Oh, look a Republican being silent! (Obama’s massive 5% salary cut)

So I just saw this bit of nonsense headline posted on Facebook:


It was linked to this: http://www.politicususa.com/game-on-republicans-follow-president-obamas-lead-repaying-5-pay.html

And the sad thing was, the people posting it actually belived this crap.

Why yes, dumbass, we should be glad Republicans are going silent, because I’m sick and tired of their stupid fillibusters and whining about drone strikes on American citizens! Because shut up!

Go read the article. It will make your sanity hurt.

Some doofuses are actually buying this hype. President Obama gave up 5 whole percent of his salary to show solidarity with the government workers who have taken a pay cut because of sequestration, and this is all sorts of symbolic and significant and so important that the opposition party should just curl up in a ball and die.

When asked to comment on this newfound shame imposed silence, the average republican said “What the fuck? Are you shitting me? Five fucking percent? You mean a smaller percent than all of our taxes went up this year? Go to hell, hippie.” Yes. Because the average republican swears a lot when Obama’s magnificent generosity is brought up.

5%.  So Obama’s salary is $400,000. That means he gave back a whopping $20,000. How ever will he get by, since he lives in a giant mansion… Hey, wait a second… Don’t most Americans spend more than 5% of their salary on their rent or mortgage?  And we don’t live in big white houses with bowling alleys and movie theaters either.

And hey, doesn’t he have servants and security and literally hundreds and hundreds of staffers to cater to his every need and want?  What’s $20k of spending money when you’ve got a staff of professional chefs and a dog walker that makes $100k?  And three professional calligraphers taking home $80k? You can’t invite Sir Paul McCartney over for a party with something that isnt’ professionally calligraphed, all swoopy and what not!

But that $20k is super super significant and symbolic and shut up now!

Man, a 5% cut would sure cut into my vacation and entertainment budget. Oh, but wait… Hasn’t this president taken more vacations than any other president ever?  And haven’t those vacations cost an absurd sum of money, and this $20k donation makes like less than a fraction of 1% of a dent in the cost of these vacations?

Okay, sure, now let’s wait for the inevitable screams about how Bush took vacations too! Blah blah blah. Done? Groovy. Even though most of those were to his house… In Texas… Where he watched football on the couch and drank beer.

That’s totally equivelent to the Obama family shutting down all of NYC for four hours so the President can catch a Broadway play, or jetsetting to Paris, or hanging out with Beyonce and Jay-Z, or spring break in Mexico, or skiing in Aspen, or touring Botswanna, or Hawaii, or Panama City to hang out on the beach, or Hawaii again, or the Chicago birthday bash, or Hawaii again, or Martha’s Vineyard, or taking the kids shopping in Spain, or Yellowstone, or the Grand Canyon, or Hawaii again, or Martha’s Vineyard again, or Hawaii.  Again.

But Hawaii shouldn’t count as a vacation! Because you totally didn’t count Crawford Friggin’ Texas! Obama’s like totally from Hawaii.  Okay, sure. And though the estimates are that it costs $4,000,000 for the president to spend a few days at his place in Hawaii, that $20,000 cut should pay for the airfare and hotel stay for Bo’s professional dog walker, but we’ll just ignore those, because times are tough all over.

Because seriously. You republicans should shut up now. Sure, that $20,000 cut wouldn’t actually pay for the green fees for Obama’s hundreds of rounds of golf, but times are hard!  I mean, somebody has to go hang out and get driving tips from Tiger Woods.

I know when I take a 5% cut in my take home pay because my taxes shot up under Obama, I’ve had to cut down on the amount of times I’ve had rock stars, pop icons, and famous rappers come and perform at my wife’s birthday party!  Heck, I was going to have Paul McCartney over for a concert at my place, but my insurance costs have gone up 38% because of Obamacare, so I’ll just shut my stupid republican mouth now.

He feels your pain, people. He feels it SO VERY HARD.

Sure, many Americans are out of work, and may of you are looking for better paying jobs, but Obama will be out of work in three years too.  He’ll be in the same boat as the rest of us. He’ll be limited to making, at best, three hundred thousand to half a million dollars a pop to speak at fund raisers and speaking engagements. Some of these speeches could even be as long as forty five whole minutes.

Shit just got real.

So even though Obama sucks at the economy, sucks at business, sucks at regulation, sucks at foreign policy, sucks at civil liberties, and his crowning legislative achievement is a shitty healthcare law that costs way more than it was supposed to, and accomplishes a fraction of what it was advertised to do, we should totally not speak, because he gave up twenty thousand dollars.

Twenty. Thousand. Dollars. And half of America has to shut up now.

Bitch please. If it would ensure Obama’s silence for any significant period of time, I’d write a check for twenty grand today.

