Chris Kyle, American Hero

I was saddened to hear that Chris Kyle was murdered. He was a warrior and a hero.

He also left behind a family. As a writer, I can tell you that if I die, my wife is still going to be collecting my royalties as long as my books keep selling. So if you’ve not picked up a copy of his book American Sniper, you should.

EDIT: I was just told that the proceeds of his book all go to charity. is taking donations for his family.

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10 thoughts on “Chris Kyle, American Hero”

  1. American Sniper is a great book. I don’t read non-fiction and it kept me interested throughout. Buy the book, support the family. Kyle was a hero.

  2. Right there with you Larry, but you may want to know that all proceeds from his book go to his charity FITCO Cares Foundation Heroes Project. If you want to help his family you can donate to 100% of the money raised will go to his family and the other family that lost their dad this week

    1. Exactly right – his royalties go to his charity. I would buy the book (good cause!) *and* donate through to make sure that family is taken care of, too.

    2. Glenn Beck said “May I burn in Hell for all eternity if I don’t give 100% of all the money I receive to Chris’s family.” While I think he’s a bit eccentric, I’d say every penny is going to the Kyle family.

      Apparently he’s going to pay his own cash to set up trusts because of some problem with Jesse Ventura and lawsuits.

      If this is correct, the smartest thing Ventura can do right now is say “We had our strong disagreements, but he’s undeniably a hero, and it’s all over.”

      Of course, Jesse Ventura doing the smartest thing might be a bit of wild fantasy…

  3. Tragic news. I’ve added the book to my wish list.

    We’ve actually created a “Larry Rec’d” collection — or as I like to think of it, the “It Is All Larry’s Fault!” collection 😉 — on our kindles, for all the titles that you’ve recommended or book-bombed in the past few years.

    I suspect this title will be added to that collection in the near future.

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