Spellbound is up for the Audie Award

I just found out that my novel Spellbound, narrated by Bronson Pinchot, is up for Best Paranormal audio book. We won the Audie last year in this same category for Hard Magic. So fingers crossed for two in a row! 😀


If you are into audiobooks, you should check these out. Audible did an amazing job on the production and Bronson is an amazing narrator. For whatever reason my work translates well into dramatic presentation. Also the Monster Hunter series narrated by Oliver Wyman kicks butt.

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7 thoughts on “Spellbound is up for the Audie Award”

  1. I’ve heard all your major work on audible, and it translates really well…all we need now is a movie version or a Saturday morning cartoon version.

  2. Having narrated a few audiobooks myself (just finished a biography of Howard Hughes, which was a lot of fun) I am absolutely stunned by Bronson Pinchot’s performance in the Grim Noir books. Far beyond anything I could ever do. Let me add my voice to those screaming for Book #3, which I will buy both paper and audio as I have all your others. The paper copies all seem to be leant to people I want to get turned on to your work…the audio copies live on my smartphone and never leave me!

  3. I unconditionally enjoyed the performance by Bronson Pinchot in the Hard Magic series. I specifically purchased the audio book, never having heard any of his voice over work, to see if his performance could overshadow my previous knowledge of himas wacky immigrant in the 1980’s on one hand and a coked up Producer’s assistant on the other.

  4. Tough competition there in the Audies. I have two of the audiobooks listed in the paranormal category. Veitor’s reading in the Nightside series is excellent. It may be a close contest, as at least two readers are very good at bringing the listener into the world the author created.

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