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71 thoughts on “Oh, look a Republican being silent! (Obama’s massive 5% salary cut)”

  1. All of this is hilarious because the average Gov’t worker will lose 10%-20% from their salary due to the furlough. Considering on average (which means a whole lot make less than this) a Gov’t worker makes 100K/year (which isn’t much in the DC area believe it or not), the President is basically sparing pocket lint. He wants to be in solidarity, give it all up.

  2. They mention Rand Paul’s website as one not making a comment about, so obviously he’s not walking the walk. Yet they fail to mention that he returned a significant portion of his office budget that he didn’t spend.

    Interesting that they once again ignore the facts.

  3. If Lord Obama really wanted to be magnanimous he would take a two dollar salary… 5% ? Really? Oh should I come wipe your A$$ now your Grace?!

    1. In the ’70s ,when times were as bad as (arguably worse) than they are today, Jimmy Carter reduced his salary to $1*. That’s right, Barack Obama insists on being paid 380,000 times more than the Worst President Ever And History’s Greatest Monster.

      *there are exactly three things I respect James Earl “Failure with big teeth” Carter for, and this is one of them.

      1. My grandfather worked for President Carter, and died suddenly in 77. I met him at the memorial service, and he was gracious and kind to me, a very sad kid. I’m not a fan of his policies or his politics (certainly not recently), but in that moment at least he was a good man. I didn’t know about the $1 thing- I respect that.

      2. I recently studied about “the depression before The Great Depresssion”. It ended amazingly fast because unlike the do-gooders of today the president of the time realized that less government would be a much bigger help than more government. How is it that our presidents have gotten exponentially more stupid over the years?

        Dream Team:

        President – Allen West
        VP – Rand Paul
        Treasurer – Dave Ramsey
        Gun Policy Creator – Larry Correia.

  4. “But Hawaii shouldn’t count as a vacation! Because you totally didn’t count Crawford Friggin’ Texas! Obama’s like totally from Hawaii.”

    Obama may be from Hawaii, but every vacation he has taken there involved renting a house for the family to stay in. So, it still cost more money than any trip Bush took to Texas, just counting the air travel and hotel rentals for the security group.

    On the plus side, people on Twitter heavilied mock the whole 5% idea anyway.
    The man is a hypocrite and the MSM should just turn in their journalism diplomas and just get a set of knee pads permanently installed.

    1. Have the Pobamas ever spent time in their home in Chicago? You know, the one that has Secret Service security now?

  5. Actually, what happened was he ran out of vacation days and is being docked for the days he misses.

  6. Five whole percent on a $400,000 salary when he has no expenses! Wow, I’m sure he’ll feel that.

    Yeah, screw him. A friend of mine is taking a TWENTY PECENT pay cut because of this bullshit. Fortunately for her, she’s smart with her money and can budget around it, but I shudder to think if she had kids or had just bought a house.

  7. Obama’s willing to give up 5% of his salary and keep doing his job? Heck, I bet Romney would have done it for free.

    1. Actually, Romney DID do it for free – when he was governor, he gave up his whole salary (except for $1 – there’s some legal reason people never give that last dollar, but I’ve never looked it up).

      1. You have to pay at least a dollar for any kind of a transaction to be considered an actual cash transaction, so taking a dollar avoids having to look for stuff that needs to be changed or re-written.

  8. When former President Bush went to Texas, he probably didn’t sit on the couch drinking beer as you suggest. He gave up alcohol many years ago

  9. The author forgot to mention that FAT $50k/mo. expense account the president also gets in addition to his salary…

  10. Yup, I better shut up too, otherwise I might remind the liberal yahoos about all the money O-no-bama is making on those investments he has in all of those big and international companies that he doesn’t, according to his debate with Romney, affiliate with.

  11. They say that George W. Bush took more vacations than any president ever. Of course, where did he go on those vacations? His own home in Texas. Which was outfitted with all the accoutrements to make him totally accessible as president.

    Where does the Obama family go? The most expensive places in the world. Also not included in that comparison the democrats love so much is Michelle and daughters’ vacations without daddy. The taxpayer has been swindled so hard by these people, it’s ridiculous.

    5% of his pay? Just pay for your own vacations out of your own pocket as well as your daughters’ private school tuition. That will definitely help.

  12. The comments on the linked article, at a liberal site are distressing. They are all just pile on comments, which some of the above are as well.

    That “the gesture has meaning” is the frame on the other side. Republicans don’t get how meaningful the gesture is…therefore they deserve scorn.

    Gesture is not equal to outcome, I think the left thinks it is. And in the shadow between gesture and outcome you can drive a king sized load of hypocrisy.

