12 thoughts on “Planet Baen, the Game.”

  1. Oh goody, we get more than the Abomination of the future! What monstrosities does Planet Baen have in store for us Freeholders, and will there be PUFF? Octopedal werewolves? Ephemeral Cuthuloid Mecha Shrimp? The Expert System of Buckminsterfuller and his bizarre geometries?

    1. Ahh, but this is a good opportunity to get your friends (who don’t know yet of Larry’s books) into them! Just prod them to check out the game, and they can swipe some Monster Hunter ebooks!

  2. Larry, you in this too? A Monster Hunter Nation Alliance should be able to clean all comers’ clocks… and it really does need more MHI and Grimnoir content, but looks fun. (I went Hayek Alliance because I couldn’t find a better fit.)

    I’m Diamondback over there, if anybody wants to add me. 🙂

  3. Signed up and running!
    I’m Kittai.
    A mythical space species in an upcoming story I am going to write sometime in the near future.

      1. the city blocks were a bit tricky to figure out. but whatever you put next to them (directly or diagonally) gets half of its surge value subtracted from the city blocks. I’m using that to keep my population from getting too high too fast.

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