See, I told you so time.

I’ve been saying that the polls were crap and Romney was going to win for about four months now. My friends kept getting all despondant and bummed out, and I’d just tell them that that was what the media wanted them to feel. The narrative wanted conservatives to forget the Tea Party movement ever started, forget the 2010 midterms, forget the Wisconsin recall, hell, forget the Chick-Fil-A debacle boycott turned biggest fast food sales day ever.

So how come now Romney went from being 70 electoral votes behind to winning this week? Surely Joe Biden can’t suck that badly? (well, yes, he does, but this is bigger even than the magnificent Biden):

Well, look at that… Now that they aren’t sampling as if democrats are going to turn out in even far greater numbers than 2008, and they are finally truing up the poll numbers so they don’t completely embarrass themselves, Romney is crushing Obama.

Oh, and for the last debate, performances were about tied, but Romney wins every poll about every issue. This is only because Obama’s entire campaign has been based on how Romney is an evil rich white guy who kills puppies and wants women and minorities and old people to die in the streets, and then when the undecideds see a fairly mushy moderate well spoken non-psychopath instead, the cognitive dissonance shoves them over to the Romney side. See, Americans really don’t like being lied to…

And speaking of lying, during the debate Obama lied about the federal oil leases and his energy policy,

Obama and Candy Crowley both lied about Benghazi (yes, he used the word terror, but not in context, and then lied for the next two weeks straight), and even Candy admitted right afterwards that she was wrong (damn you context! DAMN YOUuuuuu!)

and the most hilarious one of all, Obama has a bigger pension than Romney.

Followed up this morning by the revelation about the total con job pulled on America. Remember a couple of weeks back when right after Obama got his ass handed to him during the first debate, the bestest most greatest awesome news ever came in about how super awesome the new unemployment numbers were and we’d finally squeeked under a lousy 8 percent?

At the time I called BS. I was an auditor for too long. All auditors have what is called the Smell Test. If it smells funny, it probably is, and this really smelled funny. At the time many of my left leaning readers told me I was full of it and that these stats were like totally awesome and legit and why can’t you just be happy for America? Racist.


The numbers were garbage. They’d clearly been manipulated for propaganda purposes.

Now that Romney has the momentum and the cracks are showing in Campaign O, I’m fully expecting them to go Full Biden until the finish. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a military strike into Libya sometime between now and the foreign policy debate next week, you know, to bring somebody to justice or something.

I said the following here in January 2009:

I said it almost two years ago. Barack Obama is the Boy Band of Politics. No substance, no real talent, no experience, but media manufactured into a phenomenon. Like all Boy Bands, he’ll lose his luster eventually.

What we are seeing currently is what happens to all boy bands. Eventually enough people realize that they lack talent and they actually kind of suck. The media will still push them, but then the cracks will start to show. More and more people will see past the glossy media hullabaloo to discover that the boy band is just meh. Then it is inevitable. Once it becomes cool to hate the boy band, their career is over, and they will fade away into obscurity.

See? Told you so.


Who knew? Romney's actually got good comic timing.
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51 thoughts on “See, I told you so time.”

  1. I can’t possibly be happier about being wrong!
    But we still need to be fighting like we’re a point or two behind… and don’t stop until the polls close!

  2. Rasmussen, hardly a liberal bastion, and the most accurate pollster out there, has Romney ahead by 2. It’s still a close tossup, but I’m betting Romney.

    They’ve called the last decade’s elections within 2%.

    So anyone claiming a huge lean one way or the other is using bad methodology, or has a presentation bias.

  3. I’ve known that Romney is going to win since February…

    No Larry, I’m not trying to one-up you. But if you look at all the statistics, not just the daily popularity polls of each candidate, you find that Americans have been very unhappy for a very long time. And although some of that unhappiness started with Bush’s 8th year, a lot of people feel that Barack Obama did everything in his power to make the problem WORSE.

    If people really want to know how the race is going, they have to keep their eyes open and not just blindly follow the PR releases of one campaign or the others.

    1. Actually, I said it 4 years ago that Obama would be the best thing to happen to the Republican party. Two years later, the Republicans took back the House and almost took the Senate. I think in 2 years from now, if Romney doesn’t fuck things up, the Republicans will take the Senate as well, while holding onto the majority in the House.

  4. T: “Obama has a bigger “pension” under strict definition of the term, but Romney will easily have a wealthier retirement.”

