Last chance for personalized & signed copies of MHL

Personalized signed copies make really good Christmas gifts. I’m just saying… You can knock out all of your hard to shop for relatives in one fell swoop today.

I am signing at Uncle Hugos tomorrow. Since they do a lot of mail order, if you want any of my books signed and personalized, order them soon. Hugos allows for people to ask for specific things on their mail orders, and I’ll be there signing all of them.

Book tour is almost over. 3 weeks on the road. Holy moly. All I’ve got left is Uncle Hugos and then a bookseller’s conference in Denver, and then I am done. I’ve had a lot of fun, but I am getting a little brain damaged. 🙂  On Denver, they’re having me just come in, do the conference, and go back out, so it doesn’t look like there are any signings scheduled.

The Burning Throne, Episode 44: The Short Sword
Book Tour schedule update

17 thoughts on “Last chance for personalized & signed copies of MHL”

  1. Mr. Correia I just wanna say that you are my hero. The MH series is my absolute favorite that I have ever read. I own all but the newest and only because my birthday was yesterday and my good friend that got me into the series in the first place more than likely gifted me a copy. I just wanna say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! And thanks again!

  2. No signing in Denver?!?!?!? Who do I yell at? We’re an hour north of Denver and were planning to drive down…I loaned my MHI books to a friend and his wife told me that I couldn’t lend him any more as all he wanted to do was sit upstairs and read….I told her that I had picked up 2 copies of the latest from the library (sorry Larry to do that instead of buying, but unemployment for 2 years cuts into my hardback book buying) for me and son to read. I was actually going to ask the library if I could bring them down and have you autograph them also.

  3. Just got notice from Amazon that My order for a signed copy of MHL will be delayed until sometime between October 05, 2012 – November 14, 2012.

    I knew it was bad karma to go with amazon instead of Uncle Hugo’s.

  4. Nancy R, (She of the werewolf shoes) bought me a copy while I’m recovering from a car accident. Read it by mid-Monday, loved it!

  5. Already got eh signed copy from Amazon and put in for a personalized copy with Unc Hugos long ago. Just waiting for that one to ship to add to the collection. I shoulda got you to autograph my printouts from Welcome Back Mr Nightcrawler thread then I would have the complete set.

  6. I’m curious as to what the deal is with the Amazon copies. I placed my order back in July, but got another e-mail today saying it was delayed until the middle of next month. I’m ok, as I have several other books in the queue, but I am somewhat perplexed on this one.

      1. Yes indeedy, Amazon’s boat is going down. I also pre-ordered and received naught but delayed again emails from Amazon. Much as I would like the signed hard copy, at this point I would prefer to simply have a hard copy period. Lesson learned – Unc Hugo’s for future needs.

  7. I talked to Amazon and Barnes and Noble – they are both blaming the publisher for the delay on the Limited Edition copies. My Amazon still says shipping no later than the 27th and they waived the cost of overnight shipping. We will see – I have the Audible version – the books were ordered as gifts for the MH nuts in my circle –

  8. Ordered my signed copy today Here in Sydney, Australia – Galaxy bookshop are getting a few in. Met a young man in a goth/druid outfit complete with pentacle and a bracelet made from 7.62 link in the shop. I edumacated him on where to shoot and how to get a firearms license. Wish I had one of my monster hunter patches to give him, He definitely seemed to have the right combination of interests. 🙂

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