Netanyahu and America's idiot media

Read that link. Seriously, read it. This was a headline article on the AP news feed on Yahoo. This thing pissed me off. Warning, there will be bad words.

Done? So Netanyahu goes before the UN a few days after Ahmadinejad talks of vaporizing Israel, and tries to warn the world that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, and to plead for sanity. Everybody with a functioning brain knows that a couple days after Iran gets a nuke, Tel Aviv is a smoking hole and Israel as a nation is destroyed. Unless of course, you are one of those willfully ignorant wishful thinking types who denies that will happen, because you somehow think Iran is a totally reasonable nation despite all indicators to the contrary, and Ahmadinejad is only joking about that whole starting the apocalypse thing.

When Israel retaliates with nukes, millions will die. Gas will be $30 a gallon, and hilarity will ensue when the world discovers that it can no longer afford to grow or ship food. Since there is only like three days worth of food in any given American city, I’m sure you elite urban hipster douchebags will be Tweeting all sorts of great lines, right before you get eaten.

See, this is funny stuff. Dead Jews are fucking hilarious. Yahoo said so.

So it makes perfect sense that the title of this article is: Netanyahu’s ‘red line’ mocked on Twitter…

Because, you know, when a desperate world leader is pleading for sanity the best thing to do* is make fun of his graphic design skills.  *If you are an asshole.

“Okay, it’s official,” The Atlantic’s Jeffery Goldberg wrote “Netanyahu has no idea what he’s doing. He has just turned a serious issue into a joke.”

Yeah… Netanyahu, who was an Sayeret Matkal special forces team commander, who has led men in combat and been shot, who is now leading a country that is less than a year away from nuclear destruction by a bunch of fanatics, wherein all of his friends and family will be brutally murdered, has “turned this serious issue into a joke” because idiots on Twitter don’t like his drawing of a bomb.

Personally, I would think Barack Obama going on the View rather than having face to face meetings with these world leaders would be a bit more of a joke, but hey, whatever. I’m not brilliant enough to get quoted on Yahoo.

Goldberg continued: “Netanyahu’s bomb cartoon is the Middle East equivalent of Clint Eastwood’s chair.”

Wait… So are you saying it was simple and effective? Well I guess both of those were incidents of take no bullshit old guys making elitist academic pricks who write for liberal rags like the Atlantic look like douchebags? Help me out here, Jeff.

Apparently Netanyahu took a chart-making course from Paul Ryan,” the comedian Rob Delaney tweeted.

Ha! That’s a good one. Screw stupid charts and spreadsheets! I’d much rather base my economic policies on unicorn farts and magic wishing wells like Obama has. Accountants are lame! Finance isn’t a green job! Boo! Sure, Social Security and Medicare are functionally doomed and the economy has committed ritual seppuku, and our healthcare law is one of the worst pieces of nonsensical garbage ever passed, but one of the people talking about it LIKES CHARTS. HA HA HA! LOOK AT THE MATH NERD.

“I didn’t realize nuclear bombs looked like the bombs from Super Mario,” Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski quipped.

Man! That’s a good one! You know what else is absolutely hilarious? Dead Jews! Piles of them around a smoking radioactive crater! That’s a real knee slapper! Thanks Buzzfeed! You’re the source of all my geopolitical strategic think tank needs.

“Netanyahu has reduced nuclear war diplomacy to cartoons and markers,” Sam Stein tweeted.

Yeah. Because the man who has been asking for America to help, and been totally ignored, snubbed, and even mocked by this administration is such a tool. You know, whoever the fuck Sam Stein is supposed to be, maybe Netanyahu had just gotten so desperate dealing with a bunch of spoiled children that he decided to try to communicate with them that way. Hence the crayons. Obviously it didn’t work, because our State Department is still a bunch of liberal pussies, who spent three weeks trying to blame a blatantly obvious terrorist attack on a Youtube clip.

Many Twitter users questioned the wisdom of bringing clip art to the U.N., while some referenced a Roadrunner comparison.

“Excuse me, Prime Minister Netanyahu?” Rex Huppke wrote. “Wile E. Coyote called. He wants his bomb back.”

“From what I can tell,” ‏ @AGFlores tweeted, “Iran is seeking 1950’s cartoon bombs made by Acme.”

“Internets: Quick!” Jodi Williams wrote on Twitter. “We need a photo mashup of the StringRay photobomb and #Netanyahu’s bomb chart.”

Which begs the question, would Rex Huppke, AG Flores, Jodi Williams, and Rocketboy69 know what a nuclear weapon actually looked like anyway? Gonna go out on a limb and say no, especially since the Iranian one is probably going to go across the border in the back of a truck, and will look a lot more like a septic tank than Fat Man or Little Boy.