    But the portion of Romney’s retirement that will be funded by taxpayers will be smaller.

  5. The funny thing is, I knew all this in 12th grade. An assignment was to research the presidential candidates, and when the Obama group basically laid out their guy’s stuff, I did my own research.

    THOMAS is your friend. Scary guy, yet I was called a ‘traitor’ and a dumbass for being a minority who wasn’t voting for Obama. His presidency wore on, and I can’t help but say ‘I told you so’ during college, and now.

    Well Larry, you hit the nail in the head.

  6. I have absolute proof that Romney will win…

    I just had my check up tonight and my JEWISH, DOCTOR on LONG ISLAND, who voted for Obama in 2008, came right out with no prodding or discussion pertaining to politics and SUPPORTED ROMNEY. For those of you not from the region, Jews in NY, especially Long Island and NYC, overwhelmingly support Democrats. Doctors also usually fall in with the dems.

      1. He was until he saw what happens when you invite Dracula into your home. Since he was about to ask me to “roll on your side and relax” I didn’t think it a good time to say “I told you so.”

  7. It’s not over until the liberals howl, so please don’t let off. Keep working to get your friends and neighbors to the polls, particularly in the battleground states. Romney may win the popular vote and still lose the electoral college. Fight hard, there are enormous stakes, including Supreme Court justices who could sit for another 30 or 40 years undoing Heller and Second Amendment rights among other mischief.

  8. The national vote totals will probably be close, on the order of 2 to 3 percent, but when you get into the Electoral College, without Romney appearing on stage dressed as a Geisha Girl, I don’t see a way for Obama to win. Mitt should reach 300 and maybe just a bit more, depending on how Michigan and Wisconsin swing.

      1. Even if he ate a live baby on TV, he would still carry Portland, Salem and Eugene in Oregon. That would give him Oregon’s electors regardless.

  9. What I’m looking forward to is the media expose on Obama after Romney wins 🙂 Because the media can’t possibly blame their ideology, they’ll have to take it out on the person who’s the frontman for that ideology, and that’s currently Obama.

  10. It’s the classic Greek formula: Hubris – Ate’ – Nemesis. I predicted back in 2009 that Obama’s nemesis would be to himself be thrown under the bus. If he loses the election, then you will see the left wing lackeys and lickspittles turn on him like a pack of starving ravenous things.

    Let’s hope this to be true.

  11. Well, Obama has ALWAYS had a “size problem”. Haven’t you seen those ads that say: Join Michelle Obama and ask: Are You In ???”

    (evil grin)

    Yeah, looks like the BarackStreet Boys will be heading to the Remainder bin. . . .

  12. See, Americans really don’t like being lied to…

    But Larry, it’s Romney that’s the one lying about everything!

    All my ridiculously leftist facebook acquaintences said so! And they’re convinced that Obama totally cleaned Romney’s clock at this last debate, too. So obviously you’re wrong.

    See, LOGIC.

  13. I’ve known for a while that in time the Glamor would wear off. Since I’m in California and President Obama will win this state anyway I’m voting for Gary Johnson. Voting for Mitt Romney won’t help him, but voting for Johnson could help send the message that there are more Libertarian minded individuals which can help spread the world over all.
    I am glad Romney is doing better, and of the two I hope he wins, I just really wish we had a Libertarian President.

    1. I’d also add, that I do think Romney could fix the economy more than Johnson.
      That said it really isn’t the POTUS job to fix the economy, but as long as people keep insisting it is I guess it’s a good thing to have someone who can do that job.

      1. It’s the POTUS job to NOT interfere with the free market, and to NOT create regulations that burden small business. All Romney needs to do is to cancel everything that Obama has done, and we’ll be fine 🙂

      2. I’ll agree with you there. I’d even like Romney to undo regulations that past Presidents have put in place. My comment was more along the lines of the mentality that the POTUS is supposed to solve every bloody problem under the sun. The POTUS is actually really our Secretary of State, they are supposed to foster foreign relations, serve as the head of state and provide a needed check in the check and balance system.
        Presidents have slowly been taking more and more ground little by little in terms of powers they have.
        So yeah that was what my comment was supposed to reflect, that people keep giving the POTUS more and more power than they should have.

      3. I really, really wish the Libertarian party would try another strategy. Come on guys, how long have they run 3rd tier candidates and hoped to get enough votes to be noticed by the Republican party?

        It isn’t working! And, unlike the socialist, Libertarians should be smart enough to know that when something doesn’t work, do something else.

