.

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