MHI Kickstarter Update: EVEN MORE STRETCH GOALS?!?!

Why yes, even more stretch goals. Because that is just how we roll. 🙂

132% funded, $59,534 with just 12 days to go.

So since we’ve funded we have added new patches, MHI logo dice, an extra PDF of monsters, and now we are going to go for even more cool stuff. Here is the latest update from Steve Long:

All right, Monster Hunters, since we’re nearing the $60,000 benchmark, it’s time to announce morestretch goals!

—if we reach $62,724, we’ll enter the Top Ten RPG Kickstarters (as far as we can tell, as of today). This will bring great honor to the Monster Hunter International Tribe! We don’t have any special thing planned for this, but we wanted to call it out so y’all could be proud of yourselves. 🙂
—if we reach $70,102, that puts us in 9th place for RPG Kickstarters. To celebrate this milestone, all backers at the $25 tier and above will receive a bonus PDF containing four adventures for the MHI RPG! The adventures will be written by Steve (and possibly some other folks) with some input from Larry. We don’t know what they’ll be yet, of course, but we’re going to try to make them good introductions to the MHI RPG with any maps or other resources you need to run them.
—if we reach $75,000, we will reduce the cost of all additional copies of the MHI RPG by $10, to $50! The first book you pledge for will still cost $60, but all extra copies you add after the first will only cost $50. (If you’ve already pledged to get extra books at $60 each, you can reduce your pledge to take advantage of this.) If you want extras of any of the higher-tier autographed or numbered books, contact us for information on that.
—if we reach $82,880, we’ll be at 8th place for RPG Kickstarters. We haven’t made up our minds what we’ll do then, but we’re considering a few things. Stay tuned….
And remember everyone, that this weekend special is an awesome deal. For every new pledge, or every upped pledge, Melvin the Internet Troll promises to send ONE LESS spam email! That is huge! If you tell all of your friends, we could stop Melvin from spamming for literally DAYS.
We are still working on last weekend’s special pledge drive. Ed has a veritable stack of chickens and Skippy is firing up the chopper. Bring honor to the tribe! Up yours today! (pledge that is).
MHI Kickstarter UPDATE: 10 Days to Go
Who knew? Romney's actually got good comic timing.

5 thoughts on “MHI Kickstarter Update: EVEN MORE STRETCH GOALS?!?!”

  1. OK!!! I just sold a blackpowder rifle on gunbroker and as soon as the payment gets here I’m pledging $150. Would love to do more but my wife would kill me if she found out. Funny, when we got married I didn’t realize she was a wearbear.

  2. I just pledged at the 140 level for the bubba patch, and added $10 for the dice. I’m very noobish to kickstarter where do I go to add a note saying my +10 is for dice?

    1. qued — you don’t need to do that. When the project is over we’ll send out a survey in which you’ll be able to tell us that you added money for dice.

      Kickstarter’s set up to make the whole process as easy on you, and on us, as it can be. 🙂

      1. Gotcha, I technology is great but give me a rocking chair a chunk of wood and my carving knife any old day. So much tech to keep up with.
        One of these days I’ll bring an abacus to my theoretical physics class just to shock the professor.

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