9 thoughts on “Another MHI 625 and matching holster”

  1. It’s some nice leatherwork, but I just can’t look at holsters that don’t cover the trigger without cringing.

  2. Hi Larry and everyone. That’s my gun and holster.
    The exposed trigger is a direct result of the design requirement to allow the engraved side plate to be visible. Dennis the craftsman and I had a lengthy talk about this. Since this is my “Barbeque Rig” and not for daily carry the exposed trigger was deemed (at least by me) acceptable. Dennis comments on details at Jay’s site; http://www.ma-rooned.com/2012/08/super-duper-extra-friday-gun-pr0n.html

  3. I fully understand the thought process and tradeoffs. It’s more a personal emotional reaction than a logical one. Before my higher level brain kicks in to follow the reasoning, my lizard brain says EXPOSED TRIGGER BAD UNWANTED LOUD NOISES AHEAD.

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