MHI Kickstarter UPDATE: A look at the New Patch

The Kickstarter is now funded at 119% and climbing steadily, $53,816 of our $45,000 goal.  The higher we get, the bigger the print run, and the more cool stretch goals we can add for you guys, so please continue spreading the word.

There are two new MHI patches available only through this Kickstarter.  One of the patches is for the top tier pledges only and I should have a rough draft of that in the next day or so.

And this patch here is available to everyone. The details are in the KS updates, but all you need to do is bump up whatever your existing pledge is to buy as many of these as you want.

I mentioned the shark/octopus patch clear back in MHI. (so yes, I predate the movie Sharktopus by several years 🙂 ) Then so many people bugged me about what a Luska was that I finally had to stick one into Monster Hunter Alpha.  So by popular demand, and for a limited time only, here is MHI’s Luska patch. And he is also the person who designed all of the stuff on my CafePress site.

This was created by Jack Wylder. Many of you may know him as STI’s marketing wizard, but he is also an awesome artist. He is the man that designed the Team Haven patch, and he is also the one that came up with the idea for Texas Bullmen (resulting in Travis Alamo Sam Houston) and also the character of  Management. (and since people are still reading MHL, I won’t say anything else about him, except that he is awesome).

This is the rough draft as I still need to run it past my embroidery guy to make sure this works. However, he does amazing work, and was even able to do banjo strings on Sam Haven’s walrus patch. So this should be fairly close to the final product.

Up next I’ll reveal the other patch, which I think you will love since it marks those higher pledgers as being very special original founders. 🙂

Our next goal is $60K. When we hit that we get MHI logo dice!

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