10 thoughts on “All my audio books are on sale at Audible.com right now”

  1. That is fantastic. I look forward to grabbing one of these. I hope you get a little kickback for each one of these that is purchased.

  2. It helps that Audible lined up such splendid narrators. I must have listened to Bronson Pinchot doing the first two Grimnoir books at least 20 times now, and it is unalloyed pleasure. Your characters are the high point of your work; rereading your books feels like visiting friends. Pinchot absolutely nails the character voices. I’m in awe of his performance. He’s got Faye, whether she is speaking or the narrator is transcribing her “spun up” stream of consciousness. The more I think of it, the more it seems to me that Sally Faye Viera is one of the most complex and memorable characters I’ve ever encountered. What gifts can we send to encourage you to finish the series? Which gods need a prayer or sacrifice, which demons expiated, what bribes paid? Will groveling help? I’m good at that. And the worst part is, I won’t really be happy until the Audible version of Book #3 is out…

  3. Larry, I listened to all of you books on Audible. I paid full price for them all and it was worth every penny. I hope they put your Dead Six book on there soon. I don’t mean to cheat on you, but do you know any other authors that write similar to you? Specifically, in depth gun descriptions in the scifi genre. I look forward to all of your new books. MHI is awesome. Oliver Wyman really makes Pitt sound real…Thanks Bobby

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