Congress needs more accountants

So we slammed our brakes on right before going over the cliff, and instead we simply picked up a rock and brained ourselves a few times, so that way we can simply fall over the cliff next year.  Taxes were raised, but no spending cuts were made to anything, because every single government program is vital and super important, and simply can’t be cut. At all. Ever. But don’t worry, I’m sure all that new tax revenue (there won’t actually be any as the economy shrinks, but go with it) it will totally take care of our spending problems.

Here is a nifty graph I found on the Blaze which shows what a difference this will make.


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31 thoughts on “Congress needs more accountants”

  1. But wouldn’t giving the president the authority to extend the debt ceiling at will solve these issues? Just sayin.

    ID 10 T syndrome at work.

    1. The debt ceiling is an artificial constraint that nudges the executive and legislature to control spending. It’s not very strong – for in practice there are a variety of ways to fudge it, but it provides a little pressure to reform. Unfortunately your president is in favour of spending lots and the Republicans are not in favour of raising taxes.

      The fundamental problem of Keynesianism is not that government spending in bad times is not a good idea, it is that in the good times governments cannot actually bring themselves to save. Or never save enough.

  2. People need to educate themselves beyond just what is crammed down their throats by the left biased media. You need to understand what the liberal/socialist/communist/progressive (I have to use all 4 labels because these are the ideological groups that have hijacked the Democrat Party) end game is. It is to hand over control of the U.S. to the U.N. and a world government eventually. Until you understand that a good, upstanding, moral U.S., with lots of personal firearms is a threat to their agenda, and that they want us eliminated, you will never understand what is going on here. In relation to this topic, once we are so far in debt. beyond recovery (which we actually are now) then Obama or his even further left successor can step in and declare marshal law and suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights under the guise of ‘saving’ the country. The next step is to have the U.N. and a world government step in and take all our productivity and resources. We will be disarmed and the evil European founded America the leftists hate will no longer exist. I’m not a kook. I am just a history observer.

    1. Bill: You are a kook.

      Obama isn’t the evil overlord. He’s just an asshole who was raised by communists and one ditzy hippie chick.

      ( sorry about the repeat post, Larry … misclick )

  3. Bill: You are a kook.

    Obama isn’t the evil overlord. He’s just an asshole who was raised by communists and one ditzy hippie chick.

  4. I saw this graph too, but I don’t like it because it misses the main issue. With a budget deficit we need to raise taxes and/or cut spending and half of that is ignored in this graph.

  5. Well as Reagan said; “There they go again”. As In Lying, stealing, cheating, misrepresenting the facts, cutting the growth in spending but not really cutting spending, more welfare, more food stamps, more extending of unemployment checks past 99 weeks, more EPA regulations killing businesses, more bashing of coal fired energy generators, more hate for big oil, more rules against fracking, more Obama Care taxation, a rose in Social Security Taxes by 2%, more lying about Benghazi, more illegal acts by Eric Holder and the merry men in the Justice Department, Kerry as Secretary of State–sheesh,
    evidence that Obama is not an American Citizen, more gun control while Chicago blacks have gun fights every day, more more more pf the same liberal Progressive and Social Justice crap.

  6. Wow, the Republicans have surely abandoned America. This bill contains both Tax hikes, AND spending increases. Both of which are the opposite of what we need. Oh well. Doesn’t matter. Obama will continue to blame the Republicans for the nation’s ills anyway, and the people are increasingly swallowing it. It’s those same people who will be rioting when the economy finally collapses for good.


  7. I was discussing Obama’s ‘fair share’ tax-the-“rich” ranting with an extremely Liberal co-worker. This young man tends to lean even further left than the President does – at least in public – towards re-distribution of wealth to the point of everyone having exactly the same income. I asked my young, and rather foolish, friend some simple questions.

    If everyone has the same income whether they work or not, why would they bother working? If no one is going to bother to work, how do things get done? If the government sets everyone’s income, who says they have to set it high enough that you can live on it? If no one will work because they have the same income anyway, wouldn’t the government have to force people to work? Does that sound at all like forced labor and a bowl of rice a day?

    1. HA! I’ve had that conversation. The progressive involved basically said that people would work because it was the “right thing to do”.

      He didn’t even once consider all the times he has said “there should be a law” because people can’t be trusted to “do the right thing”. Yet, magically, they would work. Or so he believed.

      He was also a big supporter of confiscation from the rich, and argued often that it was perfectly valid to raise taxes on the “rich” as high as needed because none of them would “go Galt” because they were so greedy.


  8. Why are we suprised or even disappointed when we see things like this? We continually hire lawyers for the most part to represent us. Not accountants or business people. We hire lawyers and then wonder why we get more laws instead of sound math.

  9. I’m starting to think the best solution would be to split the country up, and now while everyone is still pretty much getting along.

  10. So, this is not really off-topic since it has to do with blatant frauds. As many know, Al Gore just sold Current TV to Al Jazeera. He — the Goracle — was anxious to complete the deal by midnight Dec. 31 to keep from being hit with the higher taxes his party has pushed through. But even more hilarious is that Al Jazeera is financed with oil money and now, so is Al Gore.

    We have the most corrupt political class in decades — perhaps in the history of our country — and they’re blatant about it. I don’t think they need more accountants, I think they need indictments.

  11. So: I’m a liberal, though not some tree-hugging hippie who thinks guns are satanic; I live in Arizona, thank you very much. Anyway that’s beside the point- The graph above shows just how massive our deficit is, and how it’s only going to grow. I Think we do need to raise taxes, and more importantly, CUT SPENDING. Just because I support public works and social programs doesn’t mean I can’t do math.

    So the question becomes, where to we start cutting?

    1. I’m a bit of a student of government waste. I have often tried to think of the most incredibly inane use of taxpayer money. Inane, not insane. Insane would be rewarding certain actions, and then being amazed when the result is more of these actions and not less.

      The very first thing that I would cut, on day one, is the Indian Arts and Crafts Board. If anyone believes that this is a vital or Constitutional function of the US government, you’re an idiot.

    2. Starting is simple. Basic business 101. When times are tough and you need to make cutbacks in a company you sit down with all your key people and do a detalied assessment of the whole company’s operation. You look for waste, fraud and redundancy and eliminate it. Next you look at divisions that are not profitable and absorb their product or services into another division, or eliminate it. Once the government does all this the saving is estimated to be almost a trillion dollars across all agencies. At that point you will know exactly how much you actually need in the form of increased taxes. People would be much more amenable to increased taxes if they saw the waste, fraud and redundancy taken care of first.

      1. If we had Conservatives in control of all three govt branches, then yes, that would happen. But the American people didn’t vote that way, so two of the branches are in control of people who will never cut spending, and the third branch is controlled by RINOs, who just want to get along with the party in power.

  12. Sssshhhh!!! Let Congress fuss around with budget stuff and haggling about which programs need to be trimmed and how or how high a “debt ceiling” they should permit. That will keep them far, far away from gun legislation.

    Of course, in Legislative Land, they will probably prioritize guns over imminent fiscal disaster. Now why would they do that??? Oh, right! When people can’t buy anything on credit anymore, they tend to get hungry and fractious. We don’t want a hungry and fractious populace to have any guns, now, do we?

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