Ooooooh, because that is so much more evocative…

Hang on, guys… Let me check to see if Netanyahu gives a flying fuck what you idiots who can’t think through anything deeper than a Facebook meme think about him trying to keep his people from being slaughtered by fanatics… No. Apparently not.

Thanks Yahoo AP news feed. I really needed to know what a bunch of dipshit ignoramuses thought about serious issues of life or death. Don’t worry, when I’m sure the UN is done screwing over Israel, and they’ve had to go it alone in order to defend themselves, and they bomb the crap out of Iran, you’ll run funny Tweets about our totally ineffectual castrati foreign policy.

I won’t hold my breath on that.

Get killed by Agent Franks for prostate cancer
Planet Baen, the Game.

81 thoughts on “Netanyahu and America's idiot media”

  1. I bet if Obama started drawing on cartoons everyone would say “That’s a great way to help the audience visualize the importance of a complex subject”.
    Whether you like Glenn Beck or not I remember a ton of jerks making fun of him on the left and right for his grease boards and chalk boards. Within 18 months both sides talking heads were doing the same thing on the Sunday talk shows.
    Humans are visual creatures, we think in terms of pictures and abstracts as well as straight information. Adding visual aids is a very good way to enhance a presentation and get the point across.

  2. I’ve been confounded lately by the media using Twitter feed to gain quotes on real world issues. Might as well have been using the Yahoo comment section. It’s just as inane.

    1. After reading some of the Yahoo comments, they’re LESS inane than the Twitter ones. Apparently Yahoo commenters are smarter than liberal pundits.

      I realize this isn’t difficult.

  3. Aren’t cartoons an effective medium for reaching idiots? Maybe he needed to use a few more colors to get the point across.

    In the battle between denial and atomic bombs I’m going to have to go with the thing that goes boom.

    1. I was going to say something like that on my twitter account. My non political post restriction be damned. I don’t care if people never buy my book because of my political stances.
      I wouldn’t fit the insult of idiots needing cartoons into the character limit though.

  4. Larry, stop it. This post makes too much sense! I mean, what man defends the leader of the Jewish state as he tries to convince the world that Iran wants to murder every Israeli with nukes, just like the so-called President of Iran has been telling everyone he intends to do? That’s just craaayyzeeee talk, dude! Better if we all go back to fawning over Obama’s performance on Letterman or The View while our embassies burn. Because Iran won’t stop with Israel. Iran will share the nukes with Islamist friends. Then it’ll be nukes going off in New York and London and Paris. But wait, the latest polls say Mitt Romney’s hair threatens middle-class voters! HEADLINE! BLOG TALK FOR DAYS AND DAYS!

    1. A holocaust in New York or DC is no longer “If” but “When”.

      After 9/11 and 7/7, everybody has had (un)fair warning. I predict the US will get hit shortly before Israel.

      It boggles my mind that anyone would stay in Israel, either.

      1. Why do you think America will be hit first? If we are hit it wouldn’t be enough to cripple us and we would hit back so they wouldn’t be able to hit Israel. It would be a Pearl Harbor situation to hit us first. Makes more sense to hit the weaker targets first, since so many in our country are apathetic to the suffering in Israel, and are so apologetic that they think we are to blame for everything.

        Just my take on it. I would like to hear your side.

      2. Quedenimbo, You may not be able to apply the logic of mutually assured destruction to what Iran does. The Iranian’s (Shiite’s) have an apocalyptic like cult belief in the 12th Imam who will come at the end of the world. So instead of trying to avoid the end of the world, they could be trying to advance towards it.

        This may not be the most authoritative link but it should get the point across and then you can research from there. If I remember right, the Iran President gave a long speech about this topic

      3. I know about the whole needing the end of the world part. Perhaps I should have been more clear. If they attack America first with a nuke we would bomb them back to the stone age so fast that the conflict would end in a heart beat. It makes more sense to attack other countries first that way the people who think America needs to apologize for everything from the light bulb to sliced cheese can drag their heels until it really is too late.
        Even if countries supported them, our retaliation would be so swift all that would happen is that part of the world would be empty by the time we are done.
        It makes more sense if their end goal is chaos to keep us out of the conflict as long as possible.
        If Japan had waited longer to attack us their strong hold in China and the rest of Asia, as well as the Nazi strong holds would have been much stronger if not impossible to break.
        Keeping America out of a conflict as long as possible is the wisest strategic thing they can do to meet their goals.

      4. I guess it depends on what the poster above meant by “shortly before” I assumed it meant near simultaneous. If they attacked the US with nukes even if it was through their affiliates they wont have time after that to conciser their next target.

        I always assumed that if Iran was to take this course they would plant bombs in several nations vs just Israel and the US. Why not involve Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and India to name a few.

