10 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Legion makes Audible Top 10 of 2012”

  1. I bought all the MHI books but Alpha over Thanksgiving from Baen ebooks, and finally finished Legion. Am I supposed to presume that Managment survived, or presume he was killed by the Nachtmar? I didn’t see him die “on screen”, and he was a fun character so I’d like to think he pulled through. Maybe even he and the tho MHI MIAs are stuck in the dreamworld and can make it back some day.

      1. Stop feeding them there trolls. If’n you don’t, you’re gunna have a Galdariel/Agent Franks mashup stuck in your head until you *have* to write it! 😛

        (And if Larry writes it – it’d be EPIC!)

  2. Got to fit in into your mythos. Maybe hobbits are in charge of the Girls Gone Wild videos. :} After all “Hobbits can pass unseen by most if they choose.” Just call them by the generic term “halfling”.

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