More Podcast stuff with me

I just got this message.

TrekRadio will be airing it this Thursday at noon EST (10 am our time).  KryptonRadio will be playing it this Wednesday at 5pm PST (6 pm our time).

That is for this one here. If you didn’t listen, we had a really good time, talked writing, the MH world, and other fun projects:


MHI Kickstarter Update: The Bubba Patch
MHI Kickstarter UPDATE: A look at the New Patch

One thought on “More Podcast stuff with me”

  1. Larry, I have to say, listening to the podcast here, that I think your MHI books are more than just fun stories. Think about it. you have a locally owned, small business providing specialized services.

    They fully embrace second amendment rights and present the dichotomy of independent minded people as opposed to those who think the govt must protect us from ourselves.

    The books demonstrate private citizens taking initiative in their own lives, especially in self-defense.

    Heck, I feel like waving an American flag every time I read one of the books.

    Good job. I look forward to the next books.

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