      5. Guedenimbo: The issue for the Islamists isn’t “can the US turn the whole ME into a self-lighting parking lot?” The issue is “WILL the US retaliate?”
        Sadly enough, right now I’ll bet that they believe the answer is NO and NO.
        A deterrent has to be credible. We kept nuclear war at bay for decades because the Sovs understood that, no matter who was in charge over here, there was a 100% guarantee that there would be reprisal. The credibility of our deterrence was sufficient to keep the pins in.
        The Islamists, OTOH, saw over and over again that we would NOT respond against them no matter what the provocation. The Tehran embassy, the Beirut marine barracks bombing, Khobar Towers, the murder of William Buckley, the Cole… by the time Osama bin Laden came around, there were repeated lessons that radical Islam could attack America without fear of reprisal. The conclusion, to ObL and others, became that radical Islam was a safe tool against America.
        So then there was September 11th. It’s clear from what ObL was saying at the time that he gave the go-ahead because he was sure, based on the evidence, that there’d be no comebacks. When GWB delivered reprisal, not just to the Taliban but to another nation that had been breeding attacks on America for a long time, he created crediblity: nobody wanted to be next on the target list because they were pretty sure we’d get around to them. But even then, the opposition party in America was working overtime to undermine credibility, creating a public image overseas of an America where the antiwar (read: antireprisal) spirit was the norm. Things had changed since the Cold War.
        So now we have a President who seeks ‘negotiations’ with the terrorists, who bows before everything in a green turban he can find, who treats an attack on an American embassy and the murder of a diplomat- things that have been causi belli since there was a professional diplomatic service- as less important than a fundraiser with popstars and who publicly blames- not the Jihadis who have blood on their hands, but some schmuck who made a Youtube movie, adn our own First Amendment rights. and he even continues this charade at the UN… and we have a party that supports him in his behavior, because to do otherwise might mean losing the next election and that’s the important thing.

        How credible would you say our deterrence is now? After this lesson, do you think that the Jihadis are more or less persuaded that our vengeance is to be feared?

        Yeah, we’re gonna get hit.

  5. There’s three days of food, but without infrastructure to supply anywhere else they’ll leave the cities and radiate outward like a wave of locusts…

  6. It makes me sick. Thanks for verbalizing so well the outrage we all feel. I lose more hope everyday that we’ll ever fix our nation. These idiots are too stupid to see the writing on the wall, and they will “rue the day” that they were ever so stupid.

    1. At least Chamberlain started the process of prepping the English military. Obama won’t even have that little footnote when he joins the list of “history’s least effective leaders”.

  7. This whole situation frightens me in that such a large portion of humanity is so STUPID. I have been avoiding the news because it nauseates me and I keep wondering how anybody could behave how our leaders are.I think I need to go buy more bullets and apocolypse food, I have a bad feeling about all of this.

    1. Ma got me a gift certificate to my range for my birthday. I was planning on upgrading my sights with it. I think I’m going to be buying bullets instead.
      Only problem is which ones. For standard home defense hollow points are great for their stopping power on one person. If it’s mob rule though FMJ rounds will be able to pass through the first person and into the second and maybe 3rd if the mob coming after me and my kin are packed tightly enough.

      1. Go with the hollow points. If you ever find yourself firing into a crowd, you’ll be hanged. Meanwhile, lots of desperate people means you’ll have more need of home defense than ever.

      2. Good points on firing into a crowd. By mob I meant a mob of people trying to assault me and it’s either all of their lives or mine. I see your point about needing a defensible home base though.

  8. This is all military industrial complex paranoia designed to fuel our imperialist agenda In the Middle East. I know this because someone put a picture of Ron Paul on the Internet and then said so.

  9. So, nuclear war is on the horizon, food and gas shortages are sure to follow, we have a willfully ineffectual government, we live in what is quickly becoming a police state and to top it off ” climate change” What I want to know is how fast can you pump out the next monster hunter book because i want to read it before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

    1. Welcome to the ’70-s, amigo. Complete with “climate change” (which was “Global Cooling” back then, but with the same bogus clowns and the same bogus data points, and the same big-government antiindustrial ‘solutions’).

  10. I agree wholeheartedly. But no matter how much I try to show people the truth I just feel that it is all a lost cause. The people of today’s America are mostly sheep. Blind sheep at that. Just follow whats trending and you’ll be accepted. Vote for this guy cause he’s cool enough to be on Oprah. We’ll see who’s right when we have another “conflict.”
    Its all horse shit nowadays. Pretty disappointing to think I signed my life away to serve a country I hardly believe in. I sure do love America but my faith in my country has dwindled over the past few years. Feels pretty shitty too. Who am I though? My opinion doesnt matter cause Im just a “grunt” who does his job in the U.S. Military. Doesnt feel like I had hoped it would. Way to go Media. You always find a way to piss me off.

