MHI Kickstarter Day 3: 76% funded

We are now at $34,350 and 76% toward our initial goal.

There are going to be new stretch goals posted soon.  And I’ve been getting questions about shipping internationally. We needed to get to our break even point first, but that will be addressed on there too, don’t worry.
We’ve got some cool stuff planned. 🙂
The Burning Throne, Episode 46: The End.
The Secret History of Monster Hunting, with special guest Gaspar Correia

6 thoughts on “MHI Kickstarter Day 3: 76% funded”

  1. Hoping to pledge at $25. I just saw this and was just thinking ho w cool an MHI RPG would be. Definitely want this!

  2. I wanted to toss this in a MHI related article. Since I,and a group of my friends absolutely love MHI we are thinking of going ahead with a little side project of doing a social media campaign to help promote larry’s books.

    Basically, we are planning on creating a website that would emulate people posting about their encounters with monsters with enough hints to lead people to this site if they dig into it and eventually encourage random people to play into the game by posting their own monster encounters and thus tie into the series plot point of monster attacks increasing to the point where discrediting them is all but impossible. The general concept would be that the site would be full of disclaimers and tips on how to post one’s story of a monster encounter without leading a “certain government agency” to the poster’s doorstep to deliver on their “vague threats of dire consequences”. (i.e. 1) All testimonials should only be submitted from a public wifi hotspot. 2) All testimonials should be about “Someone I Met” and never be directly attributed to an actual person. As well as other guidelines to avoid an MCB bullet to the head)

    While we have worked out a general site design and scripts to bomb twitter and facebook to get the word out, what we need is a collection of stories about people’s interactions with monsters. Our math indicates that if we can get around 100 “testimonials” prior to going live, which would greatly increase our chances to get random people who don’t know about MHI to buy into the site theme and post their own stories of monster attacks and encounters.

    Our problem is that the six of us can only write so many “testimonials” before the syntax gives away that they are written by a small group. So, to MHI fans I pose the following challenge:

    Write you own experience with monsters and send, when we get enough or write enough ourselves, we will go live.

    Larry, if you read this. Please let me know if you are cool with a little bit of free publicity. We won’t go live without your go ahead but, as the younger generation, we wanted to give MHI the social media pimpage it deserves.

    1. I can’t give you any sort of official approval, but I don’t mind when people do stuff like this. 🙂

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