A call for artists. (sort of an MHI Kickstarter Update)

Okay guys, we’ve started working on the MHI Employee handbook. We’ve got an awesome art director. Rueben is the man on this topic, and has designed a lot of other books. Now we will be gathering up artists for the project. I know that I’ve got many artists here, and this is paying-professional work.

So if you are interested in doing something for the MHIRPG please reply in the comments here with a link to your portfolio or webpage showing off your style.  We’ll take a look at it and then get in contact with you.

MHI Kickstarter Update: LAST WEEK!
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  1. Is there an email addy to send a zip file to? I have some work to show, but am in-between sites right now.

  2. Alright this is my buddy Ian, by far the best artist I know. On first glance a lot of his stuff is kind of cartoonish but he has an extremely wide range of abilities. That photo of him with the Dark Ages plague mask? That’s not a photo, that is a legitimate hand drawn piece. We’ve done some webcomics and designed shirts for a video game webseries called Bro Team. For this sort of thing I’m guessing you will already have ideas of what you want illustrated and you’ll ask the artist to render it? That’s Ian’s specialty. He is scary good at translating other people’s ideas onto paper/screen. So here is his Deviant Art link.


  3. Ok, can’t get the comment to take when I put in a web link, but apparently the name turns into a link to my work, so it works out! Love the monster hunter books and this seems like a really cool project! For my work, click on my name. Creature and character design are my focuses.

  4. Hey Larry,

    Big fan of the series, read up to Alpha and I enjoy GrimNoir as well. I’ve done illustration work for Crafty Games, Kenzer & Co, Privateer, WOTC and several others, and I’d love to add some MHI work to the list. You can see my work at http://www.inkthinker.net or inkthinker.deviantart.com

  5. tried to post this a couple times… maybe stuck in spam filter

    porterglockwell DOT deviantart DOT com/gallery/

    try that.

  6. Good Evening Larry!

    I would LOVE to be apart of MHI Employee Handbook! I am a Honorably Discharge U.S Marine and currently work as an Interactive Designer / Video Guru / Digital Artist for a creative agency called Big Ring Interactive.

    You can view some selected work I posted on my Behance Portfolio here: http://www.behance.net/giovannigutierrez.

    You should check out my video work as well (we made some awesome ones for Halloween!) You can view those on our Vimeo site here:

    http://vimeo.com/50096114 – This is the trailer for all 5 of the videos.
    http://vimeo.com/47875167 – The Clown
    http://vimeo.com/47883058 – The Butcher
    http://vimeo.com/47947094 – The Woman in Black
    http://vimeo.com/47888108 – The Ring
    http://vimeo.com/48317026 – The Witch

    And I created a party game called DEAD GAME, which we made a video for. It’s really fun especially when you make a night out of it. You can view it here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Dead-Game/1654606

    Thank you for your consideration Larry and keep up the AWESOME work!

    – gio

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