    1. You’re smoking crack. Even Rassmussen has him a point down, and the states in dispute are all leaning Dem.

      Barring some kind of ADDITIONAL economic slump, it’s 0 for 8.

      The GOP bears all the blame for this, for failing to pick a candidate people care about. This is a repeat of 1996.

  11. I’d like to remind people that the OLD Soviet Union (Modern Russia) still has about 80 suitcase bombs in the 2kton to 8kton range still missing. Not to mention some of the SS20 warheads out of Georgia (In Russia) which were seized by fanatics quite some time ago. Sooooo….yeah. Iran starts a nuke war it won’t win. Israel opens up hades on it’s not so nice neighbors. Mecca gets wiped from existence. Hmmmm…am I missing something here? Like Gabriel blowing his horn or something?

    1. I hope the end times aren’t here yet. I still have much to do, like perfect my whittling. As far as the 2kton bombs they might only serve as dirty bombs now with the degrading of the components and the radioactive decay. Though that is the big fear with Iran, that they will give away the cake U-92 and dirty bombs can do more damage than a full blast soft target wise. If placed in the right area.

      1. They aren’t as big and scary as the media or TV shows make them out to be true. What makes them so serious is you can ship in shielded radioactive material and than just strap it to a pipe bomb. The yield will be low true. What makes it a threat is it’s easier to smuggle in a dirty bomb than an entire nuke.

  12. Larry:

    Just like in 1938-1939, no one wanted this to happen so they stuck there collective heads in the sand and 23 million people bit the dust in Europe and untold millions in Asia. And millions more in the tsunami or political unrest in China, Korea and Eastern Europe etc. The human race has had about 60 or so years of good times not counting Vietnam and a that little Serb thing and the recent 911 and subsequent Iraq-Afghanistan conflagration. Now we are truly poised for a good population down sizing. Millions will die soon as you depict because of our foolish asshole anti-colonialist.Socialist , Muslim leader President Barry. And Larry you are exactly right the misery in the US will be terrible since no one is prepared in the cities. all the EBT card holders will come roaring out of their government housing looking for food and anything else they can take. I bought another AR-15, for the wife and a new STI 9mm for her and a new Trijicon Sight on the old 40 S&W STI Tactical. Stocking up ammo as well. Every time I say stuff like people reacts with “Yikes over reaction and collectively roll their eyes” ; and I hope they are right and I am over reacting.

    Damn it with Obama at the helm of the US is purposely driving the ship on the reefs to teach all American’s a good down home suffering lesson because of his damned Mau Mau Father and Commie Mother and Grand Parents. We are all going to be well and truly screwed. You are exactly right about the press. My only hope is they are eaten first.

  13. If the end times are indeed here, then there is nothing we can do about it. I always wondered why the U.S. was never mentioned in the Bible when Israel is attacked from the north, as Israel has to go it alone, and God miracuously saves them. I figured the U.S. would be helping Israel. But with someone like Obama in the White House, we would never help Israel, so now I can see why the U.S. isn’t mentioned. If Obama is re-elected, I think folks better have their relationship with God in order, and quickly.

    On the other hand, we may be no where near the end times. But I’ll always be paying attention to what’s going on in the world, as Jesus said there would be signs and portents… wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines, increased anti-semitism, apostasy, false prophets and deception. These all increase as events progress to the Rapture. When you look at today’s Democrat party and the lamestream media, they are all about deception, and they are also anti-semitic.

    Israel being re-established was a BIG sign, and that happened 64 years ago. Many who study the Bible think that started a 70-year countdown, based on what is considered a generation among the Jews.

    It’s still entirely possible that scholars have mis-interpreted the passages in the Bible that they are basing these things on, or even just the amount of time for events to happen.

    I don’t know if we’re in the end times or not, but I pray to God every night that he’ll bless the U.S. and open up the eyes of the people so they are no longer deceived, because whether or not the end times are here, Obama will just make this country worse while he’s president.

    1. The Bible also says no one shall know the time and place of the end. I believe in being prepared as much as possible, but looking for the end times is a bit of a waste since only God knows the appointed time.
      I will admit we are in for some bumpy times in the near future that’s for sure.

      1. Actually, it’s the “day or hour” not “time and place.” And Matthew 24:42-44 tells us to keep watch and be ready. And the reason I keep watch is to be able to point to events, and I will try to convince my non-believer friends that they don’t have much time left, if such is the case.

