9 thoughts on “Who knew? Romney's actually got good comic timing.”

    1. I just keep telling myself “He won as a Republican governor in Massachucetts. He knows what he’s doing.” Happily this comic routine shows that he’s totally aware of how he’s getting shafted.

      I have to admit, he seems to be doing quite well ignoring the advice I yell during the news.

  1. I was reminded of the Reagan days by Romney’s eloquence and delivery. Up to this point I was concerned that Romney was not Presidential enough in his prepared delivery; bit this event showed his complete mastery of public presentation. He made Obama look stiff and awkward.

    Clearly this is the man for the job. And gee whiz he is a true American without a single Communist or Anarchist as a friend or mentor in his background.

  2. I actually like Obama’s lines too. True his delivery sucked compared to Romney’s and he had to continuously check his notecards since he didn’t have his teleprompters, but the actual lines were pretty funny.
    I think my favorite was “I wish i could use my middle name” *sadface*.
    Romney was truly hilarious though. “I have my wife, Ann. Obama has Bill Clinton”

  3. Wish he’d told the “wine to water” joke after the “designated driver” joke. Not sure anyone jumped to the right conclusion on the first one save his Mormon friends back home. I certainly didn’t, but I thought it was hilarious once I got it.

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