Well, look what is out today! INSTRUMENTS OF WAR!

Instruments of War, written by me. 🙂


IoW Cover

Even if you are not at all familiar with the Warmachine or Hordes universe from Privateer Press, it doesn’t matter, because I got to write this novella of sheer badassitude about a fantasy race that makes Klingons look like a bunch of hippie peaceniks.

I had a great time writing this one, and I really hope you guys like it. 🙂

Now, I don’t BOOK BOMB myself (as that would be simply uncouth) but I’m not adverse to you guys telling your friends this is out now.

EDIT:  There are actually THREE titles released today in this new series. Privateer Press has brought on a bunch of awesome authors to write fiction set in their world, and they’ll never yell at you for using the word Space Marine!

Moving Targets, by C.L. Werner


And The Devil’s Pay, by Dave Gross


Plus I’ve already read the rough drafts of future books in this series that will be coming from Dan Wells and Howard Tayler!

The Drowning Empire, Episode 14: The Topaz Champion
Oh, look a Republican being silent! (Obama's massive 5% salary cut)

18 thoughts on “Well, look what is out today! INSTRUMENTS OF WAR!”

  1. O.K. I admit it, I am hooked, will by anything you write, no preview or waiting for reviews necessary. Thanks!

    1. The Authors Group I’m in had a challenge to write a 100 word story just after I posted my silliness about dueling bagpipes. So I turned it into a short story.

      I suck at following rules though, it came put to 290 words. Once I start writing I can’t stop.

      So thanks for inspiring me to write something totally random.

  2. $5 a pop for e-book novellas? At least it isn’t DRM.

    Granted, I’ve become very unfond of the Warhammer ruleset, and the fiction might induce me to make the jump. I just need to decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing. There is, after all, a half-empty jar with “Henry Big Boy” written on it.

    1. That’s good, because it isn’t Warhammer. 🙂 It is Warmachine. So nobody will yell at you for saying Space Marines.

  3. Hi

    I tried to get in touch with you (Larry) via Facebook. Not sure how else I might.

    I was hoping you’d agree to answer me seven quick questions about yourself and about Instruments of War for a quick-and-dirty blog interview for my blog!

    Let me know what you think.

    Cheers from the UK

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