      2. Thanks for correcting me. My point is still the same though. We will never know when it will happen. It’s one thing to be prepared, it’s another to be reactionary and trying to convince non-believers the end is near. At best you are ignored, at worst you end up coming off like those “Preachers” who pop up every 1-2 decades with some formula the predicts the end. That does a disservice to Christianity.
        It’s alwayse been my belief that I should try to be as good a Christian as possible, and if someone notices something different about me and asks I tell them. If they can’t even begin to believe the good in the Bible, they won’t believe the warnings even if the signs do line up. We live in a skeptical society and people will dismiss it as a coincidence.
        Be prepared by all means, but jumping up and down pointing out the signs to people who don’t believe won’t convince them.
        Instead go volunteer at a soup kitchen and lead a Godly life, when they notice your blessings, and your courage and resolve through tough times than you can witness to them.
        That’s just my take on being a Christian. Being a reactionary has the potential to drive away more people than it could bring in.

        No as for socioeconomic reasons, pointing out that the # is about to hit the fan is a good thing. More people need to be aware for their safety and even yours so their panic doesn’t put you in jeopardy.

      3. I think you misunderstood. I’m not referring to the everyday stuff… wars, famine, etc… I’m referring to specific events. For example, if the Temple were to be rebuilt, or Israel miracuously saved, then yes, I would be pointing those out 🙂

        But yes, I agree, that living a Christian life is a good way to be an example 🙂

    2. For the same reason DNA, plasma physics, turbine engines and aircraft carriers are not mentioned in the Bible. It was oral tradition from the Bronze Age, written down in the Stone Age. As moral guidance, it’s useful. As a science book, it isn’t.

      And every credible theologian will tell you Revelations is the drug- and torture-addled ramblings of a guy dying in a Roman prison.

      You’ll do a lot better to study the real world international relations.

      Yeah, yeah, I’m being anti-religious, blahblah. But the fact is, the Christian Bible is no more credible than any other religious or mythological text. If it helps you cope with life, great. But it’s not a science book, a math book or a political science book.

      1. Love your books, Mike 🙂 Freehold is an amazing book and series, and I look forward to more! We obviously agree on the economic & government issues in Libertarianism. But we’ll have to disagree about Christianity and the Bible. The only thing I ask, is that if you see Israel miracuously saved, you re-consider your opinion on the Bible 🙂

  14. And when things goes to shit, I will take a smug satisfaction in yelling “I TOLD YOU SO.” brain needs to be infused with a daily diet of anime, video games, and kitten pictures because everytime I look at Instapundit, Miguel’s blog, or the usual news wires, it wants to commit suicide.

  15. Isn’t the AP owned by an Arab prince of one variety or another? We can stop waiting for them to give Israel any good coverage, even if it will aid the Arabs. It is almost reflexive, and then vomited back by the lazy local rags under a local headline.

  16. When a man is loading a gun in front of you while constantly describing how he desperately wants to kill you in the name of the voices in his head, don’t panic. You can’t possibly know he means it until he pulls the trigger, and that would just be ins*BANG*

  17. My thought upon reading the initial article was that obviously Netanyahu brought the visual aid because he assumes that the politicians ignoring him are a bunch of idiots and thought this was the best way to communicate (and one can hardly blame him). On a tangentially related note i hope this doesn’t spiral out of control too quickly, I ned to put together a disaster kit

    1. Might want to get it on- no sense putting it off. Don’t max out the credit cards or anything, but a couple extra cans of food in the pantry might not be a bad idea… (just sayin’)

  18. Dead Jews are hilarious but you know what’s even more funny?

    A pile of rusting cars with cannibals prowling among them, infested the whole highway system, with “4 days after Tel Aviv nuked”. Somebody should draw it.Totally .

    Or a horde of zombie going “Coffffeeeeeeeee~” on the steel wall of a rusting cargo full of bean. Yeah.

  19. I want Iran to have nukes.
    I want Israel to have nukes
    The first salvo goes off I want each of them and the WORLD to see what happens when you are really bent on wiping each other out.
    The US needs to stay the F@#$ out of it. So does the rest of the world. Israel is no shirking violet when it comes to wet work of doing crazy shit to kill off their enemies. Nor Is Iran. And really the only way you can keep the peace is if the two agitators are both dead.

    If Israel Launches first the US should wipe them off the map. The SAME goes for Iran.

    The only REAL way for this to get solved would be snatch the leaders up on both sides transport em to a nice Warehouse in NJ where a sit down Can be brokered over a nice meal and a few bottles of Chianti. Preferably by a couple of the old school wiseguys who dealt with these mutually assured destruction issues from time to time back in the old days.

    1. Joe, you assume that the ayatollahs, the real leaders of Iran, do not believe that the 12th Imam will return. They really, truly believe, like Ahmahdinijad does, that the 12th Imam can only return when the world plunges into chaos. If they want their Imam, who will usher in the End Times and the return of Issa bin Miriam (Jesus son of Mary) and the Last Judgement, they must create chaos. Sitting them down with the Israelis for private discussions of policy and spheres of influence won’t help. The Soviets wanted an empire, not Armageddon; big difference.

      1. And Christians believe Christ will return.

        I don’t see any difference between them, theologically speaking.

