Imaginary Democrats for Obama

For those of you that are looking at the polls and getting worried, don’t.

They want you to despair, because all Barack needs to squeek out of the margin of error is the greatest turn out of democrats in any election in history.

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20 thoughts on “Imaginary Democrats for Obama”

  1. Interesting article. I am so very hoping it is right. I know I have seen very few Obama stickers here in San Diego. But worse I don’t think I have seen any Romney ones at all. I know there are many that support him just don’t see them on bumper stickers.

    1. I have a friend with an anti-Obama sticker on her car and she’s been keyed. People are afraid to put pro-Romney or anti-Obama identifiers on their things. Democrats can be crazy. They’ll go after you.

      I have seen a few Romney stickers. At least as many as Obama. And some of the Obama stickers I’m seeing are from 2008, so hopefully those people have changed their minds.

  2. Every time I read about one of those polls my blood chills. Then I go someplace like and one of the posters breaks it down and you see the poll is +10 or more Dems in a place where it should be +4 or more Republican.

    Still, broken glass time is coming. We can’t sit home and count on those polls being wrong. As Hugh Hewitt says (maybe a paraphrase): “if it’s not close, they can’t steal it”.

  3. Well, I’m still waiting on my Absentee ballot, so just in case it doesn’t show, can everybody pull the handle for Romney for me? 😀

    1. Have you tried sending in a death certificate? You should get a couple of absentee voter ballots by return mail shortly thereafter. Some precincts may take a little longer to process the paperwork if you were an independent while alive. (Yes, I’m joking, unless you live in FL, IL, or certain parts of TX.)

      1. This right here makes me wonder who the hell can oppose having a valid picture ID to vote. You can’t do anything anymore with out ID. You need one to open a bank account, use your credit card, write a check, most jobs take a copy of your ID.
        Hell! back in June my ID expired(I thought I had 1 more year to go) and I couldn’t buy ammo for over a month. You’re telling me I can’t buy ammo, but I could vote for President? Voting without proof you’re allowed to vote is far more dangerous than ammo. Hell ammo is safe when used in the right hands.
        I went with Ma to the polls in the primary and they had her down as the wrong party to get a provisional ballot she needed to show ID. The person behind her who didn’t speak English got their ballot and didn’t have to show ID. How the fuck is that right?

  4. Doesn’t this have the potential to be beneficial? If all the supporters think Obama will win the lethargic ones will say “oh well I guess I don’t need to vote since he has it in the bag I can run errands instead”. On the flip side seeing that Romney might lose would motivate his supporters to get out and vote no matter what.
    I mean that was one of the “lessons” from 2000 in Florida. The media said it was the media’s fault. They projected Gore to win 5-6 hours before the polls closed so his supporters didn’t go out and vote. At least that was one of the headlines back then.

  5. In October of 1980, all the lamestream media Polls reported that Carter was ahead of Reagan. We know what actually happened in November… Reagan won by a landslide. The democrats (and that includes the lamestream media, who are just another arm of the DNC) are trying to suppress turnout for Romney. Don’t let them do that to you, folks! I highly recommend reading, as he breaks down the polls and shows the skewed number behind them. All of the polls are oversampling democrats by extremely large amounts, and yet Obama isn’t winning by that oversample.

      1. Morris is a shill. I remember him going on and on about how it would be better for Obama to win the 2008 nomination because he was clean from being outside DC until recently (on Hannity radio). He then Had a negative Obama book out a month after his nomination.

      2. Ken Harkin I don’t think that’s what makes him a shill. Hell Obama looked clean and no one in the media vetted him. Between him and Hillary I wanted him to get the nomination because I remember what she did to the health care industry when she was just a First Lady. I was even called a sexist by coworkers for thinking that way. When I showed them the facts they said I was confusing things with old information no one cared about.
        If only the info on Obama was available early enough to convince more people. We should have all done more homework on Obama so we could have convinced our friends/family/coworkers that he was bad news. The media pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. It wasn’t until a few weeks before the DNC that the truth started to come out, but by then the spell had been cast.

        I guess I’m saying he may or may not be a shill, but not because he fell for the same spell so many before him fell for.

      3. the press has consistently enabled Communist and Socialist figures since the 70’s. Now they have really screwed up at a cosmic level by enabling a Socialist fool with an anti-colonialist ax to grind against the back side of the USA. Given his dedication to the Andrew Cloward – Ann Francis Piven Strategy preached to Obama at Columbia, ; he has effectively driven America to a Greece-like crisis. After the first of the year the disaster will start as the US dollar plummets to zero. We will be on the new world order monetary standard of Gold, Guns, Whiskey, and Women.

  6. Problem is, anyone not doing the electoral math at this point just isn’t paying attention to the right things.
    Rasmussen (cited in one of the links above, BTW), calls it 237 to 196 with 105 undecided. The magic number, of course, is 270 – so our glorious leader needs less than a third of the undecideds to break his way, while Romney needs a little under three-quarters… and that’s with North Carolina (15 votes) called for Romney. Latest polling data there was two weeks ago (before the free media blitz about the ‘47%’) and was inside the margin of error.
    Put another way, if Romney looses Florida EVERY single one of the other undecided states has to break his way to win.
    The election isn’t over yet, sure, but it is going to be an uphill slog for Romney, and while his remarks and response to them on the 47% bit actually boosted him in my opinion I expect them to hurt him nationally.

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