MHL #4 Fan Favorite at Audible for September

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up, Scott.

I’ve done really well in audio books because I’ve been blessed with some amazing narrators. Oliver Wyman does the Monster Hunter series and the dude is just a pro. He brings every single character to life. I’ve not even gotten the chance to listen to MHL yet, but it sounds like he hit another one out of the park.

There is only one 1 star review, and it is from a Canadian that says my books are too Pro-America… Uh… Hookay then.

And the fun thing, the only book with more reviews than mine is the Navy SEAL book. And you can’t really compete with one of the guys that shot Osama in the face. Good work.

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10 thoughts on “MHL #4 Fan Favorite at Audible for September”

  1. Actually, MH: Legion is an even better audio book than the others since the narrator has even more accents to choose from and really puts some effort into making them sound distinct, while replicating the voices you have come to expect for the MHI team. It sounds really good.


  2. Larry – for what it’s worth, not all of us Canadians are twits, idiots or morons…although with the rabid anti-American shots you folks take – you might have to wonder about that. You do great work and I’m always pleased to shell out my dollars – Canadian or US for your work!

  3. I know I’m just a fanboy so I don’t see this objectively at all, but this specific Monster Hunter story was one of the first times we’ve been able to see other hunters than MHI. And there were quite a few hunters and hunter teams that were totally badass, and given a very positive light.

    That hunter team from Germany for instance, those guys were rock stars. The Japanese team that in an offhand line were totally awesome because they cornered the market on giant monster kills. Now I totally want a short story where to Japanese guys lay into Gamera.

    And the other American team that received any kind of attention were made out to be total douchbags in comparison to all the others. So I don’t get the “pro-American” accusation.

  4. Purchased Legion on audio on the first day available. I work at a nuclear plant so audio works good for me. I’m just finishing up Alpha and I thought the voice acting in Alpha was outstanding and I have no doubt that Legion is going to be as great as the other books. Is it just me or did Nikolai’s voice sound like Christopher Walken? 🙂

    1. I’m Canadian and don’t find them pro-American. I just find them awesome. I loved MHL. Only thing that sucks is waiting for the next one!

  5. Bronson Pinchot does a job narrating the Hard Magic books that is frankly masterful. His performance is splendid. Of course, without fine writing he would have nothing to work with, but he has added his talent to Larry’s to make something truly special. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve listened, just enjoying the performance. One of his best touches is the way he changes the cadence of his voice for Faye, not when she’s speaking but when the action is following her thoughts. Fabulous.

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