A Christmas Shopping Suggestion

Okay, I did this last year and it was awesome, so here goes nothing.

Sometimes people ask me if I’ve got a tip jar on the blog. I don’t. However, here is a way to kill two birds with one stone. Bird A: Do your Christmas (or other) Shopping. Bird B: Give your favorite author free money!

I’ve got an Amazon affiliates program. Basically any time you guys click on one of the Amazon links here on my blog, and then purchase almost anything through Amazon after entering through that link, then I get a percentage of your purchase price as a refferal.

So for example, if you click on this link to The Monster Hunters:


But then end up shopping and buying new toe nail clippers and a loofa and it cost $10, then I will get like 70 cents of that.  Multiply that by my thousands of readers and I just paid the light bill. 🙂 It is pretty sweet, and if you guys were going to buy stuff through Amazon anyway, if you click through one of my links, then I get a chunk of money to blow on ammo and minis.

And remember, nothing channels the spirit of the Christmas Noun like giving the gift of various Larry Correia novels to all of your friends, loved ones, coworkers, probation officer, or terrorist network.

EDIT: I fixed the epic typo. No I’m not that cheap that I do everything in 1/10th of a penny. :p  And also, for future reference, any of the links to my books on the right side of this page will work too.

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10 thoughts on “A Christmas Shopping Suggestion”

  1. Larry, Is there a sticky somewhere on your site that I can go to rather than dig through the blogs to find the right entry with the link in it?

  2. .70 cents isn’t very much ($0.007), but I guess every little bit adds up! You accountants sure are penny-pinchers!

    1. I strongly suspect that Larry, in his rush to get back to writing books for us, mistyped, and meant to type $.70.

      However, if it is only .70¢, then we’d better get buying, because his light bill also powers his word processor. I refuse to live without tales of Zombie Slushies™.

  3. Larry, do ebooks purchased this way count as well?
    I buy a metric crapload of stuff via Amazon. I’ll have to start doing it this way.
    Ever consider selling your patches and stuff via amazon?

  4. > correia45, on October 24, 2012 at 2:24 pm said:
    > Once again, I have no time for these petty “rules” and “grammar” you > guys speak of. :p

    Guess it’s a good thing you have an awesome editor for your books. 🙂

  5. How about you make it easy for us to give you money. An Amazon link like Instapundit has on your front blog page, perhaps even with a search block, would make it easier to give you commissions.

    It’s about halfway down on his, but I’d put it in the top left somewhere, since that always shows up, regardless of monitor size.

    Glenn can afford his to be halfway down on the right, since he’s an internationally famous blog superstar, with a Yale law degree, and the securest law prof job on the planet.

    You’re just the best author in history.

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