        The issue here is that Christianity got through its most violent stage 500 years ago. The Muslims are still in theirs.

        The culture is more important than the religion. Arabs and Persians have been at each others’ throats for 3000 years, and (cue Tom Lehrer) “everybody hates the Jews.”

    2. Joe, you are making the same mistake the left consistently makes regarding Islamic Fubdamentalists. You are assuming their value system is similar to your own and that the sacraficing of not just their own lives but those of everyone they know and love is an unacceptable outcome.

      Those individuals flying planes into buildings on 9/11 weren’t an isolated manifestation of martyrdom. That thought pattern exists in a large portion of the Muslim world and is shared by the leaders of Iran. Their nation being obliterated in order to do god’s work is a win to them. With the old USSR the concept of MAD worked. That is not the case here and as pointed out we are too tied to the region both morally and economically to turn a blind eye.

    3. First I highly doubt Israel will take the first shot with a nuke. They will most likely carpet bomb the hell out of Iran. Second what the hell is wrong with you? They have a loaded gun held by a psychopath pointed at them and you fault them for wanting to defend themselves. Do me a favor if I’m ever on trial for self defense please tell the Judge you don’t like the color of my eyes or something so you can spend your 2 days in contempt and I have a chance at a fair trial.
      It would be nice if Israel didn’t have to bomb the hell out of Iran but no one else is defending them, or drawing lines in the sand.
      MAD won’t work either, because as soon as Iran gets their nukes they will outsource the actual destruction to state sponsored terrorists and than say “Oh but we didn’t know someone had stolen are nuclear material that we really only meant to be used for energy production”.

      1. 1st you need the ability to “carpet bomb” currently Unless the Isralies bought B52s or Backfire bombers, Or B1-Bs or Tupolyevs 195s They dont have the capability.

        That asside
        Truely crazy people rarely get into power. Coldly rational people do all the time. Iran KNOWS they can win just by bluster because the US and Israel (and to a lesser extent the UK ) HAVE to play with 1 hand behind thier back or else risk global ridicule for being the bully. We have to sit and take a beating before we can even react because of our place in the world.

        They have the Nuclear card but they dont DARE play it because its really not that powerfull a card when played. And you lose all the advantages of having it in reserve.

        The Court of International Opinion is a BIGGER and far more powerfull card. Iran Is limited to bluster because the MINUTE they try to play the IMANUKE ISREAL FOR REALZ. Sympathy automaticly changes to Isreal. And Iran Loses BIG because A lot of VERY bad things can happen to Iran VERY QUICKLY when the court of public opinion turns on you and you have made yourself a military threat on a global scale.

        Irans best play is to Bluster and Bombast and Threaten because then they can keep the court of public opinion happy and more important on thier side in the meantime.

        Have you noticed that even the Rocket attacks on Isreal have slowed up just at the point where Iran started to bloviate. As long as Iran can keep the pressure at the right strain, they have a winning hand so they have to adjust everything just to keep the strain in the right place. They can antagonize to just the right amount and no further, and they wont risk ANYTHING to put them passed the breaking strain point.

      2. @joecrouse You’re right carpet bomb was the wrong word, though they could pull off cluster bombing with c-130’s(or similar cargo plane) and a cargo drop of explosives. You also touched on what I said(though I may have expressed myself poorly). I don’t think Israel will attack with their nukes first because they will lose the public opinion battle. That is why I think they will use missile strikes and other means. I think Iran would go with the nuke as soon as possible because they don’t actually care about public opinions. They have goals, and while we might not understand them one of them is the destruction of Israel. That’s just my take on the matter.

  20. Thanks for this, just posted a link to it. You expressed my incoherent anger perfectly. The fact that someone like Obama would insult Netanyahu by refusing to meet with him had me in a red rage. Our president, the dilettante, Netanyahu, superhero. If they get the bomb, Israel will be gone, another ‘bump in the road’ as the Presidential Chancy puts it.

    Just bought two Monster Hunters for my brother and brother-in-law. Gave one to my husband in July and didn’t see him at night for a week. Heh. He let his friend from NZ read it – he only got halfway through before he had to fly home, so ‘borrowed’ it for the flight. I’m glad Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, steered me in your direction!

  21. You need to be clear here – Yahoo didn’t say his drawings are funny and his statement is funny. It looks like they’re actually agreeing with you – twitterheads are fucking idiots to miss the point of his illustration.

