60 thoughts on “Do I have fans in Ohio?”

  1. I’m from here I. Ohio Larry, I really hope your planing on comeing this way, also origins is In june( huge role playing , board game, and other nerd stuff convention ) you should check it out and maybe go, they have mini painting contests !

  2. I’m in Ohio. I have three friends I’ve introduced your books to as well. Planning on running the RPG with my gaming group when it comes out.

    That said… I don’t know I’d come to a book signing. I don’t tend to do that sort of thing. If you were at a gaming convention I happened to be at I’d probably stop and say hi. If you were coming to one of the local USPSA matches I’d definitely try to make it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m from around the Canton area. I would love to see you somewhere close so I could actually go. Authors always seem to go to Columbus or Dayton when they get to OH.

  4. I live in Canton, OH, and would love to see you come here! ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, Joe Clifford Faust (Angel’s Luck trilogy, Pembroke Hall novels, and more) lives in Canton. And Steven Swiniarski, aka S. Andrew Swann (Hostile Takeover trilogy, The Moreau series, and more), lives in Solon, a suburb of Cleveland (one hour north of Canton). If attendance in Canton is a concern, maybe you could do a triple author signing ๐Ÿ™‚ Canton is a nice point between Cleveland and Columbus and could draw from both places. Also, John Dalmas lives in Columbus (2 hours away), although I don’t know if he’s healthy enough to do signings since he’s 85 or 86, and hasn’t even posted on his website for a year, but he’s a fellow Baen author.

  5. Oh yeah!! I live in Wapakoneta, the home town of the late great Neil Armstrong. Which is about 75 miles from Dayton. Come on Larry, we want to see abomination.

  6. I’m -from- Ohio, but I don’t live -in- Ohio. I grew up near Athens, lived eight years in Columbus, then ten years near Circleville. (I’m in New York now. I guess I traded down.)

  7. If you won’t come to X, will you at least come to Y? We’ve got better beer than the piss in X, anyway.

  8. Huge fan here in Cincinnati! Our local independent bookstore is Joseph Beth Booksellers and they have locations in Columbus and Cleveland in Ohio and Lexington and Crestview Hills, KY. (Crestview Hills is basically a southern suburb of Cincinnati.)

  9. Here is still another fan in Ohio. If you send me an e-mail address that I can use for this purpose, I will send you a complete html file of A. E. vanVogt’s The Weapon Shops of Isher. (“The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.” — Walter Delany)

  10. I’m in Northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. I second the comments about Joseph Beth. They’ve actually featured Hard Magic as a staff pick.

  11. Larry, I’m in Northern Kentucky as well, close to anywhere in SW Ohio. Cincinnati is five minutes away, but I’d drive to Dayton or Columbus or possibly somewhere else if you came to Ohio. I’d love to meet you. dfwmerlin, where in NKY are you?

  12. Is it too late to pull for Columbus? You could stop at a burger place called Thurman’s. The Thurmanator was on man vs food, check it out! If there is a polling process, I know you would pick good eats.

  13. Hit up the Cincinnati/Dayton area and set aside a day to take the hour drive down to Owenton, KY to visit Elk Creek sporting clays. It’s the best clay shooting experience in the country.

    1. I’m biassed cause I work there but I agree, The is the best gun store in Ohio. Larry, if you come to Ohio you really have to check it out!

  14. Any chance you might still come through Ohio??? We’re in Medina but if you decide to set up at “the fin” that’s close enough for us! Keep Ohio posted on your plans.

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