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I’ve posted about this once before, but the campaign is nearly over. So last chance to jump in. They’ve added some other, cheaper options too.

Chuck and Graham are awesome at comic books, and if you’ve read a comic book in the last twenty years, odds are you’ve read something they’ve done. They are doing this anyway, but this is their way of getting an advance. (which as a writer, believe me, I’m a big fan of).

You know why I this this is a good idea? From them:

Comics have really changed in the last 20 years. They’ve gotten darker and humorless. We want our project to reflect a time when comics were not only exciting, but fun to read. JOE FRANKENSTEIN is an all ages graphic novel in the same vein that Harry Potter was an all ages book. Kids and adults can read it and enjoy it on different levels.

•JOE FRANKENSTEIN is the kind of stuff that Marvel and DC are no longer publishing so we have taken it upon ourselves to do the kind of comics story that we, and a large part of the reading public are clammoring for.

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