  22. Democratic civility: “If you believe things contrary to what I do, I will call you a bigot. Just letting you know.”
    Democratic compromise: “Here’s my deal for you. I’ll tell you what I want, and you’ll give it to me.”
    Democratic racial tolerance: “Romney is out of touch because black people don’t understand savings accounts.”
    Democratic free speech: “The US strongly denounces this despicable video. They had no right to say those things.”
    Democratic religious tolerance: “Suck it, Catholics – we’re the moral authority here, not you, so we’ll tell you what’s what on abortion.”
    Democratic non-interference: “Israel has no right to defend its settlements or its people. Until they shape up and stop hassling those poor, defenseless Palestinians, I’m not even going to meet with them about Iran.”
    Democratic economics: “That guy over there has more than you. He must have stolen it from you! Get him!”
    Democratic military affairs: “Those Navy SEALs did an excellent job. Good thing I was there to make it all happen!”
    Democratic foreign affairs: “My most-of-one-term as senator makes me far more qualified on foreign affairs than my opponent. Why, I organized entire neighborhoods! The most he’s ever organized was the Olympics, a state, and some multinational corporation!”

    And finally, Democratic responsibility: “And my policies would have worked, if it hadn’t been for those meddling Republicans!”

    1. I just got into this last night. We were having a serious debate on the amount of money the white house spends. Out of left field the liberal says everyone just likes bashing the black man for spending money beyond his means.
      I call the person on it, saying bringing race into this does a disservice to the President, his supporters, and his opponents.
      I was than told I was blind to irony, and deluded that I don’t believe people hate him on race alone.
      I countered saying “no one in this discussion feels that way, and using irony to insult the other side takes away from the serious nature of the discussion”.
      He than said I was trying to side step his talking points for calling him out for implying I was a racist.

      That’s the lefts play book, lob insults, throw in a few thinly veiled accusations of racism then wait.
      If the other person calls you on your BS they are dodging your points(even if they have already been smacked down).
      If they don’t address the insults or accusations they are admitting to them and therefore all your points become invalid as you are a racist.

      It’s such BS and I’m so tired of it. The left lob insults all the time. In one conversation I’ve been insulted for not being smart enough to know a term in logic. Followed up by being “too smart” when I proved they were using the term incorrectly. My being too smart made me “cold and distant” and “inhuman” so my points weren’t valid.

      I swear if every political discussion out there were actually graded as if it were a debate most left wing people would get F’s from their use of logical fallacies alone.

      1. During the last presidential election I had a friendship end when a liberal I debated with regularly and civily tossed out that that my opposition to Obama was based on “heaven forbid a black man in the White House.”. The context was heavily snide and sarcastic and I was frankly floored by it as I had never had such an accusation made of me. Many others were shocked, especially when a chance was given to roll it back and it wasn’t. I was apparently being “hyper sensitive about the sarcasm” and that sensitivity in and of itself was telling…

        I was shocked but since then have come to accept that liberals, whose arguments are always based on emotion, let emotions take over when pushed into a corner with facts in a debate. It’s disgusting but a sign of why they must be defeated. All their positions are “feel good now” positions like a parent paying off a misbehaving child to behave.

      2. @guedenimbo: You forgot the labeling of any point they can’t counter as a “straw man” argument, and thereby rendering said point moot in their mind. They like to say “straw man” because it makes them feel like they got their money’s worth for that liberal arts degree.

      3. @Ken Harkin I’m shocked at it to. I understand emotions can be charged, and debating from an emotional stand point can give you conviction and drive you forward. I’m a physicist and engineer(in training) I prefer cool collected logic whenever possible. I find it so annoying, no disgusting that liberals try to claim some moral high ground because they argue from a place of emotion. They continue to claim that high ground while lobbing insults. It’s just so illogical and if they step back they would realize they are proving their own stupidity. I can’t abide stupidity. Ignorance is one thing, you can cure ignorance with knowledge. Stupidity is a choice, a conscious or unconscious choice to continue to be ignorant. It sickens me.

        What really sucks is if they are being stupid and not just ignorant they will never learn and resent you even when everyone else knows they were wrong. That resentment can turn to violence very easily, because if they hate anything more than our positions it’s being proven to be stupid in public.

      4. @tuco You’re right I totally forgot the “Straw man”. Though most liberals I’ve come across don’t accuse me of using a straw man because I don’t. I know enough not to make that mistake, I only attack their points on their merits. What I’ve noticed is that most liberals construct at least 1 straw man in their arguments and try to claim victory. Most don’t even know they do it, and when you call them on it they get belligerent saying I am too cold or too logical. Which is another straw man, as they claim my coldness has won them the debate.
        You’re right that most liberals like to show off their “education”, but I’ve noticed a trend shift. Most of them only have that “education” and refinement at a surface level. It’s like they took the 101 of every subject but never studied at the 300 and 400 level. It seems most liberals are knowing less and less, and the less they know the more refined and intelligent they claim to be.

        I had one quote Mark Twain as proof of their point, and that I must be stupid not to know he was an authority on logic. When I pointed out that Mark Twain was wrong in terms of logic, but correct in the colloquial sense the ass actually started sounding snobbish and superior saying my graded depended on my next response.