      4. I think running the 3rd candidate is part of their strategy to keep noticed and relevant. Many Libertarians are working within the Republican party to reform the party. There are pros and cons to both though.
        Being a third party means a long slow road that will take years to gain traction. Working inside another party you might have to sacrifice some ideals for the benefit of the larger party. There is also the issue of not being able to in over Liberals if the party stays within the Republican party. There are many Liberals who can be convinced to vote Libertarian, but never Republican.

        It’s all a balancing game, made so much harder by the voting populous not paying attention.
        I’ll admit I’m frustrated though that they are moving so slowly.

      5. Maybe it is time to adopt a new strategy? 3rd parties really don’t work with our system. So, maybe, as some have suggested, turn the Libertarian party into something akin to the NRA.

      6. I think that would marginalize their effectiveness. The would just become a special interest group that is only pandered to when votes are needed. Not to mention Libertarians are all about Liberty and individualism, it would be hard gathering them into one group with one set of by-laws and set of political goals. I’m glad it’s all about individualism, but I do understand how that can make forming a cohesive unit that impacts society hard.
        I think a two front approach could work. Just look at the Tea Party, they didn’t go the special interest group route they are demanding reform from within both parties.
        Whatever the solution there won’t be just one answer that’s for sure.

        I’m dead set against the whole become a special interest group, that way leads to ruin.

    2. I wouldn’t be so quick to claim California will go for Obama. I’ve been reading poll data that suggests it’s entirely possible for Romney to win states that no one would think he’ll win. This election is shaping up into Carter-Reagan all over again… which it should, because Obama is Carter’s second term.

      1. Interesting, I’ll have to look into that. I guess my perception is skewed because most of my friends are liberal(a causality of going to college it’s hard to find conservatives willing to admit they are so all I hear is the liberal drone).
        I guess it’s a possibility, I’ve pulled out this map before just to piss Libs off in some discussions. Since it’s been up California was neutral 4 weeks and blue 1 week, other than that it’s been red(personal weekly observation, I don’t know if they keep records of that).

        So maybe there is hope for California, I will have to look into this.

      2. Book 2, and 6, they are separating the Kindle copies from traditional books. As an e-book author I don’t like the distinction, but in this case it’s helpful. Young people are more likely to read e-books, and the e-book copy is trending higher which means there is hope. Younger people are reading the book which is really good.
        Book 1 on the left is a book written by a comedian for crying out loud. I guess that shows something telling about seeking entertainment over thought provoking literature.

        To anyone who will point out, yes I see the Govonators book at #5 on the right, but I would argue it doesn’t even belong on the list.

  14. Speaking of smell tests how about those links you posted? One actual news source. I can prove anything if all you need is facts from youtube videos and random blogs.

    1. What’s wrong with youtube videos where you get it straight from the horses mouth?
      It’s not like he posted a youtube video of me using my Voodoo Tarot cards to predict the election(yes I have an entire youtube channel just for Voodoo Tarot readings).
      Larry used a serious interview the moderator participated in.
      The other non news links cited studies, and polls and gave rational arguments regarding available data. It’s better than the memes floating around about big bird… Speaking of Big Bird did anyone notice Pres. Obama bring him up in the town hall just days after the Sesemy Street workshop released a polite STFU and leave us out of this press statement?
      Political pandering to the lowest common denominator at it’s finest.

      1. You know the rules, if it leans right, then it’s lies and bullshit, if it leans left, then it’s the truth, and damn reality. Duh.

  15. One thing I’ve noticed. Romney must be doing better. The negative Memes are on the up swing. Every Liberal under the sun is posting links to negative Op Eds like they are going out of style. The fans on the FB fan pages are practically foaming at the mouth. The funny thing is they are just parroting the same lines and they don’t even notice the whole lock step zombie hive mind situation.
    I think that’s an unintended benefit of the digital age and social media. It’s a very good barometer, the more negativity posted and re-posted the more worried people are. All it does though is turn off the undecided, oh sure some may fall for it, but most appear to not like it.
    The more worried they are that their Hope will deflate and they won’t get their Change back the crazier they act.
    It’s quite fun to watch.

  16. These talk show performances, and that’s just what they are performances have worn thin with the general public. He’s overexposed himself and they’ve seen that there’s nothing there but a flashy smile in an empty suit.

    Candy Crowley saved his bacon in that last debate, to her regret. Bob Sheafer will not .

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