I'm up for another prestigious award (I think)

I’m not sure if I’m a finalist for another literary award, because I found this on Google, and used an internet translator.

finalists for the 2012 Julia Verlanger are known:

Ophélie BRUNEAU –  Et pour quelques GigaHertz de plus – Ad Astra. Ophélie Bruneau – And a few more gigahertz – Ad Astra.
Laurent GENEFORT – Points chauds – le Bélial Laurent GENEFORT – Hotspots – the Belial
Gail CARRIGER – Le Protectorat de l’Ombrelle – Orbit Gail Carriger – The Parasol Protectorate – Orbit
Jasper FFORDE – La Route de Haut Safran – Fleuve Noir Jasper Fforde – The Road to High Saffron – Black River
Larry CORREIA – Magie brute – L’Atalante Larry Correia – gross magic – L’Atalante

Laurence SUHNER – Vestiges – L’Atalante Laurence SUHNER – Remains – L’Atalante

On félicite bien fort notre Opéhlie nationale, nous sommes fiers d’elle, et on remercie le jury. We congratulate our very strong national Opéhlie, we are proud of it, and we thank the jury. On souhaite également bonne chance aux autres candidats et notamment, parmi nos chouchous, Genefort bien sûr, Larry Correia of course, pour son fabuleux Magie Brute . We also wish good luck to the other candidates, including, among our favorites, Genefort course, Larry Correia of course, for its fabulous Magic Brute .
Well how about that? For being a pulp guy I sure do keep getting nominated for stuff. But don’t worry, because as is pointed out by my critics, Larry Correia isn’t a REAL writer. :p
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4 thoughts on “I'm up for another prestigious award (I think)”

  1. Well as much as I diss on the French, it appears they have very good taste in fiction. Hard Magic is one of the best books I’ve read in the last decade. Still trying to figure out why it didn’t get a Hugo nomination last year.

  2. 3 quotes from Robert A Heinlein spring to mind:
    “A critic is a man who creates nothing and thereby feels qualified to judge the work of creative men. There is logic in this; he is unbiased – he hates all creative people equally.”
    “Money is the sincerest of all flattery.”
    “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of – but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

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