Geeky Hobbies: Painting all the Horsies!

This project is finally done. (okay, mostly, still needs one more coat of grey/blue on the front of the bases because I see in the pics where I missed some spots, but that is just a gaming thing for marking front arcs and totally doesn’t matter which means I can post pics!)

These guys took a looooong time to get done, but now my Warmachine Mercenary army has horsies!  I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

1 front

First up, the dude who lost his helmet.

1 profile


1 side


2 front

2 somebody is too cool to close his helmet… That’s how accidents happen

2 other side


2 side


3 front

3 white horse, big ax

3 back


3 other side


3 side


4 other side

4 gun and a brown horse.

4 side


4 back


5 front

5, my kids named this one Slade. I think that’s a Teen Titans reference.

5 other side


5 side


Group front

And a group shot!

Group profile




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3 thoughts on “Geeky Hobbies: Painting all the Horsies!”

  1. Getting better. I’m delighted with your determination to improve and your energy to do so. Sometime in the not too distant future you must try a 54mm. There are some nice sculpts in fantasy as well as magnificent sculpts in historical.
    Though I can still paint circles around you I confess that you can write worlds around me ( which is why I’m a fan ). And…no…I haven’t tried to write. Would not dream of it. Too much hard work and hard work is something I’ve always tried to avoid.
    Keep the brush wet but keep pounding the keys.

  2. Very well painted. Love how you include personal references from your life and family such as you kids participating in the hobbies=) I have kids as well and also enjoy hobbies to boot. Just RE-read monster Hunter international starting over from the beginning, and the image of the orc “edward” riding on the back of his “Warg” low with his sword ready to lop off the vamps head was worked into my mind when looking at these. Thanks for kindling interest into such things for us Larry. Wish We had an “anime” , comic/manga, or even a movie for your mhi books.! Coming soon? Lol

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