      5. guedenimbo, I borrowed your “Ignorance is one thing, you can cure ignorance with knowledge. Stupidity is a choice, a conscious or unconscious choice to continue to be ignorant. It sickens me.” to post on my Facebook page. Sorry I don’t know your real name or I would have given you credit. But that’s just an absolute truth statement you made 🙂

        Of course, I followed it with “Don’t be stupid, vote Romney/Ryan” 🙂 My liberal friends are gonna HATE it, LOL!

      6. @andonsage I think it’s a good quote. I stole it from Ma actually. She runs a shot clinic, taking care of all sorts of vaccines and in today’s union shop health care she is practically pulling out her hair with coworkers who are willingly stupid.
        Oh and if you want you could credit my word press blog:

      7. @ quedenimbo

        I understand. I’m an engineer, aerospace by degree, and base my positions on logic. For over a decade though I have also worn a Managment and sales hat where in addition to our customers’ engineers and quality people I also must work with their purchasing people. It actually took my taking a sales course almost 15 years ago to come to the realization that the cold, logical decision makers are in the minority.

        Luckily as a cold logical decision maker I am also completely cold and efficient in using their emotions to my advantage. That is harder in politics and you need to accept that roughly 25% of people are emotional basket cases with near no capability for rational thought, especially if logic counters what they “feel”. Write the idiots off and try to bait them into bigger and bigger acts of stupidity which scare the middle of the flock away from them.

  23. My money is on the Israelis if they hit Iran first.
    It will come out of left field like the use of air to air missiles in an air to ground role.
    Iran and the world will be watching the right hand, when the left foot kicks them in the nuts.

  24. We are headed for a disaster of international proportions. The preening pillocks who disgrace the memory of H. L. Mencken (and all serious reporters) are going to lull us to sleep, right up to the moment that some Islamic Imbecile does something we can’t ignore. Then we will wake with a start, and get seriously angry. Because of the unending drivel out of the Left since the invasion of Iraq, a lot of people the world over are going to be caught flat footed at how ugly life can get when America is angry. They will have bought the “Iraq is a quagmire” narrative and completely missed that we took out the biggest army in the area – one of the biggest in the world – in TWO WEEKS.

    The prats who have been schweeming about ‘fascism’ will be given the opportunity to contemplate the real thing from inside prison cells. And demands to see their ACLU lawyers will be answered with “Where’s the problem with that? He’s in the next cell.”

    America in a full rage would roll over pretty much anything it our way like Patton rolled over the south of France in the “Champaign Campaign”, and world courts and UN groups inclined to quibble will be invited to go to hell.

    Now, there’s a lot in that picture to enjoy. But we don’t have the temperament to be good imperialists, and once we’ve taken up the mantle, we won’t be going back to a Republic anytime soon. I won’t suffer; I’m over fifty, and the first several decades of American Imperialism are likely to be rather comfortable for WASPS. The economic train-wreck won’t start jumping the rails until I’m dead, and the disappearance of civil rights won’t hit elderly white folks for a while either. But it’s going to be bad for us, and an absolute disaster everywhere else.


  25. I live how the left’s argument always comes back to “ignore what they are saying they will do and what they are doing now.”. Get them to admit that loudly am clearly so everyone else can see the lunacy of it.

  26. In the event that war erupts and the US collapses, where should we meet to form the new Monster Hunter Nation? I’d nominate Larry for President if we didn’t need him to keep writing books for us.

    1. Well my plan for a zombie apocalypse is Alaska because the freeze thaw cycle will kill the zombies for me. For a real US collapse Alaska is a harsh terrain. We would need somewhere where we could hunt and trap. If it were South America it’s a lush area but too many predators that can hunt us back. There are so many places to pick from. Staying in America would be good too.
      My main requirement is an available supply of wood so I can keep whittling. I know it’s a silly requirement, but when I do have enough money to build my hidden safe for 3 year underground bunker I’m going to have a room stocked with wood for whittling.

      1. Long before these idiots even come close to causing the collapse of society in the U.S. they will have made the public so mad that nothing will be able to stop the carnage. Pretty much what I outlined above. It would be far more to the point to make plans about what to do when military conscription begins, and there are all kinds of job opportunities involved in running the Middle East for our benefit.

        One also might consider what jobs might open up in higher education when most of the nitwits who have been playing Radical Chic games with Islamic Radicals are in prison.

        It ain’t going to be pretty, or good for us in the long run. But there are going to be benefits.

    2. No, if the world collapses, you want Mad Mike Williamson for Dictator.

      Sadly, life in a Williamson dictatorship will be looser and safer than current life in a liberal “democratic” western nation. Well, unless you are willfully stupid — then you get to inspect the logchipper from the inside. {grin}

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