4 thoughts on “The cheesy awesomest history website EVAR.”

  1. Zach does have a tendency to write some seriously entertaining history. I love MWH.

    The chicka-waka music was a nice touch. Took me back to my childhood.

  2. Haven’t watched anything yet but have read two articles on my iPhone and bookmarked the site. Thanks.

    1. I just got to the article on logistics and was slightly off put that you chose The Horus Heresy instead of Irusk’s masterful invasion of Lael. The Khadoran invasion is often discounted as having been too easy for Khador. The truth though was that it was only “easy” due to the masterful planning of Supreme Kommandant Irusk. If as an attacker your victory is not easy then you chose you battle and planned for it poorly.

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