Another kickstarter worth backing, Joe Frankenstein

Okay, not that I am trying to tempt you guys away from donating more to my kickstarter, (hey, we now have more patches), but here is another project that a friend of mine is doing, which MH fans will probably really love.

Okay, I lied. It is Indiegogo, not Kickstarter, but they work on similar principles.

For those of you that read comic books, you know who Chuck Dixon is. The dude is a legend. Chuck wrote Batman and the Punisher for a long time. (as well as a ton of other comics) If you just watched the new Batman movie, he invented Bane. He invented Nightwing. And most importantly, he invented SPREADSHEET THE COMBAT ACCOUNTANT. The coolest GI Joe EVER.  Yes, Chuck is currently writing GI Joe for IDW. The guy is one of the most prolific writers in comics.

Yes. My secret identity has been revealed.

I got to know him on his webforum, mostly because Chuck is a fellow gun nut and unabashed conservative. (which has caused him no end of grief working in an “artistic” industry).

He has been working on Joe Frankenstein for a while. It is his labor of love project. I figured that I would help spread the word for him. If you are at all into well written comics, check it out. Heck, if you just like good writing and good stories check it out.

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2 thoughts on “Another kickstarter worth backing, Joe Frankenstein”

  1. Joe Frankenstein is how I first found Kickstarter, the first Kickstarter project I ever contributed to, and the first ever I had fail. All back in August 2010. Glad to see he’s back. At least with Indiegogo, it’s not all or nothing.

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