It is on!

I’m super excited. Here is the Kickstarter link for the Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game.

Please, tell your friends. We need to raise $45,000 this month. I will be posting constant updates here. Once we hit that goal, then we can start putting up stretch goals where we add more new cool stuff for you guys. We have got some great ideas, and the more we raise, the cooler we can make this thing.

The Employee Handbook is going to be a big, fat, fully illustrated, full color, hard cover coffee table book of the MHI universe, plus a full set of rules and stats so you can play the MHI RPG.Β  I’m teamed up with Hero Games for this, and they’ve been awesome to work with. Steve Long is writing the crunch and I am writing the fluff.Β  There will be MHI history, PUFF tables, helpful hints and tricks from MHI staff, write ups about various monsters, and much much more. Plus lots of pictures. πŸ™‚

If you’ve got any crunch questions, Steve Long is the best person to talk to and the best place to ask them is on the MHI board that was set up on the Hero Game’s page.

Please, tell your friends. The key to a good Kickstarter is word of mouth, and I am super excited for this project.

Kickstarter Update for MHI Employee Handbook DAY 1
Absolutely fascinating read about our media and the 1st Amendment

34 thoughts on “MHI Employee Handbook, THE KICKSTARTER BEGINS!”

  1. Next unemployment check comes…I can donate something…just a little, but I can contribute! I’ll just do without my weekly coffee treat on Wed.

  2. Well, I’m in. I’m new to kickstarter so pardon me for asking, but it seems like a month isn’t much time to raise that amount of money. I’m assuming I’m wrong of course.

    1. There was one kickstarter run by the guy who draws “Order of the Stick.” He was raising funds to reprint older books and get some new ones out and the goal (If I remember right) was about what Larry is asking. The man made over one million and money continued to come in. So it is possible.

  3. Thank you for blogging this so I caught it. Already pledged $60 and chose ‘pure PDF’ as my reward. This is SO gonna rock!

  4. peavybob — we kept the project at one month because Kickstarter statistics (and our own personal experience) show that’s the optimal amount of time to allow. It gives people enough time to raise the money while maintaining a sense of “urgency.” Projects that go on for 60 days are statistically less likely to succeed, regardless of the amount of money asked for.

    Larry’s fans are so cool and enthusiastic that I think if the project’s going to succeed at all, it’ll succeed well within the 30-day margin. Adding another 30 days wouldn’t likely matter.

  5. I’ll be shocked if this one isn’t fully funded and then some in a few days myself… In for a copy! If only being red shirted didn’t cost so much… oh well πŸ™‚

  6. I just pledged my dough for this. I’m excited for the RPG. It’s been almost two years since I slung some dice, which is way too long. This should inspire me to get the old crew back together and play.

  7. Looks bad Larry, you’ve “only” hit $5,255, as I type this.

    Though… there is one AWESOME person who already crushed the $3,000 pledge.

    This one will fund soon. Frick’n sweet! My contribution is in there too πŸ™‚

  8. SO excited for this, I’m definitely donating!

    Watched the video, and my first thought was that your voice was higher than I expected. My second thought was the last time I said that, I was listening to a speech by all-time badass Teddy Roosevelt. So you’re in very good company!

    1. I think I have a goofy voice, which is why I am a writer instead of a speaker.

      Reminds me of a funny story, one time somebody heard my voice and wrote how weird I sounded, because in their mind reading my blog I sounded like young Edward James Olmos speaking like Lt. Castillo on Miami Vice. πŸ˜€

  9. That’s a dedicated fan who bought the highest tier as soon as it was available. Come pay day I’ll be getting one of the lower tiers.
    Question, do you think you can make the patch for the RPG available in the store eventually for those of us who can’t afford the higher tiers?

  10. The Kickstarter is almost at 20% already πŸ™‚ BTW, you should appear on the Kicktraq Hot Seven as soon as he updates it.

    1. We haven’t fully made up our mind yet. I’m thinking the traditional “smiling devil” in a special color, but we’ll have to put our heads together and make sure whatever we decide on, it’s really cool. πŸ™‚

      1. After years of neglecting to order a MHI patch, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to make up for it. Now I just have to decide which field jacket to sew it on. Oh, and I need to convince my buddies to switch from Call of Cthuhlu to the MHI RPG! πŸ™‚

    1. I always tend to be a bit of an overachiever on my redshirtings. πŸ™‚
      So yeah, any of those top tier redshirtings would probably have pretty good parts. Plus, I usually correspond with the person first and try to get some details about them to work in too.

  11. Still trying to decide the level I’m going to pledge. Having just given a chunk of change for the prostate cancer raffle, I have to think before I just do what I want. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m still trying to decide what level myself. I’ve got a cancer donation coming up in a week or so(I get a new tattoo for my donation). Plus my favorite holiday charity is coming up soon. But these kickstarter levels get me swag! swag! I kinda hope the stretch goal will be reached soon, as seeing what else is available might make the decision easier.

  12. Hey Larry!

    F-ing kickstarter man! Right now! Dude this site is making dreams happen. Absolutely love your books, hate your politics, don’t have to agree on everything!

    Then again I love George R.R. Martin but that fool needs to stop watching the NFL and write! AHAHAHA!

    1. I don’t understand how MHI RPG can’t be on the Kicktraq Hot Seven list yet. It’s bringing in more than some of the projects currently on it.

  13. For those of you who want a book with a signed, numbered bookplate and a patch, but missed out on the $150 tier before it sold out, we’ve added a $140 tier with higher numbers on the books. πŸ™‚

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