    But they are used to that, and don’t even notice that. When republicans say, hey! but the staff! and the security for aides! and the golf!!…we don’t get it cause we are too stupid to understand the gesture. That’s my take and I think I understand a bit more about why Libs can’t see and how they think.

    1. Gesture is not equal to outcome, I think the left thinks it is.

      That is EXACTLY the problem, and it applies essentially everywhere.

      I have WONDERFUL intentions! How things actually turn out is irrelevant – and since you just care about the end results, it shows that your intentions are awful, which makes you a terrible person.

      Nevermind which one of us fed 50 million hungry children or discovered the cure for cancer, I have GOOD INTENTIONS.

    2. Naw, vino, you totally don’t get it. The left does not think the gesture equals the outcome or anything else. Obama made a “nice gesture,” and so deserves praise for it, while Republicans deserve scorn for not making an equivalent gesture.

      If a Republican makes a “nice gesture,” to the left, it is ONLY a nice gesture, empty of significant good.

      The left cares about nothing except power. Any position they espouse is only for the purpose of seizing more power. As soon as you figure that out, everything the left does will fit into a nice coherent picture. Not a pretty picture, mind you, but a consistent one.

    3. Gestures mean nothing, liberal.

      Only real actions count.

      If this retard in chief wants to impress people, he should follow Jimmy Carter’s lead, and take a one dollar salary for the job.

    1. Heaven help us if Obama ever guest stars in an episode of Doctor Who, becasue it will win all the Hugos FOREVER.

      1. If that episode is titled “Victory of the Daleks,” and the salt-shakers win for real, I’ll vote for it every year.

  13. Sometimes my belief in eternal justice is all that keeps me from despairing over politics. The fact that D.C. hasn’t been destroyed by fire from on high does test my faith though.

    1. Kim Jong Un has threatened to nuke DC. Who have ever thought that people would be cheering on the North Koreans ???

      1. News headlines:

        “North Korea nukes Washington DC!!!! Provisional government declares month of celebration, bestows Preferred Trade status on N. Korea.”

        “Kim Jong-Un receives Nobel Peace Prize for nuking Washington DC”

  14. What government employees have been subjected to actual pay cuts? Not political appointees. Not projected/estimated/planned furloughs. Not reductions in overtime. Not reduced time on the job. Actual reductions in the rate of pay.

    1. You mean beyond the 2.2% payroll tax hike that everyone else got? Other than that, not too many. But unless there is a drastic change in the near future, and that looks increasingly unlikely since the sequester didn’t end up ruining the nation as BO predicted, we WILL be getting a 20% cut in pay over a 14 week period.

      And overtime has been taboo at a lot of agencies for quite a while, mainly because we knew cuts were coming and we were trimming the payroll budget. Those are ALREADY happening. No biggie… work can be managed to avoid overtime for the most part.

      That’s not the case for the 20% cut that’s heading our way. If BO can give 20k, as well as Hagel, etc… then they aren’t showing “solidarity”. They are seeing “See… not so bad”. If they want to show solidarity, they need to STOP the 20% cuts.

  15. LMAO…  I love being a moderate, I get to hate everyone, but hell, Correia’s funny today. 


    1. Jeez man, the Republicans are the moderates now. The Left has slid so far toward the extreme end of the spectrum that I’ve started wondering if Republicans are the new center left. How else could an up and coming Republican be one of the pro amnesty clowns?

  16. I have personnally been smashed by the Sequester. One of 1300 Dept of the Army civilians laid off by USFORSCOM. In my office of 7 folks, 5 of us were laid off last Friday due to budget cuts because the Congress Critters cannot get their act together. I would love to only lose 5% of my pay. I would love to be furloughed. But instead, I am applying for unemployment for the first time in my life. And the thing is they, the bureaucrats, will take the money they saved from my salary and spend it on a bunch of useless crap at the end of the fiscal year because they will have money left over.

  17. A) It’s only 5% of the remaining fiscal year. So it’s not even $20,000 out of $400,000. More like $17,000.

    B) Is he also making a commitment to return some fraction of his future pension as well? Didn’t think so.

  18. Also, there aren’t any “cuts” in the sequester, only a decrease in the planned increases – this means that anyone losing their job or losing some salary as a result of the sequester is really losing it because their boss (or boss’s boss, etc) made a choice to spend their increased budget on something else instead of that employee. Guess the bureacrats making those choices are more to blame than the congress critters.

    1. That can’t be true! Next you’re going to tell me that Connecticut already had an assault weapon ban in place prior to Sandy Hook.

