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  1. I lived in Korea with the people for a couple of years, so I at least have a tiny bit of experience to speak from…

    The Correia motto is curiously in keeping with current events. That’s pretty much how Kim Jong Un is feeling about now.

    Unfortunately, the perfect day for an attack is Easter Sunday.

    1: Everybody knows that Japan did much better at Pearl Harbor because it was Sunday.

    2: In Korea, 4 the number and name of the month (in Korean literally “4th month” not “april”), 4 literally means “Death”. Yes, literally and truly 4 = death in Korea. Symbolism is important, and if Kim attacks, it will be to bolster his image. Even he knows he can’t do more than make us cry.

    3: It’s Easter. A holiday, and fewer military/govt people will be at work. Those that are will be lower status/ranking. Response decisions will be delayed the most they’ll be able to hope for before 4 July.

    4: because &@%! YOU IS WHY.

    The huge question is “Will China back him up?” If yes, he’s quite likely to attack South Korea. If not, then it’s probably making noise to get DaneGeld, or paid not to attack. It worked for daddy and grandpa….

    The climate is quite a bit like Utah’s, and North Korea can’t afford to keep the army on full alert. It’s not only expensive, but the young men are needed to plant rice. The country continually dips into and out of starvation. The current situation isn’t going to last too long, one way or another.

    On the bright side, any big bomb attack will most likely be from an ocean going freight container. This is a very good weekend to go visit relatives/spring break if you live in Seattle/LA/Hawii/NY/Dallas/Miami.

    Most likely is a dirty bomb, which is what unsuccessful North Korean atomics have been so far.

    And the pronunciation of his name is
    Keem, like, Keep
    Jawng like Jaws
    Un like underwear.

    If you’re going to make fun of him by calling him by his first name like a spoiled child, “Jong Un” is his given name. “Kim” is the family name.

    “Kim Jong Un nom” if you’re referring to him as an evil person, as they either are or will be shortly, on South Korean news.

    It stings more if you pronounce it correctly.

    Hilarously, and now you’ll never forget it, the “nom” taged on the end of the name is pronounced exactly the same as “Gnome” like the short, painful, obnoxious, toughs who beat Owen up. Which also is an accurate description of Korean soldiers of both sides.

    Good luck Monster Hunters. My magic 8 ball says Salt Lake will be fine, no matter what, so at least we’ll be able to read about Agent Franks while we huddle in our fallout shelters…

      1. No, his kids would absolutely never call him Jong Un. Never. If you wish to rudely address him and belittle him: treating Kim Jong Un as if Kim Jong Un were a spoiled little child, you’d call him “Jong Un”.

        Actually, “Jong Un-ee”, if you really wanted him to pop a blood vessel. It would convey exactly what I think you mean by “Piglet”. Or “Jong Un-ee twedgie” if you wanted to literally call him “Piglet”.

        Glad I could help.

      2. Steve: One of the first reports I’d heard of how ‘popular’ he is in Norkland is that there was graffiti sprouting up referring to him as ‘Piglet’. Seeing as how this is a socialist utopia (read: militarized police state), I figured if the average Nork in the street had that little respect for the man (and was willing to risk a horrible death to so label him) I couldn’t do any else but follow along.
        As for ‘children’, have you ever seen a El Jefe who didn’t refer to the downtrodden population as his children and to himself as their father?

  2. Great words! I can just imagine a family in that world using those words. Especially as a reason to help others when every other family is trying to pick their bones clean.

  3. Awesome. It also fits nicely with the House Treadwell motto of “For the love of God and the Hindu Floaty Thing, why are you eating me?”

    Man, I need to watch Grizzly Man again soon.

  4. I’m not surprised that it wouldn’t let you use profanity. It really is a show for the whole family, so try not to take it into the gutter there, Larry.

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