MHI Kickstarter Update: MHI DICE

Okay guys, as of today we are 126% funded at $57,099 with 14 days remaining to spread the word.

It looks like we will be hitting our $60,000 stretch goal here in the next couple of days, so what better way to celebrate than with MHI Logo dice. Here is the update from Steve Long:

We’re getting close to the $60,000 stretch goal, so we thought it was time to provide a few details on the dice we’re planning to offer. Everything he says is totally true, and you should never play any sort of game against Horace.

–these will be six-sided dice (d6, as we say in the gaming industry — the same sort you use to play craps or Monopoly). The HERO System uses three d6 for Skill Rolls and Attack Rolls, and more dice to determine damage. In the MHI RPG, for most players six d6 will be enough in most situations; gamemasters may want 12 or more.

–the dice will be 16mm (for maximum stopping power!) and will feature the MHI “happy demon face” for the 1.

–we haven’t decided on the color of the dice yet (we’re waiting on some info from the manufacturer), but we’ll let you know when we do. Ideally we’d like them to be a color that’s appropriate for MHI (such as olive green), but we are more concerned that they’re easy to read at the gaming table.

–every backer at the $250 and higher reward tiers gets six MHI dice for free.

–backers (US or international) at the $60 reward tier or any higher tier can add 6 dice for $10, 12 dice for $15, or an ammo pouch of 36 dice for $50. (The ammo pouch won’t have the MHI logo on it or anything like that, but you could put a patch on it yourself if you want, and in any event it’s a darn cool way to store your MHI dice!) If you want some other number (must be a multiple of 6, because that’s how they’ll be packaged for us by the manufacturer), you’ll be able to contact us for pricing.

–US backers at the $10 or $25 reward tiers can also add dice for a small shipping charge. International backers at the $10 or $25 reward tiers who want dice will be able to contact us for shipping costs and tell us how many dice they’d like, and we’ll send them a quote.

–If we have dice left over we’ll sell them in the store while supplies last, but Kickstarter backers will get their dice first. If we have lots of dice left over we may sell them through distributors to local game stores, but the only way to be sure to get MHI dice is to order them through this Kickstarter.

–Horace, an orc who’s skilled at gambling, will test all the dice to make sure they roll true. 😉

See, I told you so time.
MHI Kickstarter Update: The Bubba Patch

4 thoughts on “MHI Kickstarter Update: MHI DICE”

  1. So, just to be clear, if I’m currently at the $60 level, and decide I want a patch and some dice, so I go up to $80 (right, $10 additional for each?), I get the dice, patch, and the signed bookplate in the front of my book? Or just the patch and dice? I know it will probably hurt my geek cred, but this is the first kickstarter I’ve ever pledged on…

    1. bluesun — If you pledge $80 and select the $60 reward, you’d get the (unsigned) book, the patch, and six dice. You only get the $80 reward (book with signed bookplate) if you pledge for the $80 reward and select that reward. Adding a patch and dice would then bump that up to $100.

  2. Thanks, this answers my question as well, (mostly).

    I want the patch and to get 12 dice so I upped pledge by 25. Is there a way to select the items? I didn’t see one when I went through the confirmation.

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