Kickstarter Update: Make your own characters! Only 36 hours to go.

There are only 36 hours left before the MHI Employee Handbook and RPG Kickstarter is over, so we have just added more sweet perks, including cheaper additional books and  adding another supplement made up of characters and monsters created by YOU.

164% funded, $73,971, 36 hours left.

The PDF of additional characters will be free for everybody who pledged $25 or more. For the folks who pledged more than $500, they get to put a character concept into the book as an extra perk, and anybody else who wants to will just need to up their pledge. Here is the annoucement:

As you may recall, we’re already going to produce a PDF of 13 monsters and Non-Player Characters inspired by Larry and written by Steve, called The Devil’s Dozen. Now we’ve got another PDF of monsters, villains, and NPCs in mind — and you can help us create it!

For an additional $100 added to any pledge, you can help Larry and Steve create a character for the MHI RPG! It could be a monster, a villain, a member of MHI or the MCB, some other sort of NPC, or just about anything else that would fit into the MHI Universe. You tell Larry and Steve what sort of character you have in mind, Larry will review and approve the idea to make sure it works with the MHI setting, and then Steve will write up the character. You’ll get to review the character and make suggestions. However, all the final decisions (such as the character’s name, abilities, and place/role within the MHI setting) are up to Larry and Steve — but of course you’ll get credit for inspiring the character in the PDF!
All backers at the $500 and higher reward tiers automatically get to take advantage of this reward as part of their existing pledges.

All backers at the $25 and higher reward tiers will receive a copy of this bonus PDF for free as part of their existing pledges!

PLUS THERE IS MORE! (when will the madness stop? In 36 hours, that’s when)

First, we have decided to implement the stretch goal we announced for $75,000 — reducing the cost of extra books — as of right now! Here’s how that works. The first copy of the MHIEHRPG that you pledge for still costs the full $60 cover price (and of course, some higher tiers get signed and/or numbered books for a larger pledge). Up until today each additional copy was also $60, but as of now each additional (unsigned, un-numbered) copy will only cost you $50!

If you’ve already pledged $60 apiece for one or more extras, you can now reduce your pledge accordingly. (Make sure you’ve still got the correct reward selected after you change your pledge.) When we send out the post-project surveys you’ll be able to tell us how many additional books you pledged for.
If the first book you pledged for is at the $80 reward tier, your second and later books at $50 each will also be signed.
If the first book you pledged for is at the $140 or higher reward tier, your additional books will be signed, and you’ll get a remaining numbered book while supplies last (from whatever numbers are left after everyone’s first numbered book is accounted for). If supplies run out, you’ll get a signed but un-numbered book.
Each individual book pledged for will include a PDF of the book, as usual.
Second, if we reach $75,000, we will add a fifth adventure to the adventures PDF! In fact, for each full $5,000 the project brings in beyond that, we’ll add another adventure (so the sixth at $80,000, the seventh at $85,000, and so on). In short, the better we do, the more adventures you get!
So we are getting pretty crazy up in here with lots of cool extras. We’ve got patches, dice, PDFs of extra adventures, two PDFs of extra characters, and I’ve been going over some of the artists we’re looking at so the artwork is going to be amazing. Time is almost up. Please tell your friends.
What better way to celebrate Halloween? Why, telling all of your friends about the MHI RPG Kickstarter, of course? Is there anything possibly more awesome? Well, dressing as Destro and the Baroness for Halloween is a little more awesome, but not by much.
I had to shave my head and paint myself silver. All my wife had to do was buy a new coat. So this was pretty easy to talk her into doing. (and because Destro was Scottish, I got to break out my British L1A1).
Kickstarter Update: Only 12 HOURS TO GO!
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    1. Nice costume. I made an awesome Cobra trooper costume last year. Unfortunately I still haven’t had a chance to use it since I’ve had stuff come up at the last minute on Halloween both years.

  1. You should have a Wilkinson Linda pistol! Thats what the Destro action figure was supplied with… Super cool costumes though!

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