I need a big favor

As most of you already know, Monster Hunter Legion is out this week. However, most of the rest of the world doesn’t know. 🙂

So could I get you guys to tell your friends? Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anyplace on Teh Internets that won’t ban you for being a spammer, overpass graffitti (Monster Hunter Nation does not condone acts of vandalism–if you get caught), word of mouth, be *that* guy at family gatherings, build sand sculptures of Owen Pitt, tell your gun dealer, tell your taxi driver, tell your denist, tell your pets, hide yo childrens-hide yo wife, that Monster Hunter Legion is out this week.

On a serious note, the first week of sales is really what determines if you get on the bestseller lists, and if you get on, how high you are going to place. This is my first Monster Hunter in hard cover, which is a whole different list.

I’ve posted before about how the bestseller thing is calculated. Basically it comes down to velocity of sales. http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/i-need-a-favor-from-the-monster-hunter-nation/  You should read this post if you haven’t, because it breaks down how the publishing industry works, and it is also filled with flattery about how awesome you guys are. 🙂

The last two MH books have been on the bestseller lists for one reason, and it sure isn’t because of anything I did. It is because you guys, the Monster Hunter Nation, are incredible bad asses who take pride of ownership in the MH world. So let’s kick some ass.

Monster Hunter Legion review and first signing tonight
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  1. Pre-ordered on Amazon last night. I’ll throw it up on Facebook too.

    Good luck. It’d be great to see some pulp on the NYT list.

  2. Hey Larry, Is it coming out in Audio that day? I took tomorrow off with expectation that it is…we’re set to buy it as soon as it hits audible.

  3. Spreading the Word is the least I can do. Is the Audio Version coming out this week as well? A lot of my friends have the series on audio and have been looking forward to MHL with something approaching a rabid obsession… but you know… in a good way.

  4. I’m a big supporter of your work Larry, I got my buisness partner hooked on you. My cousin possibly my aunt and at least one co-worker. I love and support your work. Just one question did you fall behind on your autographs? Because my autographed copy of Legion I pre-ordered on Amazon got delayed a week.

  5. Will do. I just finished it last night and I’m having withdrawal now. I’ll be reviewing today on Goodreads. Good luck with the release!

  6. Larry, I picked up a copy at a small local bookstore on Thursday. As I was paying, I said to the guy, “I thought this wasn’t supposed to be released until the 9th or something.” He replied, “my wife probably put it out. I can put it back in the stock room and you can wait until the 9th if you want.” I didn’t want him to do that. So does that sale count for your first week? If not, I apologize for my lack of self-control and respect for release dates.

    Also, I finished it last night. Thank you for another 370+ pages of fun.

  7. Having read the eArc, I’ve already pre ordered a paper version for my wife. In response to your request I have posted links to Amazon.co.uk for this and the omnibus of the first three.

  8. Just a reminder: you can also help Larry after you have bought a copy by going back to Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, etc online and leave a rating and or review. Combine that with searching for MHL on said sites and.encouraging your fiends to do so as well helps communicate how much people want to read his stuff. There is a whole group of tech-weenies that look intensely at the site stats to see which books are trending so they can expose them to more people; I should know as I used to be one. Every little bit helps to help other people find out about the new series being out.

  9. Got my two signed copies on Saturday and posted my exuberance. I’m finishing it tonight and going to try and post a review. So far, just absolutely incredible and fun.

  10. OK. Honest and serious question. I am planning on making your signing on the 11th, if I were to wait until then (or buy a second copy), will that count, or does it help more to just buy it on Amazon tomorrow?

  11. >< I'm kinda annoyed though, I ordered a pre-signed one (before I knew you were doing signings) and now it's been delayed! Getting a second one in case the first doesn't arrive in time, but it should, else I complain. Second one will be for my friend in Aussieland.

  12. As I mentioned before, I’m OCD about matching collections–and I have the first three in paperback.

    But because it’s you, Larry, I’ll order the eBook tonight and buy the paperback when it comes out. I hope that helps you this week. You’re the man.

    1. The solution to that problem is simple: get the hard bound collection of International, Vendetta, and Alpha to sit side-by-side with Legion.

      1. I’m thinking about doing that and sending the series to my brother who’s former military and also a hunting and gun enthusiast. I just don’t know if I can sell him on the fantasy aspect. He’s a pretty feet-on-the-ground type of guy.

  13. Pre-ordered my autographed copy ages ago from Uncle Hugo’s. Up on my FB Wall with tags for Larry and link to Uncle Hugo’s.

  14. In my house we had it marked on the calendar and today I bought the ebook version (for those of you who don’t know you can get it on baen) and we’re planning on getting the Hardcover when it comes out! We love MHI and I am all ready loving the new book! Oh, and for Christmas I’m buying them for my teenaged nephew :). Thanks for the great stories!

  15. I’ve told everyone I know and bought my copy, I read ebooks, posting on FB now. Hope you sell several million copies on day one!

    1. Amazon seems to be having some issues with sufficient copies. as they keep sending little “oops! there’s another shipping delay!” emails. Makes me happy I bought the eBook 1st 🙂

      1. I signed 3000 and those got presold. So they rushed me another 3000 that I signed. The gap is while they are waiting for the second batch.

  16. Larry, is Amazon’s push back to 9/10 going to screw up the first-week sales thing? I ordered a signed hardcover via your sidebar link that was supposed to be here today, and got an email from Amazon last week that it was getting pushed back to next Monday.

      1. Excellent. My wife just started the first one. I bet she will be hooked too. Any chance you will be at New York comic con in October?

  17. So, finished last night and posted the rambling review today. I guess it’s just another home run, Larry. Ho-hum. Must be boring cranking out awesomeness time after time.

  18. I put release notice up on the Otakon (if any novel deserves to be an Anime it is MHI) Website AND Userfriendly.org
    Hope that generates some sales for you

  19. Hey Larry, just picked it up today…have to put aside The Dresden Files: Proven Guilty (sorry Jim Butcher) so I can start it ASAP!! Been waiting a long time for Legion and I dont wanna wait to read it!! Thank you for writing an incredible series…keep em coming!! Ive passing my copies around to friends and they all love the series….ill keep the word of mouth going, but now ill tell them to buy their own copies… 😉

  20. Yay! I was so happy to find MHI Legion on Audible!!!! I loved MHI Alpha. The hospital scene was especially scary because my name is Heather, I am a nurse, and I used to work in ICU! EEEK! Thank God I never had someone change into a werewolf. I love your books. Thanks for the great stories.

  21. Bought the last hard cover of MH Legion at my local B&N in Newnan, GA. Loved the first three and hope this one does gang busters….

  22. Order Placed: Sept 3.
    Expected Delivery Date: Sept 21-27.

    Thank you, Amazon Prime! (snark) Now I may have to find a local copy. I hope I do honestly hope I added to your first day bump!

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