8 thoughts on “Fun podcast interview with me”

  1. Actually, it was unrelated 🙁 Our DNS service went into maintenance mode last night at the worst possible time. Everything should be up and running. Sorry about the delay!

  2. Leave it to MHI not to blast the gremlins who have hacked the podcast and placed a range rover commercial. Up the bounty on gremilins!

  3. Sorry, I’m so confused. Are you guys having issues listening to the episode? How are you trying to access it? (through the site, Stitcher, iTunes, Zune)

    1. First I clicked the link Mr. Correia provided and that crashed after 2 min. Then I used your link and I had to refresh many times and skip to where I left off before it froze.
      From the link you provided it also doesn’t like to be paused more than 5 min at a time(I was working so it was unavoidable).

      Great podcast though, I’m looking into your other episodes to listen to while working.

  4. If at all possible, either download it (iTunes, Zune, or directly from the site) or listen to it through Stitcher.com (link here: http://www.stitcher.com/listen.php?fid=18779).

    I’m sorry the in-page player has been giving you fits. It works well for maybe 90% of the population, but everyone’s browser is just different enough that it does through a wrench every once in awhile.

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