  19. Yes, I see exactly how Obama’s “gesture” of giving up 5% of his disposable income (what he has after his expenses, since his expenses are all covered by the people anyway) has meaning when people are losing 10% to 20% of their gross, pretax, pre-expenses income. The real meaning of this gesture is that a democrat wanted to do something to feel good about, and try to win a talking point, without actually suffering any real hardship.

  20. I’m waiting for Mr. Obama to pay rent, chip in for the gas for his limo(s), and airplanes. Also pay for his own food too.

  21. I thought he was giving up 5% of his president pay from now until the end of the year which is actually about $14k instead of 20. Also, he doesn’t use any of this for subsistence while president since their is a federal budget to cover his family expenses. The Obamas currently costs the American people $1.4 billion per year in subsistence, travel, vacations, dog walkers, party invite calligraphers, etc. The $14k he is “giving back” is less than what he spends on a dinner at a restaurant.

  22. Larry – I am a bit surprised that you didn’t point out that if he strokes a check to the government (like some of the others “giving up 5%”) he actually gets a tax deduction, provided he itemizes. 🙂 So really, lets assume he does – that works it down to more like a 2.5% “give back”.

  23. It doesn’t matter what gestures Obama makes, nor how meaningful (less) they are. For the Left the conclusion to be drawn is ALWAYS the same: Republicans should SHUT UP! Especially Larry Correia because he uses facts and logic and makes Progressive heads hurt.

  24. My mother an step father are government employees and will be losing one weeks pay per month. So they will be losing more than 20% of their salaries so Obamie can shove his 5% up his ass. He earned 2 years of pay for a Senate seat that he did nothing for because he spent the whole time campaigning for president. Being from IL I would like to say he and all Chicago politicians should rot in a special hell.

  25. When he starts substituting an MRE or two for his regular meals to solidarity for the troops in Goatf**kistan I might consider being impressed

  26. I’m in entirely the wrong career field. Well, actually I’m not in a career field at all right now, but that’s a whole ‘nuther ballgame. Sorta. What that MMMPOS is supposedly giving up is very near my entire expected income for this entire year, at the moment. I had a very nice paying job, but you know how those government contracts go.

  27. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    I’m in entirely the wrong career field. Well, actually I’m not in a career field at all right now, but that’s a whole ‘nuther ballgame. Sorta. What that MMMPOS is supposedly giving up is very near my entire expected income for this entire year, at the moment. I had a very nice paying job, but you know how those government contracts go.

  28. I could well be misinformed about this, so please correct as needed, but I had thought the president’s personal funds were held in a blind trust while he was in office. The theory was that it would prevent the president from giving preferential treatment to certain investments, or opening himself up to allegations of insider trading, things like that.

    …Not that that has stopped Mr. Obama from all sorts of shenanigans, like ordering his energy department to approve hilariously inept venture capital schemes like Solyndra and A123 Systems.

    Of course, the implications of that are pretty terrible. “It’s okay, they were bad calls. He did it out of incompetence, not greed, so it’s okay!” and “It’s not like he spent his OWN money on those harebrained schemes, it’s just the taxpayers that pick up the tab. It’s a victimless crime!” Seriously, it’s like we re-elected Homer Simpson.

    Anyway, since the president gets taxpayer-funded room, board, clothes, transportation, medical, and round-the-clock service from a battalion of servants, assistants, advisors, interns, gofers, guards, lackeys, henchmen, and miscellaneous hangers-on, not having an accessible cash account isn’t usually an issue. But I understood the setup to mean him flying around on Air Force One instead of booking a few rows on a JetBlue commuter isn’t as simple as him being a jerk and not offering to pick up the tab because he’s cheap.

    Of course, none of this conflicts in any way with Larry’s points. If Mr. Obama wanted to make a bold statement, he could ask congress for special dispensation so he could forego – rather than donate – his salary, or subject himself to his own healthcare exchanges, or set his $50k discretionary account to draw from his salary – you know, like real people do – or something like that. His five percent ‘cut’ is a publicity stunt.

  29. Larry,

    Again right on the point as always, I am so tired of the games this guy plays. the lies he tells and the crap ideas he keeps pushing on us. I would love to see what happens if he had to move back to chicago and live there with his bussy the mayor. Oh i forgot, he gets private security for the rest of his life so he doesnt have a thing to worry about. Sometimes I wonder if its even worth the effort to rant, but then I realize, I just need to come read your thoughts and I feel better knowing at least one other person in this world is living in reality and not in democratic dream land.

  30. But wait! Did you hear the one about how the new Obama budget cuts social security and medicare after absolutely demonizing his opposition over that plan? Don’t take my word for it, look at CNN’s article here http://www.cnn.com/2013/04/05/politics/obama-budget/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

    I guess there really must be some kind of need to change it after all. Well I sure hope he changes it so that it stays solvent because nothing else is looking that way.

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