12 thoughts on “Grading Fight Scenes”

  1. I just read three of them in a row. This looks to be a worse time waster than TVTropes (and by “worse” I mean, of course “hugely enjoyably addictive”).

  2. Hi Larry,

    So this prompts a new writing question; how do you approach writing a good fight scene, particulary one that involves guns? For example, how did you go about writing the scene with Owen vs. the Gnomes? Or Owen vs. Darne?


    1. Scott,
      Rory Miller has some serious background in that venue, and wrote ‘Violence: a Writer’s Guide’ to address that very question, it’s an extremely interesting read.

  3. He will need to do two of the greatest scenes of their types.

    The final duel in Scaramouche. I don’t care that this film is 60 years old, you are hard pressed to find a more stunning spectacle of swordplay.

    The fisticuff over the sunglasses in They Live. Stupid movie, great fight.

    1. Southpark did a spoof of that fight scene in They Live. There’s a video on YouTube of it that runs the Southpark one in a split screen with the They Live one.

      And how dare you call one of the greatest B-movies of the late-80’s stupid.

  4. Wow, thanks everyone, and Larry especially! Larry’s link netted me over twice as much traffic in a day than I’d had since starting the whole thing!

    A lot of movies are on the queue, including They Live, Rob Roy, Robin Hood (Flynn version), The Quiet Man, something from The Transformers, The Warriors, The Crow and more. Trying to cover a wide variety of fights, both of differing types and differing quality (not looking forward to suffering through some Michael Bay frustrations, I can tell you that).

    1. Rob Roy’s final fight was pretty damn well done. Like all the best scenes it excels because of our investment in the characters. Tim Roth is utterly vile. The slow realization by Liam Neeson that he is hopelessly outmatched and his final solution is nothing short of stunning.

      I’m looking forward to your review of The Quiet Man’s fight.

    1. I saw an interview with Mel Ferrer (bad guy from Scaramouche) talking about their fight scene. When concern was raised about leaping from balcony to balcony the response was “don’t fall.” They don’t do scenes like that anymore!

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