Slipstream, the best gun lube there is

I’ve posted about this stuff before, but I just found out that one of my former gun store employees just got a job with Crusader, so I’m totally plugging it again. If you are a shooter, or you want to get a present for a shooter, get this stuff.

Slipstream is the best gun lubricant I’ve ever used. I’ve tried many, and there are plenty of good ones, (I’ve gotten through 3gun matches in the desert by raiding the automatic transmission fluid from my car) but this one is literally by far the best. You need to degrease the gun first and then apply this. It will actually make rough guns feel smoother. I know that sounds like a sales pitch, but in all the guns I’ve seen it tried on, the only one which didn’t feel smoother after a Slipstream application was my STI, and that is because the slide and frame fit on it already felt like two pieces of glass being rubbed back and forth on a warm stick of butter. 🙂

I don’t know how it works. Something about micro particles suspended in something, and stuff, which makes less friction, and science… Which demonstrates why I’m a fantasy novelist and not a science fiction writer. I don’t know. Voodoo.  All I know is that it is slicker than snot, and it really stays on there.  Don’t let the $16 scare you, because one bottle goes a long way.

How good is Slipstream? I know two EOD techs who took it to Afghanistan to use on their guns, and they ended up using it to lubricate their robots.  Yes. Slipstream. Battle Tested. ON ROBOTS!

For the record, Crusader was started by a couple of friends of mine several years back. They mostly do awesome custom guns. They’ve garnered a good reputation for building very reliable ARs, and part of that is because they give all of them a Slipstream treatment. I talked to my buddy Wes this weekend (who used to work at my shop back when I was in the business) and he’d just gotten a job there. I’m really glad to hear that a friend’s business is taking off.

They also do a heavier grease, but I haven’t tried that yet.



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26 thoughts on “Slipstream, the best gun lube there is”

  1. I even used Slipstream to bring a dead Century Arms CETME back to life. Sure it looks ugly as sin from the outside, but inside is “slicker than snot” as Larry put it. The rifle functions and feels great now, and all I did was use some Slipstream. Now I use it on all of my duty weapons. I recently purchased a Beretta 96 that now should be classified as a Class III item after some Slipstream. Great stuff.

    1. Please don’t give Dianne Feinstein any more ideas… stop with the class III suggestions or she’ll be trying to outlaw hair dryers because they look vaguely like a hand gun that could possibly have a high capacity 7 round magazine and a shoulder thing that goes up.

  2. I will second the plug for Slipstream. Not only is it a great lube, it reduces the effort it takes to rack the slide on an autopistol noticeably. I use nothing else on my guns… bought one bottle of each of the oil and grease two years ago, bought another set this year… not because I ran out, but so I could equip a second range bag.

    Great stuff, and worth every penny.

    1. Depending on the gun (meaning it doesn’t have any parts which will melt 🙂 ) I will spray it down with engine degreaser to clean everything off. Then I apply the slipstream. Usually after that cleaning is with just a rag and then reapply the lube as needed.

      But then again, I run my guns dirty. That’s how they know they are loved. 🙂

  3. I used Slipstream on my AK and with only a few very tiny re-applications, It’s been going flawless for three years and that’s with carbine courses in the desert. I’ve never seen anything slicker and the stuff lasts a LONG time.

      1. Indeed I have greased the bolt of my beloved Mosin and it does wonders. The primary reason Mosins have such tight bolts (Sticky Bolt) is due mostly to cosmoline buildup at the chamber face.
        {These firearms were stored for decades after retirement or production in cosmoline. It does cake up after a few decades.}
        Clean with breakfree-powder blast or brake cleaner, using a nylon brush to scrub the chamber face and chamber gently if needed, douse with more cleaner. Allow to dry thoroughly then use Slipstream oil on a mop or patch to coat the chamber face and run it through the barrel. That should do it.
        Also, check the head-space (you can find it here) and use the firing pin go/no go guage on the universal tool that comes with it.
        Use of Slipstream and general cleanings will make the Mosin smoother as you get used to the rifle. Remember the Mosin was designed for rugged use and simple operation.

  4. They were’n’t very specific on their site’s description, but I’d guess it’s carbon nano-spheres (buckminsterfullerene aka buckyballs) held in suspension by the fluid base. They act like a billion tiny ball bearings and to my knowledge are as close to non-friction as we can get at the moment. This is just an educated guess though.

  5. Brake Cleaner or Break-Free Powder Blast.
    Wipe down and then use Slipstream.
    I am an avid user of the stuff. Get it now!
    Turned my .45 pistol into a Thompson…with the furniture!

    Seriously, do not clean guns and then get frisky with the spouse.


    I’m healed up ok, but the Doc said the limp might be permanent.

  6. Living in NY I have more need of tubs of cosmoline and sealed containers suitable for underground storage than simple gun lube…

    Be warned, we are the model for what is to come. Our law was announced in the state senate (where we usually stop this insanity) 20 minutes before the vote with no debate and 39 senators absent for a vote held around 10PM. It passed 43-17. My senator would have voted no but was on Army Reserve duty this week in VA. Anybody want to guess how the vast majority of the other senators who didn’t even know this was coming up would have voted? I can tell you this, those who supported it all knew to be there…

    1. I don’t think these senators will forget the underhanded way they deprived the rights of their people overnight. The Constitution is, however, still the law of the land. Regardless of NY slimy politics.

      1. The problem isn’t the *Senators* forgetting the underhanded way they deprived the people of their rights…it’s the *PEOPLE* forgetting about it…or worse, not noticing at all.

  7. By the way, I get home from SHOT Show on monday night. I will start getting orders ready that night. I’ll have them all out by tuesday night.

  8. Wow… That’s all I can say… Just wow…

    Tried it out on a Taurus PT709 Slim that I haven’t finished breaking in yet, and don’t yet trust to carry for SD…. Slide was kinda rough, trigger a little gritty…. Now it feels like the slide is on roller bearings made of teflon. Trigger in double action is lighter than it was in single action before. I worry that owning this stuff might classify as “constructive possession”…. 😀

    Seriously, it’s *GOOD* stuff…

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