My next Book Bomb!

I don’t have the date yet, but it will probably be shortly after Thanksgiving, but I’ll be Book Bombing Dan Willis’ The Flux Engine. He is working on getting it up now.

Dan is a friend of mine, and really solid writer. He is mostly known for publishing Dragonlance novels, but even though he was their bestseller in the line, his career got hosed when the publisher killed their young adult line.

Dan branched out into a Wild West Steampunk with this next one. I read the early draft and it was a lot of fun. So if you want to read about Wyatt Earp sniping killer robots and bad guys on mini-helicopters, this is the book for you.  🙂

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    1. Sorry the page isn’t there and there’s no mention of the book on his web site. I even did a search and there’s no book with that title on Amazon.

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