13 thoughts on “My eBooks are going to be on the Kindle Store”

  1. Will you get more royalties if I buy through amazon, or your publisher?
    I’ll buy from wherever gives you the most money. I know Amazon only does 30% and 70% if you give them exclusive digital rights rights, but those are for self publishers. You having a real publisher might have a different structure.

      1. Oh good I did read the article right and my question isn’t totally off base. I’ve been doing advanced Diff Eqs for the last 15 hours and my ability to read normal language/words isn’t at it’s best.

        From the looks of it the books will still be on Baen, and knowing amazon’s kindle sales that means they only qualify for the 30%, and from that Baen needs to take it’s cut. Unless the royalty is calculated differently for real publishing houses that is.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this… I guess it’s good, but I can’t help but feel like Amazon is the evil empire and Baen is my favorite publishing company, and now they’re in cahoots…

  3. I always thought it was kind of a pain to have to connect my kindle to the computer, then drag and drop it into to the kindle directory and hope you don’t screw it up. Or have a book emailed to my kindle and then have to pay a fee for the download to Amazon after I already bought the book from Baen.

    Another upside is that this deal will give a huge boost to the Sci-fi/Fantasy titles that will be available for the kindle. Which I always thought could be better if only that Baen and Amazon could work out a deal.

    For a little extra money kindle uses get more choices, more conveinence and the authors get more royalites.

      1. My local Barnes and Nobel is closing Dec 31st, and the next nearest has almost closed twice now.
        Sadly Brick and Mortar bookstores are going the way of the Dodo. Makes me wonder if the Nook will survive.

  4. Not really a fan of the DRM or the higher pricepoint, but it sounds like Baen made a deal that’ll benefit both companies, Baen’s authors, and expand the fanbase of both the label and the individual authors.

    Kind of hard to argue with that.

  5. Expanding the distribution base is great, but Baen loses one of the things that made it great, their reasonable prices on ebooks. Paying the same for an ebook as the dead tree edition is a rip off (as there is no printing, packing and shipping costs), Baen’s ebook prices took that into account.

    1. I’ve gripped about e-books being the same price as dead tree books for ages. In many cases it’s the publishing houses screwing over the author and customer. When e-books first came out some publishing houses were selling e-books and not giving any money to the authors. After that they switched to giving the authors less royalties. Now that they can’t screw as many authors over as they used to they set the price higher knowing they will make extra money because they don’t have the overhead that you illustrated. There are even some agents who demand a higher % on e-book royalties. All of that leads to e-books being the same price as their physical counter parts. I’ve actually seen some e-books that were .99cents-$50 more than the physical editions(text books were at the +50mark).

      I don’t think Baen is doing that, I think it was a hard negotiated contract with amazon. Baen has a solid core of dedicated readers in a narrow market. They are trying to expand their reach and had to make a deal. I wish they had a little more autonomy with e-books sold through their own website.

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